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Roborock S5 Max AU Version $561 + Delivery (Free with Kogan First) @ Kogan


For those that just missed the Catch deal:

Kogan have the Roborock S5 Max in white available for the same price $561 - AU stock as well

If you haven't used your Kogan FIRST trial before, you can get free delivery.

You know the drill - first post. Roast me.

From original post (raisinberry777) -
Seems to be considered one of the best of the robot vacuum cleaners going around right now. Thought it was time to take the plunge.

Vacuum Wars YouTube review here:


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  • Hi, what does "Free with First" mean? Thanks

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      'Kogan FIRST' is their version of 'Amazon Prime', paid subscription (with an initial fee trial) that comes with a few perks like free delivery on certain products. Link for more details: https://www.kogan.com/au/kogan-first/

      Hence this deal is normally costs $561 + delivery fee, or $561 + free delivery if you are a 'Kogan FIRST' subscriber

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    Best deal OP. Was embarrassed to see Catch offer expired. Meanwhile you posted this.

  • Don't forget to use your CommBank $30 cashback if you haven't already.

  • Kogan also one sold by Tech Warehouse for $549. Anyone know how warranty would work?

    Edit* Tech Warehouse sells the international version. Not sure what the difference is…

  • Nice, I got so close with the catch one, thanks dude!

  • Thanks OP!

  • Thanks bought one

  • Phew. Took too much time hunting down my catch voucher and missed it.

  • Thanks so much OP! I was really annoyed missing the catch deal. Again - ty!

  • Got one, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks Op. Got one. I was wondering on the Ozbargained Catch website trying my luck despite the deal being expired

  • Got one thanks

  • Thanks!

  • Thanks OP - snagged one this time.

  • what is difference between S5 (i bought 2 years ago) and S5 Max

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      • max about what ?

  • Grabbed it thanks OP

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    Was killing myself over missing the catch deal, then saw this. Grabbed one, thanks OP!

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    OMG thanks for spotting. Same - just missed catch deal and now got this plus the Commbank $30 offer so awesome deal!

  • S6 Pure at $599 + shipping https://www.kogan.com/au/buy/roborock-s6-pure-robotic-vacuum...

    Which is better?

  • Thanks OP! Got one

  • Thanks OP. Got myself one this time.

  • +9

    749 now

  • S5 max or Ecovacs 950?

    • this. or from what i can gather, the ecovacs 920 isnt that much different to the 950, so that might be the sweet spot on price.

  • When I added to cart it was 561 by the time I tried to finalise the price went up 749.

    • Try dick smith

  • All AU versions back to normal price but you can still get the international versions for this price and lower

    • What is the difference between the AU vs International version?

      • Had the same question. Is it just the plug or something else? Some app functions not available maybe.

      • I was just reading up on this too.

        Might need an adapter.

        And apparently something to do with the app settings.

        Other than that no difference.

        Ps. Anyone know about warranty?

    • is this all with mop function? title doesn't say for s5 MAX

    • -3

      Thanks for this. From my research the S5 seems to performs slightly better, so I have decided to stick with the "older model"

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    heard from a few other postings that all the kogan catch orders will be cancelled due to price error.

    • Which other postings?

      • There are some comments on the flora living post for the Xiaomi s5 max

    • its not a marketplace sale. its sold by Kogan.com

    • I tried to confirm with Kogan that the order will be fulfilled and shipped at the price paid. However I just received a generic response to say there may be a delay in shipping due to lots of orders. Didn’t confirm or deny whether the price will be honored.

      Can roborock actually stop Kogan, Catch and Dick Smith from fulfilling those orders though?

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    Just received an email from Kogan to say the S5 has been shipped.😁

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        Ditto x2

        • +1

          Ditto x3 excited!

          And email from AusPost that its on its way

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            @AlchemyD: Ditto x4.
            Toll is delivering.

            Good to know not being cancelled.

            • @AlphaSquid1604: Nooo not Toll! I can look forward to having to pick it up from the depot after the driver pretends they tried to deliver it!

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    Carrier: Toll IPEC

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    great news! looks like we are getting it!

  • +1

    Glad to hear the above comments. For now my order is showing

    We're running slightly behind but you can expect to hear from us soon!

    • +1

      Update after 4 business days :

      The status changed to "Being Picked in Warehouse" from original "Transmitted to Warehouse". Not sure when they are going to despatch. Hopefully it is not "Out of stock" and we go back in circles.

      • +1

        I am getting the same thing with the 2 statuses changing around. How many people have received their orders ? When will Kogan fulfil the ones in this boat ?

        • Exchanged few emails with Kogan on the delivery. Finally it says Dispatched today (after about 10 days). Coming via Toll from Melbourne warehouse, hopefully will arrive in next 2-3 days Western Sydney.

  • I have it in my hands, AU plug, S5 Max.

    Thankyou Gearbite for the pricing error and thankyou Kogan for matching it!

    • Was it a pricing error or blackfriday deal though

      • We'll probably never know, but the speculation was pricing, that's why everyone was worried about cancellation.

    • +1

      That was quick for you!

      My one based on tracking, hasn't even left the warehouse.

  • Got mine today. Vacuum upstairs in carpet mode and downstairs with mop. Doesn't get stuck in carpet like my gen 1 Xiaomi. And love being able to have two maps

  • Anyone else still havent received this from this Sale? Or am I the Lucky(UN) one?

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