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Salomon Men's XA PRO 3D V8 GTX $129 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Now 20g lighter, the shoe features a seamed upper and thinner, softer materials for the perfect balance between comfort and protection

The new geometry of 3D chassis provides just the right amount of stability and comfort for a more secure ride

Full premium wet traction grip and a fully waterproof GoreTex membrane mean you can ignore the wet and concentrate on the trail ahead

3D Advanced Chassis; Placed between the outsole and midsole, this lowprofile chassis helps optimize motion control and energy management It also provides extra protection for a precise, stable and responsive ride

Contagrip MA; Contagrip MA is built for the widest variety of surfaces It balances both the geometry and the rubber compound to deliver confidence on wet, dry, hard or loose surfaces, and offer longterm durability

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  • Do you know how fast this shoe drains water? or is it a shoe that keeps water in for long?

    • The shoes is good for hiking with Goretex waterproof but I don't think they could drain the water fast when they are wet.

    • Waterproof membranes are rubbish for draining water once they get wet. You either get non-waterproof and aim for quicker drying or try avoid getting wet in first place with waterproof.

  • Thought this was a graphics card for a second

  • i am indeed looking for waterproof shoes, does anyone have any first hand experience on 1) sizing, and 2) waterproofing?

    • I'd like to know this too. Also what they're like for wider feet.

      Also, how easy/difficult are returns if the size isn't correct?

      • As an owner of both, I attest that the shoes are designed for a narrower foot unless it is marked as a "wide" variant.
        The size should be similar to your pairs of Adidas which are also quite narrow for me.
        It's not as bad comparing to the "Ultra 3 GTX" which is a lot harder than this.
        It depends on the use, but I would recommend the Goretex version for the waterproofing but I feel they wear out quicker.

        • Thanks. It's a bit frustrating. I need a wide fit, but Salomon don't make any wide models with Goretex. I have a pair of Adidas NMDs, but they only work for my feet because the uppers are so flexible.

        • is this model just a hiking shoe or can this be a trail running shoe? what model do you recommend for trail running for beginner please?

    • They're an odd size for me. I have a narrow foot, but for some reason the toe fits perfect but my heel lifts out. I spent like 30 min in a hiking shop trying to make different Solomon models work with inserts, different socks etc. In the end just wasn't happening.

      If you have free returns, worth a punt. If not, highly recommend going somewhere to try first (Kathmandu stock them so easy to find store).

      Guy who really loves Solomon shoes but can't wear them.

    • Owner of the previous 3 generations of Salomon XA Pro GTX,

      1. Sizing: Narrow feet, wide version are difficult to find if exist in the first place
      2. Water-proof, good when new, but the goretex protection can wear off both from the top (e.g. splash) and bottom (e.g. snow melt), last pair failed during my NZ South Island roadtrip. Also, note the ankle is actually quite high (or my feet ankle is low), this is by far the weakest point for easy water entry, so all that great work at the front don't matter much. Good against kick grass, easy water entry tramping streams.

      As its GTX, once the water get in, it traps water in, also hard to try than more breathable materials

  • The none GoreTex "GTX" version is also on sale for the same price. Just search amazon for the same name minus "GTX". I've used the previous version of these shoes (non GoreTex) version for long distance hiking\backpacking trips and love them. The previous version was considered a fairly narrow shoe as far as shoes go so wide foot people may want to do some research before pulling the trigger on them

    • Saw this too when I looked at the deal. I bought a pair of non-GTX (replacing my existing pair). By far the most comfortable runners I've owned; wear them every day.

    • ..
      THANKS for the link they have some WIDE sizes :) I own the Salomon X Ultra but found them a bit narrow so swapping the goretex for a wide version is worth it for me !!

  • Would need to check sizing in person for me.. Risky business ordering something specifically for hiking/long distance and comfort.

    If it's like the Merrells Moab 2 then I'd have an idea, but I've never had Salomon before :(

    Then another point 5 size up for when your feet gets swollen

    • Amazon offer free returns, so if you're unsatisfied with the fit and have kept all the tags on the shoes, they will fully refund you.

  • Only the following US sizes are $129: 13, 11.5, 10.5, 9.5, 8.5

  • Also currently 10% Cashback from cash rewards!

  • AU$170.26 +postage, not $129 is USD

    • They were $129 (incl. postage), however when Amazon AU sold out of a size it reverted to Amazon US imports.