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Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard $62.30 (+Shipping/Free Click and Collect) @ JB Hi Fi


Good price for the K55. Combine with Coles "For Him" giftcards and buy in store for an additional 15% off this price!

A great keyboard if you prefer membrane or want something a lot more quiet than most mechanical keyboards.

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  • Sigh why cant i find a single deal for the K70 Low Profile… so much for Black Friday…all the good shit doesnt go on special.

  • This or the Kogan Mechanical Keyboard? I hate the font style on the Kogan Mech Keyboard but it's easy to replace keycaps

    • Don't have any personal experience with the kogan keyboard. A lot of people say they hate it. Others say they don't mind it

      Corsair on the other hand… Always solid, hands down. Quite a few corsair products in my inventory.

  • if you prefer membrane

    Such a person exists?

    • I've met one. She was a literal psychopath though.

    • I do. Maybe just get fed up with my two Filco keyboards for more than 10 years, and I have a kid now. Mech is great doesn't mean membrane is bad. Similarly, PBT keys are great, but I still like ABS. Cars are great, but I still ride a bike to work.

      • I don't know if I prefer it but I certainly like them. They feel way more tactile to me than and mechanical switches I have tried, in its own satisfying way.

  • Had one of these and found it to be decidedly average, at best.

    In the end the spacebar key broke and I got a refund. Ended up with a Kogan mechanical keyboard. Not the greatest, but definitely better than this Corsair.

    • Sorry and surprised to hear that.

      I must say that I doubt kogan would give you a refund if the spacebar broke on their keyboard… They've certainly fought me every time I've had issues with their products.

      • They'd replace the switch, few comments on the Kogan keyboard deals on here saying that they did so. Def's a bit of hassle tho.

    • I am getting a keyboard for someone this Christmas and trying to decide between this and the Kogan Mechanical Keyboard. The Kogan one has a font that looks so tacky and this one looks quite nice but, I would like to get them mech switches. I wish there were somethih inbetween haha.

      Do you have the RGB or FULL RGB one?