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Theragun Pro G4 $629.10 + Shipping @ The Wod Life


Just bought theragun pro this morning in Harvey Norman for$699. And found the wod life doing extra 10%off for theragun with code BlackFriday.

Want to Harvey Norman and get the difference refunded.

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The WOD Life
The WOD Life

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  • OP… Can you provide an honest review on the theragun pro??

    • 100% placebo. If you're willing to spend almost $700 on that well…….

    • I got one for a while now (pro version), it actually very good
      I also got a cheap Chinese around $150 bucks, I bought this one first to see what it all about
      then I got the pro from Amazon and I can return it if I don't like it.

      Theragun is a world apart, this stuff actually do percussive deep tissue massage, the cheap Chinese is just like a vibrating machine, it like the iPhone vs cheaper phone

      We exercise a lot and use them to warm up and warm down no more shore and stiff muscle
      it pretty much an electronic version of foam roller but it works so well and hell a lot easier to use
      and you tend to use it more often where as foam roller is PITA, but is also a great massage machine

      Try it you wont regret it, it has 30 days money back return if you don't like it.
      I am considering getting a second one for dual action massage machine

  • Cheaper via this deal folks

  • Can't speak for this particular model, but have used a previous version, have one of the cheapy ones personally and am a myotherapist. I can genuinely say it's not worth the extra cash. It's certainly nicer, but the cheap ones do everything you need; if they aren't strong enough your probably sitting/lying in a position that is causing you to brace/tighten your body rather then letting it do its work!

  • Should search ozbargain again before buy lol
    For me it's good enough to use comparing cheap device. It has 2 year warranty on pro model.

    • Respect the warranty but getting a cheaper one - say that dies in the first year.. 2021, the next one you get will probably get some new technology behind it (like heated head etc).

  • Holy moly that is one expensive placebo gun

    My god