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Logitech G304 Lightspeed Wireless Gaming Mouse US$32.59 (~A$44.32) + Free Priority Shipping @ GeekBuying


As part of Black Friday I've been able to secure a deal on this previously popular gaming mouse from Logitech for a low price. While also continuing November's trend of low priced gaming mice!

The Logitech G304 Lightspeed features include a 12,000 adjustable DPI sensor, 6 programmable buttons, onboard memory for profiles, on the fly DPI, 1ms report rate, up to 250 hours of battery li the Razer Viper Mini fe with one AA battery, USB wireless receiver and Logitech G HUB software support.

Stackable with 4.5% Cashback at Cashrewards, AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting and free priority shipping for AU orders.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Bought one last time, very happy with it

  • +3

    Pretty good price for this mouse. The customer service is downright scary though, I remember I tried to cancel an order and the customer service reps lied over and over to try to stop me cancelling saying stuff like my order has "just arrived in stock today" and will ship today/tomorrow (this went on for several days). When I finally got sick of their delay games they lied that the system was down and they couldn't process a refund. I called them out on their lie and threatened a paypal transaction reversal and suddenly they were able to process the refund. :/

    • +9

      That's part of the reason why I'm associated here on OzBargain. If you have issues you can PM me and I will sort them out.

      • Hi, is this offer still available? Wanting to buy today

        • Yes it should still be good

  • +1

    it comes up as $47.85 for me.

  • The total coming to me as $47.85
    Am I missing something?

    • My price is correct according to the exchange rate. Most OzBargainers have a debit/credit card added to their PayPal account that does not have international currency conversion fees. Paying in USD and setting the card currency to bill in USD during the PayPal checkout will get you that rate, or at least very close.

      • My Geekbuying currency was set to AUD. It showed me 47.85.
        So I changed currency in Geekbuying site to USD and ended up paying 46.18AUD through paypal. Little weird though.

        • +2

          If you let PayPal do the exchange rate it'll be inflated to take their cut.

  • +1

    I bought this last time the deal came up and realised I don't need it so its collecting dust. This is the ozbargain way

    • +1

      This is the way.

    • $20 posted ? LOL

    • Lol.. with this purchase I now have 3 Gaming mice. G403 , G102 and G304 . Bought G102 from a Geekbuying deal because G403 was too big. (Im a claw gripper) I really liked the G102 though. So Im upgrading the same mouse body to wireless.

      • I feel you. I now have a g900 and this g304 (unopened), an MX Master 2 and an MX Anywhere 2.

        Was about to pull the trigger on the g903 posted a few days ago but stopped myself..

        • Oh yes I stopped pulling the trigger in so many things lately. All this money spent for a little Dopamine boost when we click "Buy" button. Thanks to Ozbargain and Reddit Im now a hoarder of Mice , Headphones , Watches , Pens and Camera equipment.

      • Did you want to sell your G304? lol

      • I have looked at all the mice deals, however I haven't pulled the trigger yet…

  • Using it right now, really nice wireless mouse.

  • Fantastic wireless mouse.

  • Bought one from geekbuying at this price previously. Still going strong, many hours accumulated on a AAA lithium battery with foil and still the software reads full charge. Only minor issue was the mouse feet were a bit rough out of the box, ordered new feet from AliExpress which were much better.

  • had one. decent mouse. better off buy this than local stock G305 at the inflated price. Only caveat is the shipping, mine took almost 1 month.

    • Thanks, saved me from buying this as a Christmas present.

  • Thanks, grabbed one. Fingers crossed the delivery times listed are realistic and it arrives before 2021.

  • I already have the G703, is the only different the shape of this one?

    • Size/shape, weight, and battery life (G703 has ~24 hours rated per recharge via cable vs 250 hours rated, you replace AA battery instead of recharging)

  • Is there a code for the white version or just the black?

    • Just the black as white costs more from Logitech. Best price at this time for white I can do is $36.59 US / ~$49.76 AU

      • Whats the code for this price?

        • +1

          I'll ask Geek to generate one.

  • +1

    White now available for $36.59 US with the coupon NNNWHITE

    It costs more due to the higher wholesale price than Black.

  • Thank Op, ordered one.

  • I paid 44.32 using Citibank plus :)

  • I just bought this mouse and geez its a really good mouse. its so smooth and responsive.

  • Hi OP, can you please clarify how this is eligible for cashback? These coupons are not listed on Cashrewards (or Shopback for that matter).

    Looking to combine with this shopback offer.. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/587252

    • There's an arrangement between Cashrewards and GeekBuying.

      • Thanks Clear - nothing between Shopback and GB then?

        • They've yet to reach out to me. You're welcome to try.

  • this still avaialble?

    • It seems not… seems to total ~$50 with shipping on aliexpress though

  • +2

    Anyone had their order shipped yet? Been a week and still says processing..

    Edit: Reached out to their live chat and getting 'item will reach our warehouse by this weekend'… So much for priority xD

    • Same here….I messaged Clear on this couple of days ago and have been advised that it would take 2-7 days since the order date….I wonder if they even have enough in stock

  • Day #11 of 'sorry for the delay,the item has been delayed until this week on our warehouse,hope you can wait for it. we will send i tut tomorrow'.

    • I spoke to GeekBuying and they said they've all been sent this morning. Black Friday caused quite the influx of orders, hence the delays.

      What's your order number? I'll double check to see if that was shipped too.

  • Got this for $44 delivered off AliExpress

    • You got a link pls? Looking for the white one lol.

  • Hi OP! Got any more deals on the white version coming up for boxing day/ New Years?

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