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OCD ONA 58.5MM Coffee Distributor V3 - $151.20 + $8.95 Delivery (Free Syd Pickup) @ Coffee Parts


Believe it or not, $151.20 is a good price for this piece of precision metal that will flatten both your coffee and your wallet.

If this is your first order with Coffee Parts, use coupon 'FIRST5' for $5 off. Put it towards your next bowtie.

Available 3 colours:

Black/Black: https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/ocd-ona-58-5mm-coffee-distrib...
Silver/Black: https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/ocd-sasa-distributor-silver
Titanium Black: https://www.coffeeparts.com.au/ocd-ona-58-5mm-coffee-distrib...

Some will laugh, some will buy.


The next phase of coffee distribution innovation has arrived with the release of the latest ONA Coffee Distributor; the OCD V3. The V3 brings together all of your favourite features from the previous versions and combines them with an advanced anti-static coating and non-slip textured sides. With a more lightweight design, the OCD V3 allows baristas to more easily and evenly distribute the coffee bed before tamping, for an even and consistent extraction. Simply add the coffee to your portafilter basket, place the adjusted OCD V3 on top of the basket, spin clockwise for a few rotations, remove, and tamp. To adjust your OCD to your precise dose, simply unscrew the top disc to loosen and adjust to your desired height.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Good price indeed. Thanks.

  • Super solid choice. Barista Hustle did a research piece of side tapping vs OCD, and concluded that extraction was the same for both. However in a talk he did in London he mentioned the next test should be if 10 muppets can side tap consistently vs using something as simple as an OCD.

  • You can get these for 30-50$ on ebay depending if you go local or not.

    I got a double sided distributor and tamper, both sides adjustable, and it's great.

    • The primary difference usually is the size; it's quite hard to get an exact 58.5mm tamper or distributor cheap. I've used a 58mm one from Amazon for $30 and while it is great value for money, it's not a snug fit and leaves a gap around the rim, which can causing channeling. It also regularly gets ground coffee stuck on the edges.

      • yeah fair enough. There does seem to be a few 58.5mm options on aliexpress atm for ~$45 though, not double sided however.
        There is also 58.35mm distrubutors and tampers available for as little as $27 inc shipping, I don't think 0.125mm on either side will promote much channeling!

        • Yes, there's a Chinese knock off for everything. They don't do the design, research or marketing, just copy what's already successful; they use less strict production standards so there's far more duds in a batch; they use lighter and lesser grade materials that you won't notice until you compare with a real one.

          IMO tampers and distributors are all about precision and it's just not something you will get or should expect from a knock-off.