RTX 2080 Super a Good Choice?

Second hand, tier 1 brand, under warranty. What would you pay?

Thinking of grabbing one instead of waiting for 3070/6800/3060ti.

Using it to game on super ultra wide 1440, 120hz.

Budget for a new card around $700.

Thanks for your opinions!


  • Why not stretch and grab a 3070? Not much more and better performance. Shouldn't be too hard to get. Zotac and EVGA both available at link below. Cheapest being $969. Will be beneficial if using super ultra wide 1440p.


    • $700 vs $1,000…. lol
      I think $700 is a fair price at the moment, but I wouldn't pay $1,000 for the new cards. I mean if all you're concerned about is "graphics" then you would go and buy an Xbox Series X instead, which is priced at AUD $750 (unless scalpers) but equivalent to an A$800 graphics cards.

      I think people who managed to buy used RTX 2080Ti's for AUD $800 (or slightly lower) back in September, they got the deal. Even better are those that managed to snag an RTX 2070-Super for as low as AUD $450… that's a steal. I even saw an RX 5700 go for A$400, and a GTX 1080 go for A$300, that's insane! Not long ago people were buying RX 580's with that $300 lol.

      I mean AMD has delivered with their RX 6900, RX 6800xt, and RX 6800… whilst the Nvidia RTX 3090, 3080, and 3070 aren't too shabby either for a generational upgrade. The problem is there is no stock for either. It's basically a paper-launch. Not to mention all the scalpers as of recent. And it's going to remain this way for at least 6-months, and then we should see the Used Market come back to the prices we saw back in September. So used buyers did well, new buyers (i mean early adopters/beta testers) suffered.

      • 300 bucks is not a lot of money. Especially if you can afford a super ultra wide 1440p 120hz monitor which is give or take $2,000 depending on brand. May as well pair that with a higher tier graphics card.

        • Well, as I pointed out above, that $300 could be the difference in graphics between running a GTX 1080 versus an Intel UHD Iris iGPU.

          …so I wouldn't be quick to call that nothing/little :\

  • I wouldn't buy an rtx 2080 super new. Maybe second hand for about $300.

  • Wait for Cyber Monday sales, especially Scorptec's hourly deals via instagram/facebook.
    They had a good deal on Friday with a 5700XT for $399. Expecting more GPU sales for Monday

    2080S - A lot of second hand $800 ono so I think you can bargain for low-mid $700 which is what it's worth anyway.

  • Did you end up getting the 2080S? I'm in a similar position as you, was wonder the same thing.

  • Nope but for $700 it would have been a decent buy considering the 3060 Ti pricing is now known to be in the $7-800, and has the same performance.

    I ended up buying a 1080 Ti for $400 which I think is excellent bang for buck to tide me over until I find the right bargain.