Motherboard with on-Board Wi-Fi Continuously Disconnects (ASUS ROG STRIX B460-I)

Hi everyone,

I just built my PC 2 days ago and started to notice that the internet does not want to work whatsoever on the motherboard. After countless installations and reinstallations of the drivers for the specific wifi card, and flashing the BIOS, and resetting windows, absolutely nothing has worked.

Specs are:
Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB 3000mHz
Kingston A2000 1TB
Silverstone ET550
ASUS Dual Mini OC RTX 2070

All and any help would be much appreciated!



  • Return the movie for a new one or refund and but a different one

  • Probably stupid questions but… Does the wifi adaptor show up in Windows? Can you see a wifi network at all even if you can't connect? Have you connected the antenna to the motherboard?

      1. Yes 2. Yes 3. Yes

      The issue is that it keeps on dropping out. The adaptor just fails to be recognised on Task Manager or Device Manager after 5 seconds of a stable connection

      • I'll assume the wifi was previously in place and working (and still works with other devices) an donly the PC has changed. Don't suppose you've got MAC address filtering enabled on the router?

        • You see the problem doesn't exist whatsoever in the router. My PC just shows with no networks found, and then the adaptor device is removed entirely. I just need a fix for the wifi adaptor in the PC

          • @avgbowlofpho: Adaptor is removed completely or shows as not working properly? One hints at a possible hardware issue and the other at a probable driver issue. What's logged in event viewer when it happens?

          • @avgbowlofpho: Can you take off the motherboard shroud?

            If you can try unplug and replug the Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200 PCI-E adapter.

  • "Wi-Fi Continuously Disconnects" - please clarify
    - sometimes it works OK?
    - displays low WiFi signal?
    - works better when next to the router?
    - works better on mobile WiFi hotspot?

  • I'm going to bet OP hasn't connected his external aerials properly or at all.

    • Only one antenna which was given, just a screw in with 2 plugs. I am more than certain it was correctly installed.

      • Check the internal tiny coaxial cables going from the back of those external screws to the actual m.2 slot WiFi card itself (even PCIe cards with Intel chipsets are just basically an adaptor to convert the m.2 card to the larger PCIe slot). If those tiny cables are disconnected you'll get the sort of problem you describe, same as no aerial on the outside.

  • Return the mobo. It may actually be faulty.
    Glad I had cable run throughout the house… fawk wifi :)

  • Have you tried both 2.4/5 GHz frequencies?
    Does the router see it and recognize it and give it an ip address?
    Have you tried to connect it to your phones wifi hot spot? or another device?
    Sounds stupid but did you restart your router?
    Does your router support wifi6?
    Looks like two connections for wifi on the board
    edit just saw you connected both can you swap them did you try swapping connections?
    Have you installed all the latest correct motherboard chipset drivers?

  • Wifi cards are $19. This one is great. 2nd storey no drop outs.

    • A wifi PCI-E adapter is not an option for this PC. The ASUS ROG STRIX B460-I ITX motherboard is small form factor and the PCI-E slot is taken up by the graphics card.

  • Asus motherboards. They're a lot of fun to deal with! Unless you're buying the top of the line, they're best to avoid.
    (Btw I don't hate Asus, I own a ZenBook laptop)

    My PC with a Gigabyte motherboard sits next to my router so I'm lucky and use ethernet.

  • How old is the firmware on your wi-fi router? Might be worth updating it if it's old.

    And i see you have a gaming motherboard and a 2070. Probably a 99% chance you're going to play games. Why use wi-fi? Can you not use a cabled LAN connection to your router? This will give you the best performance for gaming (and obviously fix your wi-fi dropout issue).

  • I wonder how the WiFi is physically implemented? Is it a small daughter board that plugs into the main board? Maybe that's loose? Can you unplug/replug it?

    I presume you have plugged in an antenna - it won't work well without one - though I would expect Windows would still see the adaptor in this case.

  • Update BIOS and drivers from the ASUS support page for your MB.
    Give Windows Update a try for the driver updates if you don't want to download manually.
    There might be an app that came with the MB that can do all the updating.
    As mentioned above also update the firmware on your router.

    Clarify what Device Manager is showing.

    I don't get all the critics about wifi for gaming.
    Check out the actual bandwidth your game uses, far less than you expect.
    The speed of LAN generally still far exceeds available WAN bandwidth, in the home anyway but plans are available at considerable cost.