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Mornington Draught - 375ml Cans (24 Pack) - $39 @ First Choice Liquor


Saw this on First Choice Liquor site. Decent price for a decent drop.

'Created on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Mornington Draught uses premium Australian malts to deliver a distinctly pure Lager with a refreshingly full-bodied flavour and an unmatchable clean crisp finish. Draught has always held the reputation as the perfect brew for the Australian lifestyle and Mornington Draught without exception will be a great session beer to share with friends.'

Style - Draught
Standard Drinks - 1.4
Packaging - Can
Alcohol Content - 4.6%
GTIN - 9345117001382
Type - Draught
Origin - Australia
Product ID - 3643368
Brand - Mornington

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Combine with 25% Shopback 1-5AEDT!

    Product link is here

  • +1

    Lorry Boys has some cases at $42 as well .
    Quick look at reviews 3/5 stars doesn't quite cut it .

  • +2

    I’d only buy this for $10/carton, tastes like dirty water

    • Disagree. Love my local craft but it's nice to have something basic for contrast.

    • +1

      I was tempted, but after your review I'll give it a miss.

    • Which one is the best tasting beer in 50$ range?

      • In no real order, some that I like…Yak, James Squire, Coopers, Mountain Goat
        Cricketers and John Boston are good when you get them sub $50

        • Yeh I have tasted coopers and it is good in terms on texture visibly and taste great. Cricketers I find not so good. Rest I will try for first time in near future

          • @DisabledUser249845: Which Cricketers did you have? I don't mind the lager or summer ales but wouldn't pay full price for them.

            • @whitelie: I don't remember to be honest. my friend brought along a case with him

        • +1

          If that's your taste, try steamrails tight red Togs. Normally about $40. Sits between wild yak and cricketers arms summer ale.

      • Tinnies Pale is really good for the price point

      • It’s hard to tell, everyone has a different opinion.
        My point was that, no matter what, this beer is really bland.
        Someone might like it but I’m sure 99% of people who like good beers think this is crap.
        It used to be $59, now it’s $39… have you ever seen a 30% price drop on a product that sells well?

    • Yes I agree, I even tried the Mornington Pale Ale which was $62 a case and it too tasted like watered-down dirty muddy water.

  • +5

    Nice, more basic beer to have in the fridge for when the freeloaders come round

  • Gotta be honest, seeing the hipsters refer to it as a "basic" beer, makes me a lot more interested in trying it.

    • Go for it and let us know

  • their beers are just not the same anymore after being bought out

    • all too familiar story

  • Don't forget the 25% cashback at Shopback until 5pm today AEDT

  • This is Good stuff! Even better with the ShopBack 25%

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