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First Choice Liquor: 25% Cashback ($30 Cap, 1pm-5pm AEDT) @ ShopBack



$25 cap. EDIT1: It might be $30. EDIT 2: Confirmed.

1-5pm AEDT.

No gift cards, only works through browser works via browser or app.

Stack with their Black Friday Promos.

  1. Terms & Conditions
    Cashback is not qualified for:
    • Promo codes or voucher codes not approved by ShopBack
    • Liquorland online orders paid partially or in full with any gift cards
    • Purchase of Giftcards
    • Returns, exchanges & cancellations
    Purchases made via the First Choice Liquor app
    • Excludes taxes, fees or additional extras 

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Hope tracking is faster today. Still waiting for my bws tracking confirmation from yesterday late arvo.

  • Oh man, these booze deals just keep coming

  • of course the penruff store has no asahi black in stock.

    • Love that stuff. Japanese Cans are way better than all the Chinese bottled stuff except these- which also come from Japan (as you probably know)

      • I gave in and got a couple of bottles of the asahi black to have with my porterhouse tonight. Grabbed the special for 6 pack of cans too.

  • Four Pillars Gin will be around $52.50 with this deal. People went nuts of it at $56

  • Why only in browser? It's showing up in the app

    • +1 vote

      This is on the web & app so you'll get the cashback wherever you decide to purchase

      • I bought some stuff at 1:30 and haven't received any tracking info. Is this normal? Bought through the app.

  • I think first choice allows champagne and they have moet vintage for $79

  • I agreed with the comments in the past week about how frustrating their website had become with only allowing certain beers to be purchased in 4 packs etc. Just had a quick look and there is a range of new items and some familiar ones available in cartons of 24 at good prices even prior to 25% off. Location is set to Adelaide.

  • Still hasn’t tracked for me from the 22% offer for first choice a week ago.

    • $50.23 because GST is excluded.

      $65 before cashback, down from $89.

      I've got two 10x flybuys promos activated, so hopefully both go through for a total 1235 points and a final price of $44.06

  • How do you find the list of approved discount codes on shop back? ( ie employee discount code)?

  • The banner on the main page says $25 max cashback but the First Choice deal page says capped at $30!

    • It says $30 cap in the top banner, but $25 cap in the first discount and in the details dropdown. Seems like the $30 is a typo.

      • Also says capped at $30 cashback in the ‘Cashback Rates’ section on the information page. Hmm, hopefully $30’s correct!

        • And when you click the "Shop Now" button it also says $30.

          I've just ordered three cartons of James Squire One Fifty Lashes PA so I'll get the full $30 if that's the cap.

  • Is this a single use cashback or can be over multiple 'new' transcations?

  • Can't resist. Got a slab of Praga Premium Pils Cans 500ml for $33.41 after cashback. Never tried this beer. Hope it's not too bad

  • Anyone tried the Suntory Toki blended whisky? For the current price it seems like it might be worth a go.

    Also looking for a couple of gins to try, for neat and on the rocks. Four Pillars seems like a good pick, anyone got any others?

    • The Toki blended not for good for drinking neat or on the rock. The only reason you might want to get it is if you want to try Japanese highball.

      At $45 after cash back it is reasonable but there are better mixer out there for $40.

      • Thanks. I don't mind Japanese highballs especially in warmer weather but not sure if I want a bottle of the Toki just for making them.

  • Does anyone else find it annoying it's not inclusive of GST? I mean I would assume virtually everyone purchasing through Shopback is paying GST so why not just adjust the cashback so it's easier to do the calculations? I guess from a marketing standpoint it's better to have the bigger number and then #not including GST in the fine print.
    Not saying it's just 1st Choice but it is super annoying

    • Is this the first time you've ever used Shopback or Cashrewards? Cashback is calculated on subtotal excluding GST. Yes, it's annoying

      • To be more precise:

        With ShopBack, cashback is always calculated on the ex-GST amount.

        However, with Cashrewards it's calculated on the GST inclusive amount unless the Special Terms say otherwise.

        So, for example, at BWS/Dan Murphy's it's based on the GST inclusive amount, but at Liquorland/First Choice Liquor it's ex-GST.

        This makes it even more annoying!

    • It's very annoying. CR does it too but on a per deal basis which is possibly even more annoying.

  • Anyone get tracking for this offer yet? I’ve still got nothing for this, BWS offer yesterday, and Amazon flash sale yesterday. 3 purchases via CR in same period - tracked in mins.

    • My BWS order tracked instantly yesterday. With FCL I find tracking usually comes after collection notification

  • Nice, stocking up on a bit of rum.

    For all you drum drinkers out their, try Baron Samedi. So smooth and not too spicy. Good enough to drink on the rocks.

  • Some reasonable “craft” beer offers. Stockade flight path at $52 before discount. Brick lane Pale Ale at $65, Little Creatures at $61.
    They also have Cracnkshaft IPA @ $93, which is very tempting, as is Sierra Nevada hazy at $94.

  • Gentlemen's jack for $38 after cashback

    Thanks op!


  • Have a big list here

  • Some options if anyone is interested:
    2xBeefeater Blood Orange $71.30 (after cashback) regular cost~$120 or 2xJack Daniels Fire $62 (after cashback) regular cost~$100

    2 x Beefeater Blood Orange $92
    shopback cashback (25% 1-5pm today max. of $25) Amount ~ $20.7 ($92 - 9.2gst = 82.8 x 0.25)
    effectively pay $71.3 (regular price $120)
    40.6% off

    2 x Jack daniels fire $80
    Shopback cashback ~ $18 ($80 - $8gst = 72 x 0.25)
    effectively pay $62 (regular price $100)
    38% off

    1 x Jack daniels fire $40
    1 x Beefeater Blood Orange $46
    shopback cashback (25% 1-5 today max. of $25) $19.35 ($86 - 8.6gst = 77.4 x 0.25)
    effectively pay $66.65 (regular price $110)
    39.4% off

    Thanks OP!

  • Looks like the deal has been extended to 30 November 2020.

  • My cashback just tracked, correctly.

  • That's weird. They changed it to 30 November and a couple of minutes ago changed again to 3%.

    • Like I said above, it's probably a caching issue on your end, as I saw the 3% at least 20 minutes before you claim it changed.

      • No, it wasn't a caching issue. Originally it said "from 1 to 5 pm" then it changed to expiry on 30 Nov.
        Anyway, it's gone now.

  • Need some other deal to stack with this.

    • It's actually still expired. Not sure if there's a caching issue or ShopBack are stuffing around with the amount.

  • In case anyone's interested:

    Ordered at 12:03 AWST
    Tracked at 14:29:23 AWST
    Email Received at 14:35 AWST
    Cashback Amount - $30

    So far, my ShopBack cashback is consistently talking 2-3 hours to track.

  • Did my first order today with shopback app at 3:00pm. It's now 8:40. My account shows no click history.

    Also, the link within the app said 3%, but once you clicked on it it said 25% at the bottom info red label thing(screenshoted it).

    If it doesn't track I'll be cancelling the order

    So in summary, so far not impressed. But probably 10000s of orders.

    • *Update - tracked at 11pm. Not sure these deals advertising '25% cashback' is entirely honest as it's really approx 22% (as it doesn't include GST).

      How would one actually get 25% 'cash back' as advertised?

      Is there a way to buy booze without GST ?

  • When everyone is saying their orders have "tracked", what does this mean?

    I placed an order yesterday at about 2pm, got the order confirmation email from FCL, and a little while later got the notification that my order is ready to collect. But I haven't gotten any emails from ShopBack.

    Nothing from FCL is listed under Cashback Activity, and under Click Activity it shows my visit to FCL, shows it as clicked, but says "Your click has been recorded and we are checking to see if you shopped at First Choice Liquor. If so, you will see your Cashback within 2 days".

    Given that everyone else seems to have gotten some confirmation from ShopBack within a couple of hours, I'm a little worried that I don't have any yet.

    • I only got mine today, so there was 24 hours later kinda thing going on. Just give it time. Worst case, you can log a claim.