(Solved) Broken SMEG Oven, Need Help

My oven is a SMEG SA504X.

I noticed when turning it off after reheating some nice cinnamon doughnuts to have with some cookies and cream ice cream, I felt a crunch in the mode dial. Afterwards the oven wouldn't turn on the light or either of the heating elements, but will turn on the fan if turned on.

I opened the oven up this morning after making sure the circuit breaker was off and the oven wasn't receiving power.

This was what I found. The part turns off and on the separate functions of the oven based on what is selected. I think it's beyond repair for that part and I want to replace it, but I cant' seem to find it so far and I don't know what it's called.

I've always turned off the thermostat before turning on/off the oven, so I'm pretty pissed to see that expensive SMEG devices don't have protection from spark gaps, as I believe that's what caused the scorching of the plastic to the point the metal inserts have fallen out and no longer make contact.

I don't have the spare cash to call out a technician to fix this and I'm quite adept at repairing electronics myself, so I am looking to repair the oven myself.

Can anyone help me?

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  • If you search for SMEG SA504X sector switch you should be able to find it.
    There’s also a chance there is a part number written on the underside of the switch if it’s not on the top.

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