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20% off Selected Audioengine Speakers @ Brandtactics via Amazon AU


Select models include:

Audioengine HD6 Black - $799
Audioengine HD3 (Walnut or Black) - $423
Audioengine 2+ Wireless Black - $319
Audioengine B1 Wireless Receiver - $239
Audioengine D1 24-Bit DAC - $199
Audioengine S8 Subwoofer White - $399
Audioengine 512 BT Portable Speaker - $189 (35% OFF)

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  • Price matching JB Hifi on the A2+, incase you wanted to possible get it in store.

  • After inheriting my dad’s audio engine 5s from storage, I found that they had died (due to a common fault with its design and well documented online), I tried contact customer service in the US, and was then passed to the Aust Distributor. The response was “sorry, it’s past it warranty and we don’t even stock parts for it anymore”…all in all, the AE5s had seen little use and were in storage for most of its life…

    Based on the above, this company has lost me as a customer. The speakers ain’t exactly cheap to begin with so you would expect them to last a long time.

    • I had a similar issue when my Monster ClarityHD speakers died. They were and are amazing. We use them mainly in the BBQ area to generate noise complaints from the neighbours.

      Eventually I tracked down an AU distributor. All I got I got was a definitive "we cannot service that model any more".

      Then I remembered an electronics guy on the Main North Road in Prospect, SA. He used to service my HI-FI electronics back when I was much younger then. Decades ago.

      Took the speakers to him. The power supply had died. He assembled a new one, made it fit, and I got extra watts RMS in the deal. He also fitted a sub-woofer out socket.

      If anyone wants the name & contact, DM me.

  • Original title: “20% off Selected Audioengine Speakers @ Amazon AU”

    Speakers are Shipped & Sold by Brandtactics a third-party seller on Amazon.
    Every product says:
    Ships from Brandtactics
    Sold by Brandtactics

    Secondly seller lists a bunch of products, but there is only 1 link which just goes to the HD3 model.
    Terrible posting.

  • Anyone considering any recent Edifier bargain, needs to far more seriously consider Audioengines. Far, far better quality (and anybody should try to listen to both before purchasing).

    • Except for their customer service.

      I don't support any company that don't even give 5 min to help a customer out.

  • Won’t ever buy an audioengine product again. Every one I’ve had (3) has now died after 3-5 years.

    Support was….lacking, if I can be the most diplomatic I possibly can be.

    Sure when it worked the sound was decent enough.

    The best thing I learnt was to buy separates - not an active powered speaker where the built in electronics will die on you.

    • It’s apparently to do with how their amplifier chips are placed (ie. lack of heat dissipation) which fry them under normal use. The potentiometer is also another culprit…you would think Audioengine would have learnt from their past “mistakes” and improved their designs along the way; but that’s just wishful thinking…

  • I had the original versions of the A5 and mine went faulty after a year or so, but I got a new set back via warranty. Anyway, the second set also died a while later (can't remember if it was 1 or 2 years later, but they were out of warranty by then).

    I took them to an awesome electronics repair guy I know, and he said they have a design flaw (he did some research online). He said he contacted Audioengine about discussing how to fix the design flaw so that it won't keep happening, but they weren't interested in helping/working with him. Anyway, he fixed my ones for a pretty decent/cheap price so I went ahead and got them fixed, and said to just use them and if/when they stuff up again, to just probably ditch them.

    I don't know if the newer versions/models have improved (correct me if I am wrong) over the original version, but he also said they use some very cheap/crappy quality components inside.

    • got them fixed, and said to just use them and if/when they stuff up again, to just probably ditch them.

      The person who can fix them said this, they must be terrible.

      • He basically said it's not worth fixing them all the time and they will likely stuff up again due to the design fault.

        I just wonder if the newer models/versions a better.

        I also took it a set of Aktimate Blue for him to fix (this is the reason I went there in the first place, I took the AudioEngines in just to see if they are repairable for a cheap price so that I can use them as a backup set). Anyway, he was able to get new parts from Aktimate, got them fixed and his opinion on sound quality was the same as mine, he said the Aktimates sound much better that it wasn't even close. He also said Aktimate uses much, much better quality components.

        • He also said Aktimate uses much, much better quality components.

          Thanks for sharing.

          • @thebadmachine: I also should mention, I hope Aktimate doesn't go under as I emailed them asking a question (I was asking if they still sell speakers as I wasn't seeing them around for sale anymore), and the person told me they are in limbo at the moment, and that they've stopped production on their speakers the past year due to Coronavirus, and haven't been able to find a replacement factory (as the factory they used to use shutdown and never reopened, and they haven't been able to visit China to start negotiations with a new factory).