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Castrol Edge 5L 0W/40 A3/B4 Diesel $19.99 (was $89.99) @ Autobarn


Great price on full synthetic for all the diesel-driving OzB'ers out there.

In-store only.

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  • I feel like I could use this in my petrol car

    "Is a full synthetic engine oil formulated with Fluid Strength Technology, for prestige and high performance engines in both petrol and diesel passenger and light commercial vehicles, naturally aspirated or turbocharged"

    Oops, guess not

    • I believe it's this product: https://msdspds.castrol.com/bpglis/FusionPDS.nsf/Files/E0076647793EFC7B80257EAF002CAC93/$File/bpxe-a2a2uv.pdf

    • This is perfectly fine to use in a petrol car that specifies a 0w40 oil as acceptable, it has API SN rating for petrol engines which is the latest standard.

    • You can use it in a petrol car as it has a modern SN rating. In fact, a diesel engine oil can be beneficial as it has a higher level of detergents which can clean the engine (mildly).

  • Very good price, not many diesel cars out there though.

  • There is no A5/b5?

  • This is a historic price, never seen or bought it this low, even cheaper than Edge 5W-30, which routinely cycles down to $30s! Alas I don't need one.

    • This has happened once before early July this year. It was posted on OzBargain but somehow it was tagged properly. I had to drive around multiple Autobarn outlets - enough people noticed it anyway.

  • Autobarn's website is not as user friendly as Repco & Super Cheap. Hate it.

  • I visited my local Autobarn today and the A3/B4 oil is not on special. It's only the C3 version. The item's description also states it's C3. Title should be edited.

    • You should take it up with Autobarn management as the image accompanying the special clearly shows A3/B4.

      • The first image does indeed have A3/B4, but the second and third images don't. Clearly a mistake on Autobarn's part.

        The clue that this oil cannot be B4 is also in the item's title on the web site: B4 oils are unsuitable for use with DPFs.

        • No worries, thank you for the info. Probably not going to matter as it finishes tonight and they've shut shop by now. I'll expire it.