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[US] PlayStation Plus 12 Month US$29.99 (A$40.61) @ CD Keys


US PlayStation Plus subscription for US$29.99. You will need a US PS login to activate. Instructions to create one are here

Pay in USD and use a no FX fee card to get it for A$40.61.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Is there any expiry date? By when do you have to activate this? I am planning to buy PS5 during Christmas.

  • Thanks!

  • Any way to bypass this for AU acc?

  • what does the warning mean?

    Warning: 1-Year PlayStation Plus Membership (PS+) - PS3/PS4/PS5 Digital Code (USA) cannot be activated in Australia. If you still want to purchase, click "Buy Now".

    looks like it wont let you activate if you are located in Aus? i could be wrong.

  • This only works on a US registered account.

  • This is their usual ongoing price. Price varies between AUD $38 to $44. Make sure to activate within 30 days

  • This price has been available in the USA for years, which is why I'm puzzled about people getting so excited about paying $60 for an Aus membership.

  • you now need a US vpn if you want to claim the free games via the web store. If you click on PS+, it automatically takes you to the AU store (even if logged into US account), which you don't have PS+ for. And now you are on the AU store. The new web site design is so stupid.

    I hate geolocking.

    You can still claim the games manually if you search for the game title, or if you do it from your console. But if you do it from your console, it might start downloading it, and sometimes you just want to add it to your collection, not download it. Steam does this too sometimes.

    • I can actually login to the US webstore just fine on PC but I don't have the option to buy anything which is odd. I'm assuming this isn't an issue if you're logged into your US account on the console itself. I have $US100 racked up in my wallet which I've been saving for some good deals on the US PSN store so hopefully I won't be locked out from spending it!

      • logging in is fine, you can also purchase things fine.

        But if you click on PS+, you will be taken to the AU store and logged out. Unless you have a US VPN. If you know which games are free, you can go to their individual page and purchase it.

        But before the relaunch of the store, there was no geo-referral. You could click on PS+, see the free games, and just add them to cart. Now if you try to do that, you will be taken to the AU site.

        You won't be locked out from spending your money. It's just an annoying redesign of the site.

  • If I buy this, an claim Days Gone from the PS collection, could I use the savefile I have "from the AU version of the game" .

    This savefile is on my US account though.

    • It doesn't matter which account has the save file(s), what matters is which version of the game the save file(s) are for. When you claimed PS collection using USA PS Plus, you will get US versions of the games. You will need to download them again (coz. the AU version you previously downloaded won't work).

      As for whether the save files will work or not depend on the game. For most games, the answer is no. However, some games have save game converter. There aren't many games which offer that feature though.