expired Apple iPad 2 from $499.95 FREE Shipping Australia Wide - Brand NEW Unlocked


It's another promotion via ShoppingSquare Facebook Page.

  • 16GB WiFi $499
  • 16GB WiFi+3G $629
  • 32GB WiFi $599
  • 32GB WiFi+3G $719
  • 64GB WiFi $669
  • 64GB WiFi+3G $809

  • Item is shipped from Hong Kong by Fedex or DHL
  • Estimated Handling Time: 5-8 Working Days
  • item will arrive within 1-3 working days after shipped (Up to Additional 3 working days for remote area)

[EDIT] Offer is extended to 4th Dec 2011

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    New or refurbished?

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    Does anyone know if these qualify for the 50% tax break for educational purposes?


      Item is shipped from Hong Kong by Fedex or DHL

      Don't think you're going to get a Tax Invoice (they're grey imports) therefore they won't qualify. Can someone else confirm?


    how about the warranty?
    this is cheaper than kogan (16G 3G-$639+$29delivery fee)


    danilochan does this come with the Australian power adapter attachment?


      It comes with Traveler adapter which suit for AU socket.


        Thanks, is this the Genuine Apple product?


        Oh, so this is not a proper Apple plug but a foreign one with an Aus adapter?

        Is the power supply itself the genuine, original Apple one?

        Need an urgent response please.

        If its not the genuine part you're better off buying locally I think.

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          I understand that the units are delivered from Hong Kong, China, with:-

          1) The genuine Apple AC Charger.

          2) The genuine Apple 'duck tail' plug that fits the Hong Kong (and UK) wall sockets.

          3) A "Travel adapter". This is an adapter plug, with the Australian angled flat pins on one 'end' and holes (sockets) on the other for the pins of the Hong Kong plug.

          It is item 3) above that is illegal, and unsafe for use, in Australia. It lacks the Electrical Safety approval for Australia, and can not obtain this approval because it has no insulation on the flat pins.

          ShoppingSquare would be better serving their customers if they paid the few cents more for an approved AU style 'duck tail' plug, with the insulation, to be included with these items.

          I know that copies of the genuine AU 'duck tail' plug (with the required insulation), that fit the genuine Apple AC charger, are available in China/Hong Kong. They cost under a dollar. They lack the C-Tick/A-Tick but at least they are safe to use.


    free shipping too to my area.

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    499.95 delivered for the 16GB wifi compared to $554 from bigW.

    Roughly 10%, which is, not suprisingly, roughly the GST component that you are saving. Nice deal imo.


    I'm pretty sure all iPads are unlocked?


    Both 64GB versions have the biggest savings.


    For those who want the units which have sold out, you can buy through an ebay seller which have very similar prices at:

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    I am still WAITING for my USB from Shopping Square purchasing from ebay.
    It has been > 20 days..!!!!!
    Should neg it..


      yep same here, don't want an iPad but definetly wouldn't buy from them again, taking way too long

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    This is just the perfect deal for anyone looking to give that special someone** ***, a Birthday present.

    ** - Based on SS's average order->delivery times, that special someone should ideally be born after 02-01-12. :)
    *** - Please allow up to 3 extra weeks for deliveries outside a major metro area.


    A little too late to buy iPad2 now. Probably by January/February 2012, Apple releases iPad3.


    Will we have it delivered before christmas? Live in melbourne metro.

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