PlayStation 5 - do I really need a new TV?

I've got the PS5 coming on the 8th and I've been watching all the YouTube videos etc and all I keep hearing is you'd be wasting it by not connecting it up to a new TV and may as well stick with a PS4.

Is this really true?

My TV is definitely budget and not fancy in the slightest.

Plus my TV connects to a 5.1 receiver which I then plug my consoles in to so does that need to be capable too?


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    You can try it out on my 65” Sony X9000 if you want.

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    I'd say just play it out with what you have then see if you're unhappy.
    To me, the most improvement is in the new controller, then loading times. Have hooked mine up to a cheap Kogan 55" 4K LED and a 65" FHD plasma, and will probably keep using the kogan. If/when 4K/120 gets widespread support, and prices of hdmi 2.1 TVs comes down a bit, will upgrade then.

    • Do you see much difference graphics wise between the 4 and 5?

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        I doubt the normal person would and 4K @120fps is a bit of a marketing gimmick. You're mainly getting the latest consoles for the new game releases that won't come to PS4 / Xbox One.

        • Sure, though basically none on X at launch. I think a lot of people will notice a steadier experience (higher frame rate) especially if coming from based ps4/xb1 regardless of whether its a ps4/xb1 or ps4/xsx title. And the SSD loading times are significant.

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    You'll need to provide more specs to ask this question. Comparing "new TV" vs "my old budget one" doesn't help.

    Does your current TV output in 4K? If only 1080p then you probably aren't getting the most out of the PS5. This would be a deal breaker for me.
    Does it have HDR? If not or a poor cheapo implementation of it then you probably aren't getting the most out of the PS5. This is subjective.
    Does it have HDMI2.1? Likely not but not a deal breaker.
    Does it support 120 Hz? Likely not but not a deal breaker.
    Does it have a game mode? May do but not a deal breaker.

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      No 4k
      No HDR
      No 2.1
      No 120hz
      Game mode-what does that even do??

      I feel TV shamed right now

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        Don't worry, I'm in the same camp. Thinking of upgrading sooner or later (maybe next year). Still have my trusty LG but its over 6 years old and getting long in the tooth.
        The real question is OLED or LCD….??!?

        OLED: basically better in every way, and worth paying the premium
        ….yet OLED eventually WILL develop burn-in when it comes to channel logos, console titles, etc etc.

        LCD: no burn-in or longevity problems.
        ….whilst LCD-tech has gotten better and better, but still slower and less colours than OLED.

      • Do you really need a new TV? No, current one works fine.

        Should you, to maximise the performance of the PS5? Yes.

      • In most cases, you will get 1080p gameplay at 60fps without a hitch in most cases with the PS5, something that can't be said about the PS4. Plus the new games, fast load time and new controller.

        If you upgrade just your TV later down the line, you will be able to get 4K and HDR.

        If you also upgrade your receiver to HDMI 2.1 (or plug the PS5 directly to an HDMI 2.1 TV), you will also get 4K120, VRR, ALLM. But plugging your PS5 directly to your TV without upgrading your receiver means you're limited to ARC for audio and won't be able to use lossless audio.

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        2.1 is meaningless if you dont have 120hz or hdr. 120hz is pretty meaningless, its basically only going to be achieved at 1080 and with further reduced graphics at that. I think its doubtful we see it become standard, unless it becomes a competition standard for the shooters.

        The size of your tv and how far you sit from it will probably matter more to the 4k question. I think typically you need to get a 50+inch screen and sit fairly close to be able to reliable discern the difference between 4k and 1080.

        HDR some people rave about. I think its good, but i dunno didnt blow me away the way it does some people and that's based on using an LG OLED in a dark room. I like it, but wouldnt sell my soul for it.

        The new consoles will load games faster, do more effects on screen, have more detail and more phsyics/ai, etc. All of those thigns will probably make a more appreciable difference than 4k and hdr.

        Its a pretty bad time to buy a TV i think, so if you are reasonably happy with your tv, i'd get the new console and upgrade in 2 years, when 120hz, 2.1 hdmi, and decent HDR has become more common and cheaper. If you want to buy now, get a LG CX, but its multiple time the cost of a new console.

        TL:DR - no you dont need a new tv, unless you are a graphics snob in which case you should be playing on a spec'd out PC anyway. But you will probably enjoy the upgrade, and should consider doing so in a few years.

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    Well I received my PS5 on launch day, hooked it up to my 65” 4K Sony x9500g and the picture quality was awesome.

    However, my wife soon banned it from that TV because my son was playing it a lot and it interfered with general TV watching.

    So now it is hooked up to my old 55” Panasonic plasma with 720P resolution, which is what I used to play my OG PS4 on. and honestly I don’t really mind.

    While it was gorgeous on the Sony TV, the game play is still very enjoyable on the plasma and the next gen features (fast load times, Dualsense controller, quiet operation) are more than enough to make the upgrade from PS4 worthwhile.

    So, in other words, no you don’t need a new TV,

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    I haven't upgraded my TV yet (still using a 50" 1080P) but the tangible user experience/benefit of the PS5 compared to the PS4 has been huge. The DualSense controller is a game changer, loading times have been slashed due to the SSD and the PS+ collection is only available to PS5 users. I'll upgrade my TV soon enough, but it's not really a priority that's for sure.

  • You dont need to get one if you want to get the most out of the console then u probably need a TV with the specs to do so

  • Piggybacking on this thread, I have an old Sony Bravia KDL-55hx925. Would you fellow ozbargainers recommend upgrading for a ps5? It’s that old, is it even good enough for a PS4 pro?

    • It's a 1080p TV which will work fine, but if you want to play PS5 titles in glorious 4K quality with HDR then yes, recommend upgrading.

  • 4K and HDR are pretty common features for a TV these days. Even bad cheap HDR looks better than old TVs, usually.

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  • Plus my TV connects to a 5.1 receiver which I then plug my consoles in to so does that need to be capable too

    If you playing in 1080P, it should be OK. Unless if you want 4K, then upgrade everything, that includes your HDMI cables.

    • Just the wires or does the receiver need to be able to support it all?

      • Post your brand/model here & we will have a look.

        • yamaha rx-v379

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            @CantonasKungFuKick: 4K Ultra HD pass-through

            Looks to be fine, but no mention of HDR though. You just need a new 4K TV (also HDR compatible if possible) to take the advantage. Old HDMI cable may work in 4K but most likely you need new one.

            Or else, just stick with 1080P. No need to upgrades.

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    If you are happy with your TV, just stick to it… you'll be able to play all the new games like Demon's Souls and play some PS4 games with better frame-rates by getting the PS5. As such, I don't think it's a waste without a new TV, but having a new TV does allow you to get the best out of your new console.

    My recommendation is to wait and when you're ready to upgrade your TV, do it and make it an upgrade that's worth it. I would highly recommend picking up an LG CX or BX OLED TV as they have amazing picture quality. You can see every little detail, they have good HDR, 120hz mode, VRR support (variable refresh rate, which will be supported on PS5 with an update soon) and game mode (which reduces the delay between the TV getting an input and displaying it on screen, you need to set it to game mode manually).

    It's definitely more expensive than an LCD/LED TV, but OLED TVs are well worth the asking price and they're much cheaper now than they've ever been.

    • Agree on TV recommendation. Although perhaps he could wait a year or two and have prices drop further.

      Surprisingly, i got LG C8 about 2 years ago, and noticably cheaper than the CX is equivalent size even a similar time frame from when it launched. I Expected prices to drop but the sales prices are higher than 2 years ago, and not sure if stores are negotiating as much.

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    Yes, you will need a new tv, & you will also need a new house

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    Meanwhile, I'm sitting here with my 4k wide-screen monitor with my 2080ti, your just thinking about high end now?? 4k was the rage several years ago!

  • obviously need is a no, ps5 will work on pretty much any TV

    will you get a tangible benefit from a new TV?, based on what you've said in another comment i'm going to say yes, based on my very similar situation.

    4k and HDR are the most noticeable gets, i went from 720p no HDR to 4k HDR and it's not a subtle change, you will notice it and you will be happy about it, i'm no video quality fanatic but its a big step up and has improved my gaming experience.

    Newer TVs and more so HDMI 2.1 if you go that far also have many features your older one likely doesn't both in the gaming space and not, things like low latency modes or automatically activating/deactivation settings when it detects you're gaming, these are less in your face but improve the experience overall.

    getting HDMI 2.1 is very much a future proofing thing, nothing on either console is making much use of the capabilities hdmi 2.1 allows yet, but they will eventually, for me my current tv was old enough that buying in now was always going to be a win and going the extra bit and getting 2.1 now means i dont need to buy another one in a couple years

  • One thing I might point out if you do decide to get a new TV is consider the environment you'll be playing in, for e.g bright/dark room, what kind of games do you play, will your partner/kids be using it. As most people mentioned, the OLEDs are the way to go but they're also better suited to dark rooms. I ended up ordering the Samsung Q80T on the weekend because it was better accustomed to bright rooms and also the LG CX stand is quite short so if you have a soundbar place in front of it, it most likely will block a bit of your screen. Of course there's wall mounting but if you're renting like I am thats not really an option haha. Lastly, there's also the risk of burn in if yourself or your partner/kids watch static content or leave things on pause.

  • Well you spend almost a thousand dollars and yet expect to skimp of the visuals… it just does not add up.
    Yes you would be better to upgrade your visuals… one with HMDI 2.1 ports

  • I reckon, and please don't all roast me at once.

    Tough it out for 6ish months as is.
    Then, when HDMI2.1 is on a wider range of TVs/Receivers and certified 2.1 cables are better quality & easier to get, change everything.
    4K TV with HDR, HDMI2.1
    Receiver with HDMI2.1 passthrough.
    Change all cables to HDMI 2.1.

    Also gives you time to save your pennies - if you need too :)

    Just my opinion

    • That's a lot of pennies

      • It can be less if you OzBargain things one by one :)

        You could maybe even
        leave the receiver as is
        get a new 4K HDMI2.1 TV
        plug the PS5 directly into the TV with HDMI 2.1 cable and get the "wow" visuals
        use ARC or digital for sound back to the receiver from the TV. Your Yamaha appears to have both, so should be easy.

        That's more or less the way I have it now.

  • Its boils down to….
    Why you are buying a PS5!

  • I think for most if you have a Non 4K HDR tv then its probably time for an upgrade. However if you have a 4K or 4K HDR tv that doesnt support HDMI 2.1 its probably way overkill to just upgrade to make full benefit of a HDMI 2.1 capable TV.

  • I dont know what anyone else said but YES you have to upgrade to the top of the line Sony official companion TV or not only will it suck, the Sony police will come and take your PS5 away. You don't want that heat, so out of the kindness of my heart I will relucently take the PS5 off your hands until you get the required TV. Don't call me a hero.. Ok maybe im a hero but helping people is reward enough for me

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