Overspent Should I Return or Sell?

Hi Oz bargain, I'm looking for some financial advices from you …

Basically I scored a few sweet deals with cashback, but now I have buyer's remorse.

For example, yesterday or the day before, I got the nintendo switch bundle, plus ring fit for around 400 (12% shop back + 10% Zip pay)

Or the previous weeks, I basically got a few lens from sony (price matched from previous sale) with further 5%off + 5% cashreward + $550 cashback from sony which is quite a substantial discount compare to normal prices.

I wanted those items but I don't need them. And now looking back I spent quite a lot during this period. Since I haven't opened or used anything yet, should I:

  • Return those items
  • Sell back on gumtree/facebook now for profit
  • Use them now and sell later, and maybe recover the original cost due to the discount ( maybe except the switch I guess)
  • Just keep them, yolo

It may sound silly but idk why I can't stop thinking about this but I'm not in a dire financial situation or something. I can afford this but should I?


  • You could return it all, you've already got the thrill of the bargain so you can reset yourself back to zero but keep the memories.

    • You could return it all

      Well yes/no, retailers don't have to take items back for a CHANGE OF MIND, so you might not be able to return all of them.

  • If it is stuff you'd use eventually and you aren't in dire straights, why not hang on to it?

    Or alternatively, if you can use some of it for xmas gifts for family or friends?

    Hell if you feel too guilty having it all now, what if you wrapped some of it up for yourself for xmas - so like have half of it now and half in a month to like psychologically spread it out so it doesn't feel like so much crap you don't really need at once?

    I'd much prefer going the returns method over trying to sell - too many bad experiences with FB marketplace, seems to bring out the weirdos and arseholes in my area.

    I'm personally groaning a bit over the $349 switch deal, that lead to buying another couple of joycons and then a game (animal crossing lightning deal) then screen protectors and a charging dock for the joycons… suddenly not so cheap, even though every single one of them had at worst like 10-15% off RRP. Just had new tyres on the car last month (4th tyre free deal) and couldn't get a wheel alignment cause some steering parts a bit too flogged out, so had to pay for that too. Then one of the bedroom A/Cs shit itself right when it started getting hot… It never ends!

    But this time last year I regretted not pulling the trigger on the $349 switch deal. I got it in the Amazon cart in time then decided to pass on it cause of bills due and money already spent, even though I could afford both, I figured I could spread it out get it in the next sale. Then Covid happened and I didn't see any switch with mario kart bundle near $350 again until now, a full 12mths later.

    TL;DR - do whatever feels right for you.

    • Same, I was actually trying to sing up for Zip pay, and have it in cart. It expired just after I registered :-S
      But the next day there was a flash 12% cashback from shopback, so I calculated it and it was just about the same so I pulled the trigger.

      Not much of a gamer guy, so I was just planning to use it for exercise like Ring fit or just dance since I gained 10kg during quarantine lol.

      And I was thinking bout that too. Nintendo stuff seems cheap, but if you need to buy all the accessories it bloated right away.

      • Bought the ring fit for the gf as she was keen on it (don't really need to loose weight tho)
        She used it once and never touched it again. So better sell everything and just go for daily walk/weekly run, instead investing more on the Switch, especially if you're not a gamer.

  • I am now careful with buying that things can be returned, such as using Paypal returns, often because of buying online you cant see it. I am about to return some jewellery and I havent even opened the Big W things yet/

  • Buy low and sell high. Make sure you get paid in cash.

  • Trying to sell it is too much of a hassle, but you could try if you think you'll make a profit. people would want a substantial discount for the risk of not buying through a retailer so your profit might be minimal my guess. But you could get lucky

    Why don't you just return one and keep the other (instead of keeping all or returning all). Sometimes seeing a bargain too good to refuse is good enough reason to splerge a little (if you can afford it)

  • When you score a good bargain, you can sell for more on Gumtree than returning the item. I've done it with several items. The most memorable one was when I jumped on some Xbox deal 2 years ago. After a few days of playing games on brand-new Xbox, I've realized this is massive time-sink. I sold now used Xbox for more than I bought it for. I literally couldn't sell it for less than I paid. The price looked too cheap that I had no takers until I raised the price. Mind-boggling.

  • sell on gumtree.

  • Selling on gumtree/fb market is not worth the effort tbh. I used to buy electronic on eBay and resell on FB market, yielding around 50%-100%. Only worth it if you have high volume. You get all the weirdos + with covid19 it's not as easy anymore.
    Just return/get a refund

  • I wanted those items but I don't need them.
    … I'm not in a dire financial situation or something. I can afford this…

    Don't need the items and don't need the money?
    Donate it … to me… and you won't have to think about it anymore!

    • Sorry I worded that wrong but total loss is out of question haha :P

      • well.. I wouldn't really call donating it a "total loss". There's that "feel good" factor you get from making a donation! Plus you can show off how generous you are to your friends… :p~

  • sell them.

    learn from this.

    move on.

  • I wanted those items but I don't need them

    You probably don't need the money then.

    Stop waiting other people's time returning it. Try to sell it.

    Then work on yourself and figuring out what you really need and stop waiting resources (cost associated to shipping etc).

  • I tend to lean on the side of caution when buying great deals without mulling over it.

    It has cost me a lot of great deals. Eg Bunnings Mavic and Bose speakers on triple stack coupons, but overall I think I made the right decision more times to not go ahead than buy.

  • Obviously not attempting Lean FIRE

    • I was convince that I'd be able to sell them back, haha but who I am kidding, I'm not a sales man :P And I realized that after I got the invoices :P