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[VIC] Free Parking in City of Melbourne CBD Parking Spaces, 1 Dec 20 to 3 Jan 21


Conditions of use
This voucher applies to the City of Melbourne municipality only.

The voucher is for parking free of charge in green signed areas only, from 1 December 2020 until 3 January 2021.

It is not valid in red signed areas or disability bays.

All other parking restrictions apply and will be enforced, including time limits, clearways and no standing zones. Please take note of the time limit shown on the parking sign and adhere to it.

Full website details: https://www.melbourne.vic.gov.au/parking-and-transport/parki...

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City of Melbourne
City of Melbourne

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    Please take note of the time limit shown on the parking sign and adhere to it.

    So for pretty much all parking spots in the CBD, this equates to 1 hour free parking

    • +1

      Where does it say 1 hour? There are plenty of 2, 4 hour parking across CBD afaik.

      • +8

        Plenty? Cool story bro.

        Parkville, West Melbourne, East Melbourne, Southbank don’t count

      • +4

        Where does it say 1 hour?

        Sorry, I meant ½ hour….

        • +18

          Technically you are right. Majority of the CBD is 1 hour parking. But you end up spending 1/2 hour deciphering the signage, which leaves you with 1/2 hour left of parking time.

          • +3

            @Ebaygiftcards: And of the remaining half hour you'd spend most of it walking to and from wherever you were intending to go in the first place because the parking spot you finally found is halfway across the CBD from it.

    • +8

      There are actual street parking spots still in existence in the Melbourne CBD? I thought they had all been blocked for construction, or removed and turned into loading zones, pedestrian-only zones, tram superstops, taxi zones or bike lanes?

      Well, except for about 3 of them.

      IMHO the free parking in the city is a complete farce because of the very limited number of actual on-street parking spots, relative to the number of people who typically travel into the city.

      The reality is that driving into the city for leisure/shopping just isn't practical any more. If you were using exclusively street-parking, you'd almost certainly spend more time looking for a parking spot than doing whatever activity you are actually there for. Most of the time you'd just give up and park at one of the overpriced commercial parking structures. There aren't really any retailers remaining in the city where there isn't a better, more convenient option out in the suburbs where parking is less of a hassle.

      I travel into the city on a semi-regular basis to do client visits and it's not worth my time trying to get on-street parking. Even during the height of the lockdown, when vehicular traffic through the city was at its lowest, there weren't many parking spots that remained free for more than a few minutes at a time.

      • +1

        There’s more parking at my local shopping centre than there are on-street parking in the cbd.

      • +1

        Worse!! If you haven't driven thru city in recent 2-3wks, quite a few street spots have now been taken up by alfresco dining corrals 8(

      • Street parking should be hard to find in a CBD, otherwise it's a waste of space.

    • +3

      No voucher = pay the meter

      • +7

        They are discriminating against people who don't have access to printers…

        • +2

          yeah but at least not just against color printers, says voucher doesn't have to be printed in color

          • @monkeyfood:

            says voucher doesn't have to be printed in coloUr

            Where does it say that?

            It is also discriminates against people who drive cars that don't have passenger seats !!!

            • +1

              @jv: It sayeing it oveur hire in the wepsite

              ​The voucher is designed to print at half the size of a normal sheet of copy paper (A4), but it doesn’t matter if it prints bigger or smaller, as long as it’s displayed clearly on the passenger side dashboard of your vehicle. It does not need to be printed in colour.

  • +15

    I think this is a good idea - but why not just advertise this as free parking across the CBD (with the hourly restrictions in effect) on TV/Radio? Having people print this off and throw away after single use is a bit wasteful and not really 'green'.

    • +2

      There's no limits mentioned, so you could reuse up until expiry.

    • +9

      I don’t have a printer. Will I need to leave my phone on my dashboard?

      • +7

        Make sure you stock up on phone and windshield cause you window will keep getting smashed

      • +3

        Print it off at Officeworks for 10c.

    • +2

      I think this is because they don't want the uptake to be 100% so the govt still gets to make some money. Alot of ppl won't know about this and alot wouldn't care enough to go to Officeworks and get it printed.

  • +5

    Do people still go into CBDs in this post COVID world?

    • +12

      Yes, a lot of people

      • Ah, I'm so sorry

    • Why wouldn't they?

  • +3

    Thanks for sharing. Good to know it's free! However I expect parking will be more packed than usual as a result!

  • +7

    Should make public transport free instead

    • +3

      they shouldn't be encouraging people to cram onto public transport

      • -5

        Why not?

        • +1

          Agreed. Since we've effectively eliminated the virus in Melbourne / Victoria, what's the problem?

          • @MIKEPICKARD:

            what's the problem?

            There shouldn't be one.

            Dan says he's solved all the issues with hotel quarantine so the virus can't escape again.

    • Trams already is in the city.

      • +3

        I mean public transport from the suburbs into the city should be free.

        This would encourage way more people to come to the city than the very limited parking available

        • -1

          I mean public transport from the suburbs into the city should be free.

          Why ?

      • +2

        Melbourne free tram aka please buy a apartment at landlease docklands.
        Woeful for tourists.

        • +3

          Tourist? What tourist? Haven’t seen a tourist here in ages.

  • So basically the difference by showing the voucher is…. keep the money in your pocket.

  • +1

    How do we know which one is green and which one is red?

    • +6

      I believe the Red ones are the usual signs like "no parking, no standing" etc.

    • +6

      Sorry but are you colour blind?

      • -1

        That's not really what colour blindness is.

    • +2

      which one is green and which one is red?

      Here you go…

  • +26

    I have no need to go to the CBD
    but since I hate missing bargains I shall drive the 90min it takes me to get there, and park for one hour
    then I shall drive back for another 90 minutes

    along the way and back I shall also enjoy free parking on the Monash Freeway
    my month of December sorted :)

    • +4

      I guess add 60 more minutes to your travel time looking for parking spot..

    • +1

      You also won't miss the experience of driving with the Christmas shopping crowd for 180 minutes, oh what fun!

  • +6

    It has been the case since covid started. The "voucher" is new but payment for parking has been optional (not enforced).

    • Huh I live in the CBD and didn't even know about this 🤦‍♂️

    • OK so the voucher is not even needed?

  • +7

    All the tradies already occupy majority of these so called free parking. I could hardly find a spot unless I went out past Rmit and vic market. So much road work and construction everywhere, why would there be any need to go to city unless u had to go in for work?

    • -2

      Maybe they should have though a little and made it 2-3 hrs free parking . So they support the retail there with a decent amount of time for shoppers and turnover of car parking spots .

    • +4

      My experience as well, all the free car spots in the CBD are taken up up tradies

  • Why is there red border and blue border lines on the map? So its free parking in the blue border but not in the red? whats the point of having the red border at all then

  • +1

    Hi, is Parkville, Carlton, South Yarra and East&West Melbourne all considered Municipality area?

    • Yea, map is confusing, I’m unsure, I’d safely say cbd and no further.

      • I noticed with the map everything within the Red and Blue lines has more detail on the streets, everything outside is kind of greyed down. Looks like southbank etc is within the more detailed area on the map

    • +1

      Yes. Anything within the red line on the map is within the City of Melbourne.

      The blue lines are just suburbs.

  • +2

    It seems the page has been ozbargained!

  • Site not working for me.

  • +1
    • Thank you.
      Does size matter? A4 or A5?

      • I wouldn't think so. It would be pretty dog to book you on paper size.
        edit: website FAQ says it's meant to be A5 but paper size doesn't matter

      • Does size matter?

        I'll ask my wife…

      • +2

        Does size matter?

        She said if it can easily be seen, it is fine…

  • +3

    After every CBD trip, I feel like Homer returning from New York https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWSc_jwJ1OQ

  • +1

    never have I ever…drove to CBD and got a free parking spot…

    • -1

      Never have I ever voted for Sally Capp

  • +1

    No paper no free parking? That’s a bit harsh

  • +6

    Why is a voucher suddenly needed when it’s been free parking for months? Waste of paper and ink in my opinion. Just disable the meters and ticket machines and put up signs saying free parking.

    • giving with 1 hand and taking with the other I guess (for the people that still will put coins in meter)

  • +1

    They need to pay me for the hassle to drive to CBD.

  • are parking spots outside the qvm included in this ?

    • +1

      As long as it's within the map boundary, has green parking signs and is not a disabled spot, it's free with the voucher.

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