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Asko Dishwasher Sale - DBI253IB.BS $1599 (Inc Del. + Bonus Extended Warranty) + More @ The Good Guys (and Others)


I have been waiting for dishwasher deals in the $1k-1.2k range for a few months now. Finally decided I was happy with the LG units until I saw a bunch of negative reviews on the medium-long term reliability of their dishwasher range (I am very happy with them for most other appliances), and decided to just go premium.

These ASKO units in my experience dry better than Bosch, without having to use Rinse-aid (it has a 'turbo-fan' system). 2 people in my immediate family have had ASKO dishwashers for the past 7 years and not had any issues, so we are very happy with them.

ASKO are a bit different from normal products as stores do not hold stock - they use a special ordering portal to place an order for you directly with ASKO. This means you can't use gift cards as payment is processed directly with ASKO!!!

This also means that pricing is generally dictated by ASKO and they rarely go on sale. Right now they are offering $300 off plus a free extended warranty that normally costs $199. That's $499 off a range that is rarely discounted. As of yesterday afternoon they even had stock ready for delivery!

I have linked The Good Guys, but pricing should be the same at most stores. Just chose the store / salesperson you want to support.

Please note, on JB website they were trying to charge for delivery. As stock comes direct from ASKO, price should be inclusive of basic delivery. Shop around if they want to charge you!

If you are buying from Good Guys on the south side of Brisbane (Loganholme) I can put you in touch with a very helpful salesperson that I ordered mine from yesterday (not affiliated).

Sale price-list;

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  • with ASKO dishwashers, extended warranty is highly recommened as my ASKO dishwasher died 3 times during the 3 yr warranty period.

    All due to a fried control board, hopefully they have upgraded the part by now.

    Everything else works till today

    • That's certainly disappointing to hear. As I said, I know of two machines and they have been absolutely faultless for 7 years and counting. But everybody's mileage may differ.

  • Might be worth looking at the XL version for the same price.

  • We have an ASKO, 7 years on & it works like new. At work we have a Bosch, feels flimsy in comparison. These are expensive but you get a truly high-quality appliance in return, its not just 'buying a brand'.

  • Might be worth knowing you are essentially purchasing Hisense post 2018.


    Was interested in their stuff but this plus some bad reviews put me off.

  • For better deals, check out their online clearance centre
    Free Metro delivery

    Not really sure on the quality of Asko since they were bought out by Hisense…

    • Yeah I've seen the clearance centres before but unfortunately they don't service my area. Good to point out for people in Melbourne and Sydney though!

      I must admit I wasn't aware of the buy-out, but the units in store still very much appear to be of the same material quality of the existing premium products, and friends who work in retail stores still recommended them to me.

      That article is definitely very emotionally charged with most scathing comments coming from disgruntled former employees, but it will be interesting to see how the changes go long-term.

      It is worth nothing that many premium brands like Land Rover (Range Rover) and Jaguar for example in the automotive world get bought by cheap Chinese / Indian etc manufacturers, but are still run as independent companies maintaining their existing premium product and market share. In fact, in this automotive example these brands improved significantly with that change of ownership (although they are still charismatic but problematic British brands at heart!). Many companies also get bought for the badge only and the pedigree ruined, but we will have to see.

  • I wouldn't touch anything Asko now.

    I had an Asko washing machine, bought after manufacturing was moved from Sweden to Slovenia, but before I knew that it had happened. The control board needed replacing, the detergent drawer would leak and the front rusted as a result with a bunch of enamel coming off.

    Have a Bosch now.

  • Same….I previously had an Asko washing machine as I loved the fact it had a simple door seal over a gasket. But the control board died after 6 years and even before that it would only heat the water half the time.

    Had a Samsung front loader that's been miles better and only cost $550 at the time.

    Never again will I touch Asko products. Expensive junk.

  • Have an Asko which came with the house. Machine hasn’t skipped a beat in my time (4.5 years). Definitely should be 10+ years old. I had one issue where it stopped working. Did basic troubleshooting didn’t work. Had the mechanic in to check everything but the fault was ours - it was a bloody star aniseed which was stuck and stopped the water pump ! It’s pricey but worth it if the quality is the same. I did read about the production line moving out of Sweden etc. so not sure of the quality now. It’s like many other brands which has changed ownership - other Swedish brand is Volvo which is owned by Chinese now. Sweden is an interesting country which makes or used to make some reliable and quality stuff.

    • Yeah Volvo are a great example of product actually improving under Chinese ownership. The latest models are fantastic (if that is your thing).