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[XB1] Burnout Paradise Remastered - $7.48 (was $29.95) - Microsoft Store


This fantastic racing game is on sale again - a must buy if you like racing games.
This is the remastered version and it shows, too.


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  • Bought this when it was this price like 2 years ago… yeah, still haven’t installed it. Pile of a Shame hall of famer this one.

    • One of us! One of us!

      I'm going to add sooooo many things to my backlog before the black friday deals are over.

  • It’s an awesome game for non-gamers / occasional gamers like myself. Highly recommended.

  • It's ok, still waiting for Revenge to get remastered though.. 😢

    • this is on backwards compatibility and runs pretty great on One X and series X.

      the real game to HD remaster is Burnout 3: Takedown though.

      edit: NFS Hot Pursuit remastered is a criterion developed game (the burnout dev team) and feels very similar to burnout paradise. theres no circuit races but all the hallmarks of burnout gameplay is there - gold/silver/bronze medals, 'demo' events of super cars you unlock later, razor-thin margins of error for some of the events, nice sweeping corners that make you feel like a god for drifting around…

      There is also Dangerous Driving which is actually made by Alex Ward (the original head of Criterion when Burnout series was made) under a new studio but it feels very unfinished. its very close to old school burnout games though.

  • I have Revenge, this is much more fun. Just going for a drive is fun, it's open-world.