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CELESTRON Upclose G2 10x50 Binoculars $41.91 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Seems like a decent bargain for some OK binoculars.

More words for 10 words.

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  • Hahaha love the additional words

    • I haven't finished my morning tea yet. It's the best I could muster lol

  • is this worth getting?

    • Depends on your use case?

      • Perving

      • bird watching?

        • If think the celestron 8x42 that were on ozbargain a week or two back would be better value. A fair bit better without being expensive. These would work well as a basic pair but get something a touch better for birding.

    • short answer is YES.

  • +1

    Any good for looking through windows?

    • -1


    • -1

      Are you going to make a similar comment every time an optics deal is posted?

      • -1


      • Yes, until someone answers my question.

  • Will this work ok for watching matches ?

    • no, only for lighters

    • Yes, designed for up close watching such as sports.

  • I would choose 7x50 instead for bigger field of view and better stability when viewing but they do cost a bit more than these so overall decent price at entry level.

  • 10x50 is my go-to size for binoculars.Go for it…

  • Not the best review, for astronomy anyway.

    Might be better for other uses though distortion and fringing are never good.

    You might be happier with the Cometron for astronomical use, though the magnification is lower (but the upside of that is they're easier to hold steady).

    • It's less than 3 times the price of the ones with the 70mm objective lenses, and the slight increase in brightness going to 7x from 10x could be weighted just as heavily as wanting things to be to be larger. If it's for astronomy, why not just get an actual telescope?

      From what I've read 10x is pretty easy to handhold. I just wanted some for general use with decent zoom that's easy to hand hold and less than $50.

      • +1

        10x isn't terrible. It's about the limit though. Resting your elbows on something helps too. Even better if you get an L-adapter and stick it on a tripod…then you can go higher mag.

        Binocs and telescopes aren't the same thing though. You're field of view through a scope is much narrower. An actual telescope is a lot larger and a lot more work, for anything decent. You can get something with a tiny aperture to tool around with but in the end the quality will be horrid and like a bad musical instrument it will put you off. If you want to learn the sky, the wide view of the binocs is great. And you're going to see things you can't fit in the view of a scope. Plus you can throw them in your bag or in your luggage when you travel without having to worry too much about space, weight and losing big $$$ if they break.

        If you are looking for a scope and just want to do visual astronomy an 8" Dobsonian is the way to go in my opinion. You're looking at around $650-$700 for a basic unit and it takes up quite a bit of room. if you want to take long exposure photos a Dob isn't the way to go and you're going to get into the big bucks quickly. It is definitely worth doing but you must understand what you're getting into, including the fact that you're not going to see all the colour and detail you see in the astro magazines and on cheap telescope boxes. I don't want to put anyone off. It's an amazing hobby. But I'd recommend you go to a club once this Covid stuff has passed and take a look through some of the member's gear so you know what you're getting into.

        If this is pair of binocs your entry into Astronomy, go for it. It's better than not getting in. Just don't give up if your pair isn't collimated. Exchange them.

        i already have the Cometron 7x50 so I bought a pair of these to compare for myself. I love the Cometron though so if you're only going to get 1 pair I'd go with those (at almost double the price at the moment).

        • Just bought a Cometron 7x50, there on amazon for $62.56 delivered so not quite double the price but still worth the extra $20 over these at least for astronomy viewing.

          • @danielm88: Prices varies as you often have to get them from the US directly.

            I can't speak for you but I certainly enjoy them and hope you do. If yours have issues with collimation (double images because the barrels aren't aligned), don't put up with it. It's the one negative I've seen about them - sometimes they don't come aligned properly. Also check out a good planetarium program if you're going to use them for astronomy. Stellarium is free.

        • Yeah they are some fair points. I don't intend to use them for astronomy only, mostly just being a creep from my balcony lol. I was considering a telescope too but I already have a 50x zoom camera which is kind of like a telescope.

          I received mine and I'm pretty blown away at how good they are for $40. There is some slight softness in the corners and chromatic abberations in the corners too on high contrast areas, but the collimation seems OK (not perfect) and the image is super bright, big, crisp and contrasty in the middle 70% which is what matters to me. I didn't want to spend more than $50 either. I'll be looking into seeing if I can collimate them myself as I don't want to return for a perfectly collimated set if it's not as optically good.

          Handholding too seems fine at 10x for me. I can read numberplates on cars between 100-200 meters away which I'm pretty blown away by. I get more clarity out of these at 10x than my Canon SX50 at 1200mm (35mm equivalent) which I wasn't expecting.

          It would have been nice if they had a tripod thread on them but they don't.

          • @studentl0an: Collimating on some cheap binocs can be as simple as (at your own risk) twisting a little. I think one of the reviews said these have collimation screws. Most binocs do but they're usually glued in under the rubber..

            I also happen to own an SX50. I once did a comparison between it and a DSLR and yeah they're amazing but not the sharpest. The DSLR won for detail despite the lower magnification. But still I love that little camera for how easy and compact it is. I once got a freeze frame of the ISS from hand held video that showed the outline of the shape really clearly. Take that flat earthers!

            Mine hasn't shipped yet though my Bosch screwdriver ordered at the same time has. I hope it doesn't get cancelled.

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