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[PC] Total War: Three Kingdoms $12 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


12 bux… Not the limiterd edition but cheaper than eb games and free delivery if you have prime

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Damn, that's cheap.

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    Does this require disk drive? Any work arounds if I don't have one?

    • +6

      No it doesn't. It'll come with a code that you can add to your Steam library and download from there.

      • Ok sweet then delivery should be via email and free

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          I think the store page usually specifies whether it's a digital code or not. In this case, it seems like a physical copy.

  • damn just ordered from eb

    • +1

      You can cancel it if you call up 133930

      • Good to know!!Thanks

    • same, i ordered this morning

  • whats the difference with limited edition?

    • +12

      This one is unlimited.

    • According to the box, limited edition comes with a double-sided poster featuring detailed campaign map & characters.

  • -1

    I'm so tempted. But I can't I can't I can't.

  • Thanks OP.

    I couldn't say no to the price.

    I haven't played since the very first Shogan Total War original yeeeears ago.

  • oos

  • Just checking what it didn't contain and it went out of stock :(

  • +2


  • +1

    This is a fantastic game. Best of any 3 kingdom games I've played.

  • dang just missed out, sold out atm

  • Currently unavailable :(

  • I am still playing Medieval Total War 1 despite having many of the latter games.

    I'm guessing I buy this it will end up on the pile.

    • I still play Shogun Total War, the original. Love it. Not overly complicated like the latter games.

      • I love that one too for the same reason.

        It had so few units compared to other games but it was still great.

        I only really used the peasant spears, Archers, warrior monks and heavy infantry as flanking shock troops.

        • 4 No-Dachi, 2 Cavalry archers, 2 Yari Cavalry, 1 Heavy Cavalry, 2 Musketeers. A very strong army.

          But half the time I would just become allies with other factions, create Geishas, murder the other faction leaders and inherit their land. Fun times.

  • unavailable :(

  • Awesome game. I played the campaign as Ma Teng and with Lu Bu as my main vanguard, i pretty much eat opponent troops for breakfast on the open field. Did it with max charge bonus and shock cavalry

    • +1

      With Zhao Yun and Lu Bu heading their own Unit, battles became enjoyable

  • Sometimes trying to get a deal before it sells out in Ozbargain feels like Total War

  • +4

    At this rate it will be free tomorrow! ;-)
    $36 -> $25.95 -> $12

  • Dang, we just got Total War’d. Already sold out.

  • Damn missed it, think it's out of stock now - "currently unavailable".

  • On my Amazon list for 6 months and it finally goes below $30. It's gone!

  • That was quick

  • Ooh this is great deal. Been waiting for something like this

  • +1

    why is it so cheap all of a sudden from 90 to 20 now to 12

  • -3

    I bought 10 of them and still want more.

    • CoreJava on 30/11/2020 - 12:40 -10 votes

      Troll much?

  • Damn. Got it from EBgames lol

  • https://www.fanatical.com/en/dlc/total-war-three-kingdoms-ma...
    A$8.54 from Fanatical, is this different?

    • thats dlc

  • Damn it, spewing I missed this!

    I've been waiting for a good deal for months.

    Tried my luck with CDKeys.com but key was a dud

  • +1

    Received this today - it's the limited edition.

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