Yamaha Piano Likely Discount?

I am looking for one of those self-playing pianos by Yamaha.

Does anyone know roughly what sort of discount is possible from an RRP of $30k?



  • Jeeessuss.. I had no idea pianos goes for that much.. $30k.. sheeesh.. Sorry, no contribution to the discussion here but youuchhh..

    edit: went and looked up self-playing pianos and damn, shit's magical.

  • Self playing model… maybe regular piano + learning to play is cheaper.

    • Not really if you add in the time cost and lessons fee….

      But it will be a satisfying challenge I guess… multi-year project….

      I am just too old to start this. LOL

  • Maybe just cultivate a Spotify playlist?

  • get a nice piano for a few grands and someone will be happy to come to your place and play for the rest of 30K