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[Back Order] Catmate Cat Litter 15kg $14.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


my cat's fav litter and good for the hip pocket, usually hovers around $17-20 and sometimes ads shipping.

Actually lowest for a year according to the camel https://au.camelcamelcamel.com/product/B07GH6FHXY

it's 15Kg bag so just get it delivered to your house which is why I'm posting this deal also as I don't like carrying 30 kg around

posting it here because it's free shipping and price is decent

add cashback via CR to save more

limit 5 per customer

shows temp out of stock but it let me order 5 bags anyway…covered for a while…

In typical ozbargain style I stretch it with this as it's cheaper but it's paper litter https://www.amazon.com.au/Breeders-Choice-Cat-Litter-30L/dp/... to make it last longer as this is even cheaper but I wouldn't use this as 100% solution as cat mate wood pellets also absorb the smell really well but breeder's paper litter does not have the same property as wood pellets have.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Thanks OP this is great kitty litter

  • Can vouch for this as great litter and a really good price.

  • Is it easy to transition from crystals?

    Sick of always stepping on crystals on the tiles

  • Thanks OP, fantastic price incl delivery :)

  • Better than breeder's choice?

  • pet circile doing 14.29 and free shipping over 49…


    however, I still prefer kitter as my last bag of cat mate looks dirty and came out dusty..

  • Does anyone know if this is flushable?

  • Thanks, ordered 3 bags.

  • How does it compare to clumping litter?

  • I bought 3 bags of this and 3 bags of Kitter Litter around 1 or 2 years ago. Have also previously used Oz-pet. All are wood pellets but I definitely recommend kitter litter. It is lighter in colour than the other two and has much better smell after it’s been soiled.

    I’m dreading to finish up the bag of Catmate so I can buy more Kitter. Both cost pretty much the exact same.

    15kg bag lasts around 6 months for my two big cats. Feel free to ask me any question

    • Yeah tbh I prefer Kitter to Catmate. Oz Pet has gone downhill ever since they changed formula and the pellets became much larger.

      But yeah now I just buy horse bedding wood pellets in bulk. By bulk I mean like 20 bags lol.

      • Is the horse bedding much cheaper? Link?

        • No link. I just call around stock feeders and get prices. You can check the manufacturers' websites I linked to as they have a list of stockists. As for price, cheapest I got them for was $11, normally $12 for horsemate though.

    • Where’s best price for Kitter?

      • Historical best price I found was around $11/12 for a 15kg bag. You’ll have to do your own research to find the current best price

        • That was years ago from House with 25% off sitewide stacked with when it was dropped down to $15 right? I remember ordering like 8 at the time to get free shipping too. Have never seen it that cheap since then hence why I moved onto horse bedding.

          • @CVonC: It was from My Pet Warehohse… the litters are still in their branded box lol. I think it was around $15 then I applied some coupon

  • I’ve only ever purchased clumping litter, never anything else. I suppose the wee just soaks into the wood pellets? Does it smell? How often do you have to change the whole thing?
    It would be easy for poops. But I can’t get my head around the wee part.

    • You need a sifting tray. The Kmart one is pretty good value.


    • You don't need a sifting tray if you come up with a separate way of sifting. I had one sifting tray ( a sieve insert sitting inside litter tray with a gap under to hold the broken down litter) but we have a really big cat and it didn't seem stable when he stood in the tray. And the sifting trays aren't cheap and we had several normal trays already.

      We just use regular trays filled just enough so you can't see the plastic base, maybe 1 to 2cm thick. Cleaning a poo is just scooping it out, do this first. When the cat pees, the pellets absorb the pee and break down into a fluffy pile after several minutes. If your cats don't scratch the litter all across the tray, you can use a solid container or scoop to scoop out the fluffy pile with a margin of a few good pellets. Then fill the gap with new litter.

      If there's too much mixing of pellets and broken down fluffy bits, you need to sieve it so you don't chuck out the perfectly good pellets. We use a plastic colander with holes big enough to let the fluffy bits through and leave the pellets in the colander. Trick is to find a sieve the right size. We have the colander in a small bucket so the rim rests on the bucket rim. Scoop/tip in some soiled litter, shake side to side, sometimes squish a container against the litter to break down any that haven't fully broken into bits, shake more, then tip good pellets from colander back into tray. If you put too much litter in the sieve, the broken down bits won't make it to the sieve to be sieved out. We divide one litter tray into about 3 separate sieves to get good clean pellets out.

      • I actually needed to read this. Super helpful, I appreciate it. I understand now, I didn’t realize the pellets broke down, But that makes sense now.