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8TB Seagate IronWolf ST8000VN004 NAS Hard Drive $287.20 Delivered @ Futu Online eBay


With 15% Shopback offer, price reduce to $257.20

Further $5 off if you have their $5 offer from Shopback app

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • Beware, if you sit within earshot of your NAS, do not buy these drives. They are annoyingly loud! Imagine a rock constantly rolling around in a tin can. That’s what these drives sound like. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

  • On Friday I bought 3 WD Red Plus 8TB drives for $240 each inc shipping from Amazon. I'm building a TrueNAS system with ZFS which requires Red Plus (newer iteration of SMB that plays nicely with ZFS).

    Edit: Oh and I got $30 ShopBack, sweet.

    • do you need to have a special device for true nas or just use PC?

      • can run truenas on pretty much anything, never heard anything about needing red plus drives though, i've been running regular WD Reds on Truenas for years without problems.

        • As I understand it EFRX drives are now Red plus, these were previously sold as Red drives. Then they switched out smaller capacity drives for SMR, selling SMR and CMR drives as Red. After complaints they've now split them, reintroducing CMR drives for the smaller sizes they'd previously moved to SMR to the Red Pro line. So currently Red is just 2-6TB SMR drives. Means if you previously bought a Red drive it might now be marketed as Red or Red Plus, despite at the time all being marketed as what is now Red Plus. Highly deceptive bait and switch type tactics.

          That said, I previously had SMR Red drives in a ZFS pool. Inserted using "zpool replace" without issues in ~24 hours. Once added, scrub performed in a similar time, so ZFS incompatibility I think is somewhat overblown. That said I did have 2 drives which despite passing WD datalife + badblocks would fault out during the replace process due to I assume time outs.