Rant on Telstra Customer Service

I signed up to Telstra NBN, the order somehow got attached to my old inactive account. I want the new NBN plan attached to my current active mobile service.

I tried to call but all path leads to their Telstra app to use their messaging service. This is where everything goes downhill.

Initially the messaging app ask for as much information as possible so I enter the order reference number, the email account it was wrongly attached to and the correct active email account I want it attached to. After about 30 minutes a service rep finally responds and proceeds to ask for all the information again plus all the information I entered during the sign up process. After a few messages where the time it took for each response ranges between 30-60 minutes, the rep tells me he/she will check if the order can be updated.

The rep didn't respond, so the next day I asked for an update.

The second rep responds and ask for the order number. I ask if he/she can read the chat history and get up to speed on the conversation. He tells me the system "masks" the conversation. So basically I need to make the same request and enter ALL the relevant information again. Again average response time of around 30 minutes for each message.

Several hours goes by and again I need to ask for an update. The rep responds if I want the NBN order attached to the mobile service account. At this moment I feel like I am stuck in a loop with Telstra service rep.

For some reason the service rep asks how many people uses the internet at my address to help me choose an appropriate speed. I told him I've already made the decision on what speed I would like and just need it on the same account as my mobile service. It seriously felt like each rep just wanted to create a new order.

I think by the fourth rep, I was finally able to get the rep to confirm the change to attach the NBN order to my current mobile account.

The next day I logon to Telstra to find the order still attached to the wrong account. By this stage I am fed up and just want to cancel.

I've tried again to call and say I want to make a complaint, but the pre-recorded prompter still led me to use chat and hung up automatically.

I go back to chat and repeat the request to cancel, right now it has been over 2 hours and I am still waiting for a response.

Needed to make a change to an order, forced to use the messaging app, service rep takes on average 60 minutes for each response, it took them so long to respond, each time I ask for an update the session switches to a new rep and needs to re-verify every detail. Got fed up and just want to cancel.

If anyone from Telstra is reading this, your customer messaging app service is seriously flawed. Why does it take them so long to respond to each message? For what reason do you not let your customer representative see all the chat history?

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    Telstra customer service has been horrendous for years. Ombudsman if you've be wronged, customer service is unlikely to fix the problem. Otherwise just accept the service sucks or shift. Mobile + NBN with Telstra, good products, rubbish service.


      I've always thought Telstra charges a premium for better product and service. Telstra service in my experience is the worst out of all major carriers. They must've spent all the additional money on marketing.

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        Ask anyone with Optus, same rubbish service. But I can't fault Telstra NBN / mobile. I had iiNet/Westnet ADSL for 10 years before going NBN, they had no cvc and speeds horrendous. Denied it, others in area had exact same experience. Jumped to Telstra and never had a problem since, but god forbid if have to ring them or use the chat.


        They do charge a premium for a better product, not so much noticeable in CBD areas, but incredibly noticeable if you get 20km out. Their customer service still hasn't progressed passed the 'We're a monopoly, use us or stay in the dark ages' phase though.


    File a complaint with the TIO then it's on Telstra to contact you and sort it out.


      I have asked to double check any pending or active order is cancelled. If I get billed, I'd have complain via TIO.

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    Contact the TIO and lodge a complaint. Someone in telstra's complaint resolution department will contact you by phone within a couple of days and will generally have the issue fixed that day.


      Will do if the order still gets processed and I am billed. Thanks


    That app and the 60min response time is the worst.

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      To make it worse, the following rep can't see all the previous chat history. Why have a CRM system that doesn't track every customer interaction?

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    Until the chatbot became Telstra's go-to for customer interaction, I had great experiences with Telstra customer service for years. (It was bracketed on the earlier end by the contractor who installed my Bigpond Cable in 1994, who took a look at my Macintosh LC575 and repeatedly muttered "I hate Mac" [sic], keeping his sour attitude even when it connected with no fuss and left him with a spare, unused Ethernet card.)

    Like Australia Post's heyday of speedy delivery and functional tracking, Telstra's best days seem to be behind it.


      It seems the old standard service for Australia Post is now their express service at extra cost. The economy service is a new sub-standard at the original price where packages are put on hold deliberately to differentiate from their express service.


    The online chat is good for sales, they reply almost instantly.


    Just left Telstra because of the non exsistent customer service. My new provider have been great. Funny how the biggest communication company in the country find it hard to communicate.


      Who's your new provider?


    Precisely why I moved out from Telstra to a new reseller. I had a similar experience with Optus which was good a year ago but now they are all a nightmare.


    I have always had good dealings with telstra.

    I think I know why people don’t like the company because they don’t realise they have a complaints department.

    If I ever have a similar situation where I get the run around I just file an official complaint.
    They will assign you a staff member that will handle the issue so you won’t get hand balled around.

    I quite like the app as you can send them a message and do something else till they respond.
    It’s way better than sitting on the phone waiting.

    As long as you speak to them calmly and explain what has happened they willl fix the problem.



    I've been a telstra cable customer for years, recently they urged me to move to NBN as cable internet will be shut down soon.

    The transition has been very very very bad, first I can't in touch with anyone managing the order, secondly they can't get the priceing on the plan right, seems I know more about plans than the telstra sales team, I had to contact them 3 times over 1-2 month to get the correct plan and the transition starting.

    In the end, they still got the plan wrong, I'm only getting 50 speed while paying for 100, and they told me thats what I signed up for, WTF, why I'm I paying more for a slower speed.

    Lodged 2 compliants, no one responded, they don't have a telephone line for compliant anymore.

    I'm furious at Telstra right now, will be chatting with Vodafone.

    Has anyone had any issues transfering from Telstra NBN to Vodafone?