What Desktop Should I Buy for Microsoft Flight Sim 2020? (Budget $2500)

Hi, I am not sure if this the right place to ask this and if it's not, I apologise in advance.

To be honest I don't have much knowledge with computers and I am confused what I should buy. I am looking for a new gaming desktop to run the new Microsoft Flight Sim 2020 and they recommend the below specs. I want a desktop that is in between the two options and was suggested Asus ROG Strix GA15 Gaming Desktop (512GB) but not sure if that is the right one or what suggestions you might have.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Ryzen 5 1500X / Intel i5-8400
GPU: Radeon RX 590 / NVIDIA GTX 970
RAM: 16 GB
HDD: 150 GB
Bandwidth: 20 Mbps

Microsoft Flight Simulator Ideal System Requirements
OS: Windows 10
CPU: Ryzen 7 Pro 2700X / Intel i7-9800X
GPU: Radeon VII / NVIDIA RTX 2080
RAM: 32 GB
Bandwidth: 50 Mbps

What could you recommend and also where is the best an cheapest place to purchase?




  • techfast

  • You're missing a key value that we need.

    How much are you willing to spend? Does this include Monitor, keyboard, mouse, etc? Windows?

  • I really want to spend under $2500 if possible and just the desktop and yes Windows


    • look at a techfast deal with a rtx 3070, propably your best bet.

    • You can easily blow past the Ideal system requirements.

      a Ryzen 3700X coupled with a 3070 and 32gb ram plus all other bits and pieces might total just about 2500 (if you don't go crazy ie 2tb NVME or something).

      And it would be faster than the ideal system required.

  • Ok great thanks for that, really appreciate it. And can you recommend any other PC's that would be great but cheaper to compare?

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      You could try a new Ryzen 5600X - fewer cores, but faster. Probably the same price.
      Or a 3600X - fewer cores.
      Try Intel maybe? 10700K or 10900K has been seen on special. Might eke out a bit more performance, but right now AMD ryzens are king of perf/dollar.

      Might save a few dollars doing less than ideal graphics card - RTX 2070. Might lose a few fps but should still be playable, maybe on a lower setting.

      I wouldn't stray too far from these.

  • 3080 Ti coming out in 2021

    Pair with a 5600X and some high speed ram and you are golden my boy

  • You should also consider the Dell deal for $2k, when they add additional stock tomorrow:


    Scroll towards bottom of page:

    • and do you think that the Dell would meet the specs mentioned above?

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        Yes definitely.

        Would be a good deal if you don't want to muck about building your own.

      • I would highly recommend against these dell pre-builts as they all suffer from low quality parts, poor airflow, poor cooling and proprietary connections. Pairing up a 5600x and one of the new amd or NVIDIA GPUs will give you fantastic performance. One of the new CPUs are recommended as flight Sim is very reliant on good single core performance.