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Dell XPS 8940 Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 $1999.20 (was $3999) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Black Friday continues with this Dell XPS 8940 on sale via eBay. Choice of 1 year or 3 year warranty, good configuration that has an RTX 3070. For half price, you can't go wrong! 😍


Dell XPS 8940 Plus 3 year warranty @ $2165.22 (10 Units): Go To Deal
Dell XPS 8940 Plus 1 year warranty @ $1999.20 (26 Units): Go To Deal


Colour: Black
Form Factor: Tower
Processor: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700K processor
Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
Memory: 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2933Mhz
Hard Drive: 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD
Power Supply: 500w
Warranty: 1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
Wireless: Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth 5.1
Accessories: Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 Black (English) + Wired Mouse MS116


When will item(s) be shipped?
Estimated shipping (usually sooner): between 10 December - 22 December.

What warranty do I have?
These units come with 1 year or 3 year Dell warranty respectively. If you need extended warranty, contact the seller before purchase.

Will swapping out components affect my warranty?
If your components don't cause the issue, you are still covered by Dell warranty.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • +4

    Wow Awesome deal

  • +13

    Geez that's not bad…

    • As a deal good as is, I wonder how many people had actually bought it? AD$2000, There is two days left, can't make decision if I get it now or wait for the next big thing. How reliable is this eBay shop, from my previous experience from eBay, they would ship it from overseas and take a while.

      • Well this is Dell's ebay shop so whatever time frame setup above should be about right or even sooner. There's also Techfast who have an AMD system for $300 cheaper with a 3070, not sure of their lead time but it'll be vastly easier to contact them than Dell to chase up ETA's. There's plus and minus to both. Don't feel rushed though there's always Boxing day and if your ok to wait 6 months or so there might be better GPU deals down the track.

        • I have bought one myself. Thanks!

      • +2

        I was going to build my own, but this is such a good deal I am tempted to just get it as so easy

        • Yes, For $2000 you can’t go wrong on that configuration from Dell Au. There is only two weeks waiting period to get it , in time for this Christmas. What online games could we use machine to play with?

  • +2

    Daaamn, what a deal. I wonder what cooler they're using on the 10700K, it's not mentioned anywhere that I can see on their eBay store.

  • Does this stack with the 10% off shopback?

  • Doesnt seem to be even listed on their the Dell website.

    • +8

      It's a black Friday deal via ebay, just organised. :)

      • +1

        @limaaa are you able to organise a deal for the U4919DW pretty pleaseee :D

        • +9


      • Any Dell 34" ultrawide deal coming this week ?

        • +2

          The 27th deal will have an ultra wide but bear in mind its super limited qty of 100 units, so it's first in, first served.

          • @LiMaaa: Damm. I will be keeping an eye and hopefully get in top 100. Wish it was close to 500, so deal remains active for few minutes :)

            • +1

              @EnALup: It's because it's a launch product, so really it shouldn't be on deal yet, but I figured it would please the few ultrawide fans.

          • @LiMaaa: May I ask where is the best place to monitor for when the deal is announced? Do you know what time roughly it will be announced? Thanks once again

            • @riklarkin: I believe he said to keep an eye out 4-5 hours before the deal goes live (2-3pm AEDT?) Subscribe to LiMaaa and it will pop up when he posts the deal on Friday.

              • @micase: How do you subscribe to a user?

                • +2

                  @myfeetarehappy: You click their name. Then their profile picture. Now you're on their ozb profile. You then click the subscribe button and you will be notified when they post a deal. Keep in mind this just gives you a notification via the bell icon. Make sure to check ozb daily to make sure you don't miss it.

            • +3

              @riklarkin: You can subscribe to my ozb profile, visit my profile and click the subscribe button. It will be posted 6pm Aest / 7pm aedt, but I'll make sure to post it hours earlier so everyone has notice.

  • +6

    Nuh bed

    • +7

      good soize

  • +1

    WOW…..this is not my batman glass

  • +6

    Is this a good deal compared to Techfast deals given there's no mention of the brand for the ssd/hdd, ram and cooler?

    CPU and GPU makes up 3/4 of the price already plus comes with Dell's reliability/quality so genuinely interested if this is a good deal or an awesome deal.

    • Depends on the fan and PSU, I think.

    • +15

      You get Dell’s warranty, they will make sure the parts work well together. If you don’t plan to further increase power usage by doing some more massive upgrades, it is an awesome deal.

      • +4

        pretty much this, as long as you don't want to upgrade too much in the future you will be good. mostly because dell will use proprietary parts and connections in their builds.

    • techfast

    • Toshiba is their OEM hard drive/SSD.

    • JD Micron (they produce Crucial Ballistix) is Dell's OEM memory manufacturer.

  • +9

    Can confirm this is a great system. I got basically the same deal last year for the last iteration (Dell XPS 8930 Desktop 9th Gen Core i7-9700 16GB RAM 512GB SSD RTX2060). It’s been put through its paces and it’s a solid work horse. Couldn’t be happier with it.

    • +1

      How many HHD bay does it support?

      • I'd also like to know how much space is in the case and how many sata ports on the motherboard.

      • I think there are three available on my system, but that may not be the case for the latest.

  • +1

    Hi op, please put up another 3080 Black Friday dell :)

  • +6

    AND A CD-ROM Drive, this changes everything!

    • +17

      You mean cup holder

    • +12

      Only had floppy drives on hand, sorry xD

  • +2

    very competitive pricing.. my only concern is the proprietary powersupply and connectors :(

    • +2

      i actually think they've moved to a 12v only power supply .. i saw it somewhere like linus techtips … so no chance of getting aftermarket

    • Confirmed psu is 500w, Dell has informed me they tested the configuration for gaming. Otherwise you always have Dell warranty, it's pretty solid.

      • +2

        That's word for word the same response you gave to someone earlier without actually answering the question. I'm also curious what type of PSU it runs, also now curious how you're associated with Dell.

        • +2

          Yes, I reiterated the same response to similar questions regarding the psu as that is the current information I have on hand.

          To peak your curiosity, I'm associated to Dell through my association with LiMaaa.

      • Is a 500W PSU enough for a 3070 card? I see sites recommending that you should have at least 550W.

  • -2

    whats the price of 3070? i thought this has 3080.

    • +5

      You're looking at $1000+ for a 3070.

    • +11

      anything between $890 (maybe lower if you are lucky) to over 1k

      Note: you have next to no chance of buying one until id say next year some time…

  • +3

    Not bad at all! I still think a techfast deal is better since it won't have a custom PSU/motherboard and more upgradeable.
    But with the warranty etc it's a decent deal for set and forget

    • Techfast is several hunder dollars more for an equivalent config with a 1 tb ssd, 2 tb hdd and a 10700k.

      • At least you can upgrade it into he future as opposed to this.

        Will be the deal-breaker for most people

        • I already have a case and a psu from my old computer, so all I'd need is a mobo (maybe, only if the screw holes don't line up) which is less than the difference in price between this and the upgraded techfast.

  • +1

    Worth upgrade from 3700X + Vega 64?

    • +6

      no, just upgrade the gpu

      • OK, I will wait for a sale on RTX 3070 or 3080.

        • +1

          you will have plenty of time to save money to get one haha (or an AMD 6000 series) lol

          • @scud70: Yeah :-(
            The AMD 6000 is only about 10-15% faster than 3700X ?

            • @congo: sorry i was referring to the GPU's (6800 and 6800XT).. your CPU is fine for a long while :)

            • @congo: Wot?

      • +8

        I would. Would be able to game freely anything I want, modability to my textures / single player games to suit my needs, as well as the pc freedom to do other tasks like 3d rendering, photoshop, digital art which the xbox can not in any capacity support, and I'm free to resell and upgrade as I go. :)

        • Hi LiMaaa deal on alienware 240hz HFL model please below $400 for black friday?

  • how much would this cost if building yourself?

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