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Dell XPS 8940 Desktop 10th Gen i7-10700k 16GB RAM 1TB SSD NVIDIA RTX 3070 $1999.20 (was $3999) Delivered @ Dell eBay


Black Friday continues with this Dell XPS 8940 on sale via eBay. Choice of 1 year or 3 year warranty, good configuration that has an RTX 3070. For half price, you can't go wrong! 😍


Dell XPS 8940 Plus 3 year warranty @ $2165.22 (10 Units): Go To Deal
Dell XPS 8940 Plus 1 year warranty @ $1999.20 (26 Units): Go To Deal


Colour: Black
Form Factor: Tower
Processor: 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-10700K processor
Operating System: Windows 10 Home (64 bit) English
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070
Memory: 16GB, 2x8GB, DDR4, 2933Mhz
Hard Drive: 1TB SSD + 2TB HDD
Power Supply: 500w
Warranty: 1Yr Ltd Hardware Warranty InHome Service after Remote Diagnosis
Wireless: Killer™ Wi-Fi 6 AX1650i (2x2) 802.11ax Wireless and Bluetooth 5.1
Accessories: Dell Wired Keyboard KB216 Black (English) + Wired Mouse MS116


When will item(s) be shipped?
Estimated shipping (usually sooner): between 10 December - 22 December.

What warranty do I have?
These units come with 1 year or 3 year Dell warranty respectively. If you need extended warranty, contact the seller before purchase.

Will swapping out components affect my warranty?
If your components don't cause the issue, you are still covered by Dell warranty.

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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            • @ln28909:

              1. Those CPUs are not equivalent, i7-10700k will likely perform slightly better.
              2. Good luck buying a 3070 FE new for $900 ever again.
              3. You're missing a HDD.
              • @Schmiddler: Okay maybe $2000 is a bit too close, $2100 is probably more realistic, still need a case as well, the 3070 is any random 3070, was $900 yesterday

                • @ln28909: I think you've got it pretty close other than the missing case and HDD, and change in CPU, but once you factor in the building cost, warranty, etc. this deal is pretty solid.

                  I was just looking around for 3070s earlier and the majority of pre-order/in stock (rare) are all $1k+.


                @Schmiddler: The 5600x is slightly better and with the faster memory it will outperform the Dell.

              • @Schmiddler: In what exactly will it perform better? Gaming wise it's on par with 10900k so not sure where Intel is slightly better? OC? Even extra threads are negated by the ipc difference in many scenarios.

              • @Schmiddler: Also you have to factor in genuine windows 10 key.

            • @ln28909: That's not the same PC parts, and you're missing quite a few things that are listed in the specs, and good luck getting that RTX 3070 Founders Edition. You can't build the PC above for $2000 because there's no way you'll get the prices that Dell gets for the parts as a consumer right now. If you can wait a few months and buy the parts 1 by 1 on super specials, yeah sure, you can do it. Then you have to put it together yourself too, and buy a Windows 10 key from eBay.

              I'm not buying this Dell PC for myself, as I like to build with better parts. But at $2000 right now, with a 15 days estimated delivery time. This is an absolute bargain for what they're offering. As long as the PSU is 700W+, which they haven't answered yet.

              • @Fyrelor: Founder Edition was just there as an example of a 3070, 3070 have been $900 or less two times now

                Could also get a lower latency RAM for a similar price within the past 10 days

                All the other parts are not on special and with Black Friday coming up, you never know

                And yes $2000 maybe a bit hard, $2100 is more realistic

                Also fairly sure, the PSU is 500W

                • +2 votes

                  @ln28909: Confirmed psu is 500w, Dell has informed me they tested the configuration for gaming. Otherwise you always have Dell warranty, it's pretty solid.

              • @Fyrelor: ah ha I was right, it's below 600W, see the rep PCPP list https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/vkQ9K3

              • @Fyrelor: PSU is 500w.
                Chipset is H470 :(

                They'll probably be all custom layouts… Dell aren't the best for these, but they do at least test the integration.

            • @ln28909: Good luck finding a 3070 FE, let alone buying one for $900.

            • +3 votes

              @ln28909: I giggled. Not even a comparative part picked build.

              • @LiMaaa: most people would agree, since we're looking at about 10-15% better at gaming I think

                also the PSU is 500W here right?

                • +5 votes

                  @ln28909: To determine the value of this system, you should part pick the same parts where possible or closest options and determine if this is a good deal, not amd and then shout (amd more performance vs price > Intel). Imo. ^^

                  • @LiMaaa: How come no one answer the psu question yet?

                    And from the ozbargain perspective you should compare performance and try to find matching value parts instead of matching parts to parts since most of the time, oem parts choice are not great

                    For example, no one in their right mind would go and buy this cpu at $500 atm


                      @ln28909: 500w psu.

                      • @LiMaaa: I was right, your welcome guys, I just save you from making a misinformed decision

                        You have to add that to the post description


                          @ln28909: I believe op is helping people make informed decisions by getting information requested and providing as soon as it's available, but sure. Haha.

                          • @LiMaaa: tbf, that's a lack of due diligence there, should have verified it before posting, as that component is particularly important to the system

                            • +4 votes

                              @ln28909: I don't think so, op doesn't work for Dell, why does he need to do anything? He brought you a good deal, when people ask, he provides the best info he can. If you're expecting more from someone not employed, you should do it yourself. Nothing stops you from sitting on chat support all day and finding out the info you want. :)

                              • @LiMaaa: Well he marked himself as associated, so seems fair to say that he has access to Dell support much easier than your average joe

                                • +1 vote

                                  @ln28909: FYI, you can be marked associated if you simply have friends / family that work at Dell or are associated themselves with Dell but not necessarily employed there.

                                  • @LiMaaa: Imo, once you marked yourself associated, you in some way represents that company.

                                    If this information was made available sooner, I guarantee that it wouldn't reach this amount of upvotes, but now, its the herd mentality lol, so I'm expecting many people to regret this purchase decision in the long run especially if they decide to sell it later on to upgrade, nobody is gonna touch it

                                    • +2 votes

                                      @ln28909: You're wrong. You could have a cousin/friend that got a press release product from Dell years ago and have no connections internally and you'd still be required to mark associated as per ozb guidelines. I believe the whole purpose of store rep tag is to signify you represent the company.

                                      If you don't like the deal, you're not obliged to be here. :)

                                      • @LiMaaa: At the end of the day, it doesn't really matter to how you make the mistake, but a mistake was made (at least imo) that over inflated this deal.

                                        Don't get me wrong, I still upvoted this deal even knowing it has a 500W PSU as if I were to recommend someone a prebuilt, I much prefer dell than someone from techfast as Dell warranty is good

                                        But I upvoted the deal knowing the limitations of the deal while many other wouldn't and would have made a different decision otw

                                        • +4 votes

                                          @ln28909: A mistake would be stating it has a higher watt psu when it doesn't, that didn't happen. Just because something didn't have specific information you think is beneficial (which I agree it is), doesn't mean a mistake was made. I could almost guarantee you even if psu was listed the up votes would continue, because… It's a really good deal regardless. Your opinion is not fact, it's simply your opinion, so try share it as such. Have a good day. ^^

                                          • @LiMaaa: Well its pretty easy to test that theory, make a bold statement of it in the description and you'll see what people say

                                            Posting on here is like giving out financial advice(sort of) people expected you to do some decent research beforehand so whether intentional or not, something wrong has occurred that wasn't clarify quickly enough

                                            So the entire fault is not on op but also on me and other here as well, maybe I should have neg the deal to signal this limitation instead of upvoting it when i know it was there

                                            • +1 vote

                                              @ln28909: That is entirely your opinion.

                                              No one is at fault. People asked for psu specs, they received it and it was added to OP. To neg a deal because it didn't specify the information you think it should, when you think it should, would just be a breach of the rules anyway. A neg would require incorrect info to be specified in OP, which it wasn't.

                                              Perhaps dm me if you'd like to continue discussion, so we don't derail op's post.

                                              • @LiMaaa: You're focusing too much on the how, the thing that matters is the what

                                                And negging the deal for having 500W PSU is entirely valid since it is significantly below the recommended 750W by Nvidia and thereby fall into the category of negging due to something of concern with the product or "issue with the product" to be exact

                                                • +2 votes

                                                  @ln28909: You are incorrect. This system has been tested and is fully functional as is, which would invalidate a neg vote based on issues with the product. Its entirely possible that the product uses oem/altered components that draw less power and therefore aren't bound to nvidia recommendations. On top of that, Dell 1 year warranty should squash any concerns users may have as they will surely rectify any issue with their products.

                                                  • +1 vote

                                                    @KeRRR: Thank you. This ^

                                                  • @KeRRR: I have previously owned an XPS 15 in the past, and as good as it looks, it is a terrible product lol, pretty much an oven, and I pretty much had the laptop replace twice during the 1 year period and I had to cough out some extra cash to add extended warranty due to how unreliable it is.

                                                    Or take the XPS 15 2020 release for example, there was so many QC issues with them from clicky trackpad to screen issues. You can say that precautions have been taken in the development, but no way guaranteeing a faultless product.

                                                    Now, say this product has been altered to draw less power, that generally means that the product won't perform as well as other similar 3070 due to being power limited, so that is also another source of concern that you have brought up

                          • @LiMaaa: Is it possible to add more RAM?
                            Also if I want to add an internal HDD later on, will this be possible?


                  @ln28909: Confirmed psu is 500w, Dell has informed me they tested the configuration for gaming. Otherwise you always have Dell warranty, it's pretty solid.

                  • @KeRRR: Please add it to the description, I think it should be sufficient for most people since they don't overclock, but this would pose as a red flag in them making the purchasing decision so it would be helpful to have

            • @ln28909: Missing Windows.

            • @ln28909: Add OS and case?

              • @bondiben: Yes probably shouldve mentioned it in the same comment, you're looking at around $2100 for parts on something that should be a little bit better in gaming and higher resale value

            • @ln28909: Nice homework!

            • @ln28909: 3070 aint gonna be $900 lmao

      • Don’t know why you got neg. $3000+ is about right and self assemble plus bloody no warranty on the whole thing. This Dell is well worth it.

  • I'm curious, how does a 3070 and a 10700k run on a 500W PSU?

  • +3 votes

    you got to be {profanity} kidding me; what a deal, Dell boys (or girls)! maybe the latter

  • Reddit postings on previous model (with 2070) - seems to have/had thermal issue (again)

    It seems Dell may be struggling with heat dissipation on their laptops AND desktops?

    • I have had two dell laptops, and I tend to agree with the above. Wasn't sure if they have same issues on their PC lineup too?

  • Any Dell desktops units under $1000? thanks

  • if theres a deal for $2500 with 3080, is it going to be better?

  • would this cope with flight sim 2020??

  • Got one :)

  • The ad lists a RTX2070 Super but the listing on Ozbargain suggests it comes with a 3070?


      It comes with an RTX 3070.

    • Probably just a poor copy and paste job from their website where they don't offer the 3000 series. If it turns up wrong just send it back since you are protected by eBay.

  • Shame you can't change the power supply. Otherwise I'd be all over this. Then take everything out and put it in a Corsair case.