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20% off @ Dell eBay (Monitors - S2721HN $188.80, S2421HN $138.40, Dell G7 17 Gaming Laptop $1888.80)


Another Dell ebay promo for you. Might be a good time to pick up a laptop for your kiddies schooling next year.

Offer Period. This offer is available from 10:00 AEDT on 17 November 2020 for a limited time only, for as long as it is advertised by eBay on the eBay.com.au website (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

Conditions. This offer entitles you to 20% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on items at the Official Dell Australia store, except for the Exclusions, with up to a maximum discount of $1000 per transaction during the Offer Period. Multiple items may be purchased in a maximum of 2 transactions per person (with up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction).

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    • what codes

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    Thanks - after the 2721D monitor but not available.

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    S2421HN on dell website for $149.24
    $138.79 after the code

    S2721H - 40% on dell then $194.74 after the code

    • Thanks for pointing this out!

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    Great deal for a 2070 (even max P) laptop. Personally gonna wait for next gen gpus on laptops. Fingers crossed mid 2021 or earlier.

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      There are just soooo many reports of this laptop overheating and performance throttling, I agree the specs look amazing on paper.

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        Yeah, I think some serious UV work in throttlestop and Afterburner is the go if you want to try and actually get the value from this architecture and spec sheet.

        I see someone was kind enough to do a tutorial in a thread and report decent results, though UV potential is a manufacturing lottery.

        Dunno if the 3000 series of mobile GPUs will be able to unlock huge gains over current gen before they get thermal throttled. I suspect they may well be power guzzlers too. Very excited to see what NVIDIA does.

        • I think we'll be seeing laptops with equivalent specs for much lower than this come Black Friday.

        • It really can make a huge difference. A mate got a very cheap rog strix III earlier in the year when current tech was inflated….

          Thin and light design with a 1070 (not max q) and one of intels 14nm 9th gen hex core cpu, sharing I think 4 heat pipes while trying to either run 1090 ultra or med-high to take advantage of the 144hz screen.

          The shared pipes meant the cpu placed lower than competing laptops with lower specs in benchmarks due to insta throttle. I've never seen an undervolt improve performance so much. Terrible design tbh.

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      Sharing my experience with this laptop rtx 2060 version: bought it on previous 20% off deal, received it like 3 days ago.
      Like everybody else, I hold my breath to see if there's any problem overheating. But so far so good, Dell does fix it somehow. BIOS version is 1.3, power mode is Balanced, factory settings, I played ABZU and Hitman on Xiaomi 34inch screen, Ultra setting at 3440x1440p, around 30min per session (can't play too long bc of headache), game looks smooth, no sudden framerate drops or anything, CPU temp hovers between 65-85deg C, GPU 55-70deg C.
      If playing in power mode Performance then CPU go up to 80-95, GPU 60-80deg C, The back metal part can get a bit hot, so balanced mode is perfect for me. The screen needs to be calibrated to get ride of yellowish tint, after calibrated it looks gorgeous, colors actually are more punchy than my new Xiaomi 34'.
      About myself: casual gamers, use the laptop for graphic design and web dev works so this one fit me quite well. Happy so far.

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    Dell U2720q (27", 4K, USB-C) drops to $736.

    EDIT: Code doesn't work. I guess it's just select monitors.

    • Only their Ebay store, not the Dell website. Plus their Ultrasharp monitors are usually excluded from their sales or removed from their Ebay store

  • Would it help thermals if the user keeps the laptop closed and plugs in an external keyboard/mouse and dock it to a monitor?

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      Pretty sure thermals are worse with the screen closed because you’re trapping the heat in. If you want to disable the screen use the settings to disconnect it but don’t close the lid.

    • maybe have on a cooling dock

    • Correct me if I’m wrong but I think most laptops will enter sleep when you close the lid even if you connect another screen and keyboard to them.

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        In Windows this is a configurable setting.

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    Be better if they were 1440p

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      There's always one… lol

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    I'm also holding out for the 2721D

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    Also patiently waiting for the 2721D.

  • Nice! Thanks OP.

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    Can get the S2721H (identical to S2721HN, but with speakers) from Dell site direct for $194.73 if use coupon "LOVEKEANU" at checkout.

    Further $5.31 cashback from Cashrewards (3% but don't count GST) -> $189.42.

    Same monitor, but with speakers for 62c more after cashback.


    I got the S2721HN in previous Ebay deal and like it so much, ordered the S2721H two days ago. I have my monitors a fair way back (~1m) and text enlarged for my WFH needs, so this model suits me, but may be a bit pixelated if you are sitting very close to it. Also does a decent job for movies and entertainment with an Android box connected to second HDMI port.

    Estimated shipping is a bit over a week, but suspect that will end up closer to two given how much delivery services are delayed across the board these days.

    • Hi opposable, looking to set up a home office with my work issued laptop. If I brought two of these monitors what would you recommend I buy to connect the laptop up to both screens (I'm pretty tech poor) any help would be greatly appreciated :)

      • Depends on what video out connection/s your laptop has.

        If recent model, is likely to have one HDMI +/- DisplayPort (DP).

        If only one of these or one of the above plus old-school VGA out, then won't be able to connect two of these monitors as they only have HDMI in ports.

        Some business laptops have docks that can give you more options for connecting video.

        If you let me know what the laptop model is and if it comes with a dock, then will have more of an idea of which of these Dell monitors on sale would suit, so that you can have two monitors in "extend screen" mode.

        • Yep it has one HDMI port, the model is a Lenovo t490 (if that helps) I don't have a dock at home but there is something at the office that connects it to two screens. I have only seen that briefly about 6 months ago though

          • @melbstheburn: Going to need a dock at home then to attach two screens.

            Looks like a a generic USB-C dock should work with the T490. Plenty available from all over the place, but don't have much experience with the docks so can't really recommend anything.

            Can you bring the dock from work to home?

            If you have a dock with two HDMI then could use two of the S2721HN or H monitors. Also worth noting that the S22721H speakers are only 3W so not going to blow you out of the water, but adequate for basic needs.

            If you have a dock with DP then the S2721HS might be the better option for a few dollars more. Also has the full swivel stand.

            There are always adapters available cheap on Ebay for HDMI>DP and vice versa, if you ever need to switch things around, but probably easiest just to match dock and monitor ports straight up (as the monitor should then come with appropriate cable).

            Sorry, can't really help much more without knowing what dock you are going to be using at home.

            Suspect that these prices will be popping up a few times more until the end of year, so might be worth grabbing just one S2721H for now, for plugging into the one HDMI you have on your laptop to see if it suits your needs.

            Can always then explore dock options and purchase the second monitor once your more certain about what you need and what your second monitor ports should be.

            If the first one doesn't suit, you're less than $200 out and can still repurpose it e.g. attach new ChromecastTV or other Android box for entertainment monitor for bedroom, kitchen, shed etc.

            • @opposablethumbs: Awesome, thank you for all your help mate your a legend. I'll grab one of these and see how I go

              • @melbstheburn: Most welcome.

                Just one more thought, is the option to go bigger with just one monitor.

                Not sure if there is much cheap in Dell at 32", but if you are sat a fair way back from the monitor and like your font large, there are a range of FHD only (1080p) 32" monitors with built in speakers, HDMI, DP and VGA ports, 3Y warranty for around $300 mark.

                e.g. Philips 31.5" FHD Monitor 327E8QJAB

                Have used an older 32" Philips like this in similar setup to what I have now (set back a fair way on the desk), and for my ageing eyes with enlarged fonts was more than adequate.

                Overall, for the price and size though, think you can't go too wrong with trying out a single S2721H for a start.

                Only caveat with this model though, is a bit cold and searing brightness on the default setting out of the box, so just need to adjust the preset colour mode to something a bit warmer.

              • +1

                @melbstheburn: Worth checking this out before pulling the trigger.

                • @opposablethumbs: Oh boy that looks pretty good! Maybe I'll wait and try and get one of those. Thank you so much!

  • Just a kindly reminder that this may take 1-3 months to be delivered
    I ordered from Dell in early October and just got delivered in mid-Nov

    • Weird. I ordered last week, arrived Monday.

    • I ordered from Dell Outlet a month ago, which seems to take even longer and it arrived in a week

    • +1

      Same experience here. They didn't give any correspondence on whether it was dispatched or not either, but I got it in the end.

  • Any more high resol screen for sale, bought the 2721D, love it but wouldn't mind grabbing another one

  • Noob question. My work laptop has USB c port and I use mx keys + mx master through the unifying receiver (Bluetooth is shocking on my laptop). Do monitors have USB ports that would pass through to my work laptop with one USB c cable? If yes, any suggestions?

  • Good timing, I need a new monitor, not so much for gaming but for graphic design and web design. Anything good there for Photoshop?

  • Its a shame they never have 13inch 2in1 on ebay

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    I have had two Dell laptops in the past and they both died after a year or two after the warranty period. The first Inspiron that I gave it to my dad had thermal issues and the body was seriously warped. The XPS 15 bought for light gaming had Mobo / GPU issues. I have had to replace the Mobo at least 2-3 times while under the warranty. Eventually, the Mobo died a few months after the official 2 year on-site warranty expired. They really need to do more work on their builds.

    I haven't bought a Dell ever since. My cheap Acer with a light gaming graphics card is still working fine after good 7 or 8 years!

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    Damn…these monitors are getting cheaper and cheaper…clearly I pulled the trigger way too early :(

  • S2721HN

    can i rotate the monitor vertically? i

  • Good price on the S2721HN, I got it for $150 last week and I had to stack 3 coupons including a $90 Dell Advantage voucher from a previous purchase to get it down that low, at $185 with a single coupon I'd say its a good deal. I'm actually getting a second one for my other son for Xmas, thanks OP 👍

    EDIT: Actually I got the S2721HS for $150, the HN is a similar model and only has Tilt, not sure why it costs more on the Dell website

    • S2721HS for $150

      link to the deal plz,

      • It wasnt a deal, it was a mixture of coupons from this site and a $90 Dell Advantage code sent to me.

  • My daughter's school are doing:

    Lenovo L13 Gen 1 Yoga / 13.3 Touch / i5 / 8GB / 256GB / Win10Home / Pen / Silver / 3 Year Depot Warranty for $1228.00 (from JBHIFI).

    Is there anything from Dell that might compare?

    • +1

      Not on ebay but https://deals.dell.com/en-au/productdetail/66h9 should fit. Similar specs but you get the 11th gen Intel with much better graphics performance.

      Don't forget to add the Active Pen for $40 since it's not included, then use a coupon like LOVEKEANU

    • if you don't need touch, this is good deal.
      i7, 16G ram, 512 SSD. 15.6 inch FHD

      • +1

        That does look good (as does Merlict's suggestion above). Thanks for both suggestions.

        One criteria is that the school wants 11" - 13", so unfortunately, I think 15.6" might be frowned on. I don't mind paying a bit extra if it's worth it.

        Oh yeah, touch screen is not a deal breaker.

    • How about this one?


      14 inch in a 13 inch body.
      11th Gen i5 8GB RAM 512GB SSD QHD+ screen (2560x1600) for $1200.

      Edit. And it's light at 1.25kg.
      There is also the higher spec i7 16gb ram 1tb SSD for ~$1600

    • There was also this Lenovo deal. I reckon it'll come back before the end of the month for black friday.


    • My daughter's school too is asking for the same Lenovo L13 Gen 1 Yoga. The school's pricing is $1310 and Lenovo Education Store price is $1329. I could not see this laptop for $1228 at JB Hifi. Can you post a link please.

  • that damn aurora r11 is tempting at 5k

  • if only it was a 5900H :/

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