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H96 MAX Android Box 4G RAM + 32GB $44.05 Delivered @ Amandadv via eBay


H96 MAX Android Box 4G RAM + 32GB @ $44.05 Delivered (AU STOCK)

This time is an AU stock seller.

I have been told this is a decent box.

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    What’s the regular price and what is the saving?

    Where is the deal?

  • Why would anybody buy this. They freaking suck with software that have zero support and becomes a brick instantly. Stick to true Android TV

    • Yeah i had a box like this and was absolute rubbish. Got a shield now and loving it

    • +5 votes

      Because were poor and only want something to play 1080 content on….which these sorts of boxs do just fine.
      Only downer is no hd youtube but thats common even on more expensive stuff.
      Ive been running an original version a95x with only 1gig for years and its been perfectly fine all this time.

      • I sometimes had to disconnect the power of at the mains then back on just to get it to start up.
        My friend had one that died after 2-3 months and got offered a partial refund. Forgot what site it was though.

        • If you had to do it at the mains and not just pull the plug out of the back and in again then it might have been the brick.
          Mine was the s905 no x, theres a buttload of a95x's.
          And we all know theres no qc on any of this stuff.

          • @PAEz: A95x is fine. I bought a used unit on Gumtree for like $10, installed some kodi add-ons and parents have been enjoying HK TV shows since.

            Regardless of financials, they are fit for purpose and there is no reason to overspend =)

      • You can get a chromcast TV for the same price

        • I only have a tube tv so that wasnt an option for me (did I mention Im poor).
          Just had a quick look around and its 99.
          If you could get a chromecast with android tv for this price Id prolly go for that….although just looking now, how many usb ports does it have? If its only one that would suck to me. I like one for my usb stick and another for my wireless keyboard/mouse pad thingy. And I take it you can install Kodi on it, or its also no go for me.
          Im saving for a new tv (just ordered a 32inch monitor to keep me going in the mean time, want hdmi for the computer) and then Im saving for a shield (NO COMPROMISES).

          • @PAEz: if you are poor then don't visit ozbargain

            you will just end up buying alot of stuff didn't really need, just cos it is a bargain

            • @pinkybrain: I LOVE OzBargain! Thanks to this place when I do get some money I get better stuff for my money!
              Like my router that I love to death, would have crap if wasnt for this place.
              Or getting a 32inch monitor for 200 that I ordered today, they average round 300 normally.
              Its not normally a problem as I dont normally have money ;P

        • Link me to that $44 Chromecast TV mate. Please.

      • Even the super low spec roku for like $30/$40 from Amazon would better then this.

    • Might as well get the Amazon stick which is on sale for $49, or even the xiaomi stick which is also $49. If this was on sale for $10 or less then maybe.

  • If you have Netflix subscription, better buy Google TV chromecast with Netflix offer. After Netflix credit of $95.96 to your account effective cost is only $44.


  • Rockchip SOC no good you want amlogic so you can run coreelec/kodi

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      Theres ports of kodi for rockchip……but yeah, Id choose amlogic any day. The fact that rockchip wont implement standard android api's so kodi could just work makes them look bad.

    • Yep, running a few S905X boxes with Coreelec

  • had one of these before and they were rubbish , would crash everytime .

    spend a little bit more and get your self a xiaomi box , thats what i did and its great

  • I have been told this is a decent box.

    They lied. The sale price is less than the parts - why?

    The Android on these things is rubbish, so you either want to flash your own software (Linux server, or Kodi wrapper such as Coreelec), or buy a proper Android-TV box instead.
    (Voda TV, $99 Google TV, Apple, …)
    As above, this model with Rockchip SOC is mostly good for nothing.

  • Had one of these and it kept locking up. There were a lot of posts about that problem at the time.