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DJI Mavic 2 Pro with Smart Controller (16GB AU) $2399 Delivered (RRP $3099) @ Amazon AU


Seems like a great deal for local stock, Mavic 2 Pro with the Smart Controller

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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  • nice, smart controller alone is close 1 grand

    • Shit I was considering buying one I thought they were a few hundred bucks. I'll just stick with the normal controller and remove my phone case every time.

    • a grand for a controller with an integrated screen screams of overpriced to me. surely this is anti-ozbargain at its finest :D

  • Tempted but hopefully the Mavic 3 Pro is just around the corner! Well, one can hope, haha.

    • If what the guy at JB Macquarie said to me on the weekend is right, Mavic 3 is just around the corner!

      • It was around the corner, then he sold it to another customer.

        In any case, I loved my Phantom 4 with the in-built screen as it's super bright, always works and is connected without messy cabling… screen is 1000 nits for awesome brightness and you don't have to bother with your phone… The only downside was I couldn't use 3rd party apps like Litchi.

  • One of the best drone. Took this at NZ and the quality is just magnificent.

  • Awesome price for an awesome drone.

  • waiting for a Mini 2 deal

  • Just out if curiosity but where do you guys fly your drones? I'm living in cbd and I know there's almost no way I'm allowed to fly here.

  • For a first time drone flyer this is too much for me but if you have the muluh this drone is good as it get.

  • With so many no fly zones these days, I don't even think Drones are worth the time…..unless you go to country outback not much point

  • I'm very tempted but the fact I'm near the CBD it makes me sense for me to get the mini 2 due to 'legality'. However, whoever gets this, I'm very jealous.

    • Can you elaborate? This doesn't change anything as far as I'm aware. Still need to fly > 30m away from people and buildings.

  • Price back to normal

  • $3098 for me

  • This has been out for ages and is older tech, i'd wait around.

  • If only the discount was on Phantom 4 Pro.

    Until the Mavic's loose the rolling shutter the P4P is the winner for me. yep a 2+ year old drone is still the best..

    I'm thinking the discounts are stock dumping from DJI in preparation for the Mavic 3

    • they didn't dump a lot. price back to normal.please dump again, dump to me!!!

    • You can find a tonne of them on eBay/Gumtree cheap and in good condition. People are dumping the P4Ps for smaller drones as they dont need the mechanical shutter offered by the P4P. Buyers market IMO.

    • I use a inspire 2 these days but the p4p was a damn good drone. I'd definitely get a p5 as a backup if they made one.

  • New heavy tariff on aus export to China and assult with photos by China government but China products are free come here and even popular. I feel shame… Japan starts to replace its Chinese drons to Japan made drons for security reasons.

    • oops brave Tiger, at least get the spelling right.

    • but but but the Australian government had about 100 trade tariffs against China before all this started. Which the media has blindly ignored since that doesn't paint a good picture, does it.

  • Just wanted to vent here, I ordered this deal through amazon as I have been wanting to upgrade form my dji spark for years, but having been out of work during covid, it was outta the question. Got lucky to start a new job in mid november, and got paid just in time for black friday. When I saw this price I hopped on it, but we used my girlfriend's card rather than one of my usual cards with amazon. Well amazon for my security held my account until i provided documentation they needed, in this case her cc statement. I promptly provided that, and was made to wait a few days, then was told I need to phone. I did, and my hold was removed, however, my order was then cancelled, and now after about 5 days of calling up every few days and back and forth, they are saying they will not honor my original order and if interested i must order at full price. I am sooo frustrated as including my US account (moved to aus a few years ago) I have been a prime member for like 10 years, and this has been a horrible customer experience. Had I been notified that say, or even the following morning, I would have just used another card I had on file, but we like to keep most of our credit lines low, so that is why we chose to use hers and my card with a limit that high is a us based card. I wasn't given the opportunity to correct the situation until they raised the price and then was told tough luck, despite there being a pending charge on the account for a week. Just terrible and I'm absolutely gutted as I was so excited for the upgrade from the spark.