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Best-selling author Mark Manson brings his signature no-nonsense wisdom back to the subject he started his career covering: relationships. Being with your partner may feel like rainbows and unicorns, but that doesn't mean you have a healthy, functioning relationship. Sure, we all need love…but love is not enough.

In Love Is Not Enough, Mark’s first Audible Original, you’ll follow five real people over the course of six months as they navigate f—ked up romantic situations, ranging from dating app addiction to marital affairs to absurd fantasies. At regular intervals, they check in with Mark, share their stories, and soak up some advice. As you listen to these candid, funny, and moving conversations, you’ll learn how to stand up for yourself when you feel the most vulnerable. You'll learn how our imaginations derail intimacy, how our deepest desires can lead us into trouble. You'll learn how to open yourself up, and you'll develop the courage to say and hear that necessary word, "no." You'll learn how to love. And you'll learn that love is not enough.

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