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Microsoft 365 Family (Up to 6 Users, 1 Year, Multiple Devices) $86.30 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon UK via AU


$86.03 a year. expired in 40 Mins.

Microsoft 365 Family | Office 365 apps | up to 6 users | 1 year subscription | Multiple PCs/Macs, Tablets and Phones | multilingual | Box

6 Users, individual account, 1TB one drive space per user, couldn't see each others‘ account and files.

5 devices per user.

$129 per year @Microsoft 365 AU

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2020

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    Price in title, how much is it normally?


      RRP $129 says Microsoft Australia's Amazon storefront.

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    This is from the UK. Chances are, you may have issues activating this for your Australian account.

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      Can confirm, i bought one of these and cannot activate it.
      It arrived as a physical box with a card in it containing the key.
      Box is marked on a side sticker "EUROZONE SUBSCR 1YR"
      Came via Amazon UK

      After chasing around a little it seems that if i let my current sub expire i might be able to activate this.
      I take it this implies this will possible work fine for first timers.
      It cannot however be applied to extend my current sub… Thanks Microsoft.

      I often buy from SaveON IT
      Seems the price has shot up since i last purchased, but they usually are pretty sharp on price.

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    The one from the prime day deal fidn't work for me. Even contacting Microsoft didn't help. Had to return.

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      I had the exact same problem, I would not buy this. I tried to use it to extend my subscription, but didn't work. I haven't got around to contacting Microsoft as I was hold for ages.


        Microsoft Customer Service will not assist you. According to the information on the Microsoft web site, the only way to use a code designated to another country is to wait until your current subscription expires. After it expires, you can create a new subscription using the codes (you can use the same account details). Obviously, that means you need to wait until that subscription expires before you can go back to extending using AU vouchers.

        Amazon might assist if you have not opened the packaging, although I am not sure of their policy on digital codes. If you've opened them to try entering the codes, I imagine they would decline a return request as they have no way of verifying that you haven't used them, but that's a guess.


          I didn't see this before - I managed to return my copy successfully - Amazon did approve the return. (I haven't actually sent it back yet - another issue entirely)

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    Wish they would bring back the HUP. $15 for a permanent license is great.


      Technically the license was only valid while you were an employee of the company that sponsored the HUP when you purchased it.


    Missed it

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    UK buyer beware - I went with Computer Alliance.

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    Buyer BEWARE - I purchased this from Amazon UK on the last deal in October, and couldn't activate the code because it's region locked…I've returned it to Amazon and ended up buying one from saveonit.com.au for $98

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    Buyer BEWARE - I cannot activate tis because it says I'm using the wrong region software. This is NOT a deal and should not be posted.

    Sorry, we can't redeem this product key to your account
    Was your product key purchased in a different country or region than where you're currently located? You can only use this product key in the country or region where it was purchased.
    If you purchased your key in the same country or region where you're located, you may need to enter it on a different site. Select your product below:


      Yes Buyer Beware. I got the same message .

      It can be activated as a new subscription , via VPN in the Eurozone.
      However it cannot be used to extend my current subscription, which was what I was trying to do.

      So it's annoying. I have to wait until my current subscription expires. Then reactivate again via VPN. And will have the same problem again in a year's time when the subscription finishes.