This was posted 1 year 1 day ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[QLD] 9 Pieces of KFC Chicken for $10.95 Tuesday Only @ KFC App


KFC 9 pieces of chicken for $10.95 QLD on the KFC APP Tuesday Only not sure if its for all states

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      9 chicken feet

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      Normally they give you the pieces from a complete chicken, 2 wings, 2 thighs, 2 shoulders, 2 legs, 1 breast. Build you own bird .. :-) .. !!

      • Build you own bird

        I didn't know.

        I might get a pack for my kids to play with on the weekend…

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    jacked up from 9 for $9

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      It was $9.95 I think but they have increased the price a while ago

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    its been this price every tuesday for 10+ months

  • 10% price increase, even as the chickens die of anorexia, it's really on - and worse when this is only via the app, and the app wants you to pay via the app, rather than instore. Pass

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    This is not a deal, its been like this for best part of two years, although they did jack the price by a $1 mid year.

  • Wish I knew the reason why nsw and others miss out on this.

    Does the head of kfc Australia live in qld or something?

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      All Queensland restaurants are run by one franchisee, Collins Foods Limited, so they get more control over what offers they give in Qld. In other states, there are multiple franchisees and company owned stores as well, so it's more difficult to do the same I assume.

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        Great info coming from a melbourne guy

        • I used to work for KFC years ago so I found out a fair bit of info whilst working there.

          • @melbourne guy: Got any more tips on how to be a good customer or any stuff that might be kind of oblivious to the customer like when not to order or best situation when.

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              @AlienC: One thing you can do at KFC which some people still don't know is you can swap any side with another side of the same size. For example, if you don't need a can of drink, you can swap it for more chips instead for no extra cost.

              With boxed meals, you can change the 3 Wicked Wings or Original Recipe piece for an Original Tender (no extra cost) or an Original Fillet or Zinger Fillet (for extra cost).

              Another thing customers usually aren't aware of when ordering Original Recipe or Hot and Spicy is "Set Combinations Apply", which means they can limit the amounts of certain chicken pieces you can buy. For example, you can't ask for 3 breast pieces in a 3 Piece Feed, or no wings in a 21 Piece Bucket.

              • @melbourne guy: Ah I see that's pretty handy I wonder if there is an infographic for something like this.

                Might be cool to have like a kfc or fast food cheat sheet so you don't have to go through the entire app to mess with your buy on the go.

                Sorry last question out of curiosity.

                What was the item that never got purchased or something you remember that vanished maybe because nobody bought it or liked it.

                Hungry Jack's has removed a lot of their old long chicken sub range which makes me and many others very sad as you can imagine and now that I think about it kfc has had the same but as an ex employee I wonder what really got missed or overlooked maybe to the fact that it never got restocked or reinstated.

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                  @AlienC: 2 big flops that we have had over the years include the Cayan Grill Chicken range (we were lucky to get 1 order an hour for a product in the range) and the Shaker Salad (across dozens of shifts I think it only got ordered once and my store didn't order them in due to low sales). People don't come to KFC for healthier products!

                  Also by using the app, you get to see all the side and chicken swapping options. Although for some weird reason, you can't swap regular drinks for regular sides in the app (in person ordering only).

                  • @melbourne guy: I miss the shaker salad. They made my burger combo deluxe even better value…

      • Ah that makes much more sense now.

        So basically coordinating multiple owners to work in unison is the problem here.

        Well at least I now know the reason for why I have to pay almost triple for the same amount of chicken.

        Thank you.

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          Mate, don't know how you get the triple figure.
          In VIC, build your own bucket > add chicken
          3 x 3 Pieces Original Recipe = $17.85, not even double the op's deal.

          If go with
          1x 6 Piece
          1x 3 Piece
          1x Original Recipe Fillet
          Total 10 pieces chicken also = $17.85, and that's any day of the week.

          Is it much different in NSW?

          • @1-Bargain: My brain must be getting fried by this heat because you are correct and I am wrong.

            Yeah it's same prices in NSW.

            Might go for this combination personally

            1x 6 piece
            2x Zinger Fillets


            Thanks now I just gotta travel 1.5 hours to my nearest kfc yay.

  • App? Why? Same price without the app!

  • Not seeing this in the app anymore - QLD

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