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[NSW] 80x 85g Indomie Mi Goreng Original Instant Noodle $29.93 ($0.375 Ea) Delivered Sydney Metro @ Shopping Square


A bargain for Sydney Ozb.

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Best before 27 Jan 2021.


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  • Someones offloading their covid stash

  • Guess the excitement of Black Friday and cyber Monday is truely over.

  • 57 days until 27 Jan

  • Uni students, RISE UP.

  • Best before is not use by.

  • Just a reminder that these use palm oil not from a sustainable source whereas Aldi mi gorengs are supposedly good for their sustainable palm oil (and also cheap for a 5-pack). Make your own decisions

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    fellow ozbargainers, can I please kindly ask you to have this noodle dry and not with soup? half of my teammates consume this 'Mi Goreng' with soup; this ain't right, guys!

    • Do you mix up all the contents on a plate and then transfer the paste over to the noodles once they are cooked?
      I noticed the instructions said that the other day, but I always just tip in the sachets and toss them in it a bit lol
      And yes, with no broth.

      • tip in the sachets

        Two ways:
        1. After noodles boiled (heat off), dip sealed sauce pack into boiled water (loosens sauce & fat).
        Put noodles in bowl, then empty sauce pack + powder on top, mix.
        2. During noodles boiled, empty sauce pack + powder into bottom of bowl, put boiled noodles on top (excess boiled water loosens sauce).

        I prefer 1 because with method 2 some sauce stays inside pack.

        • I essentially do step 1 without dipping it in the boiled water, you've just revolutionised the way I cook noodles. Struggled with the packs for ages, and then always some left. Will definitely try this out next time :)

          • @pennypincher98:

            but I always just tip in the sachets and toss them in it a bit lol

            I thought this meant dipping it in the boiled water.
            I read it again, now it makes sense: “tip in the sachets” = empty satchets, “toss them in a bit” = stir it and mix it.

            Remember ONLY the sauce satchet goes in boiling water, and it is very short time (just hold the corner and dip it for 5-10 seconds). Powder satchet just goes straight on top of noodles.

            • @thebadmachine: Yeah, I just prepared them the same way you'd prepare beef and chicken lol. Now I see it is different though.

              Oh so do you dip the whole sachet in? Or just like bread in soup where it's a bit?
              Also question: if the powder sachet has gone hard, do you know a trick to make it unclump?

              • @pennypincher98:

                Oh so do you dip the whole sachet in?

                Whole sauce satchet while still sealed yes. You can even just drop it in the boiling water but you will have trouble getting it out with tongs.
                Only takes few seconds so I just hold corner and dip 95% of it in, careful your fingers.

                Powder satchet, I just hold the edge while still sealed and flick it back n forth really quick like 5-6 times even 10 times everytime like wapwapapapap just a habit.

                Edit: do you mean whole satchet of sauce onto noodles? Yes everything in and stir.

                • @thebadmachine: Ah yes, so it is like dipping bread in soup - as much as you can dip in for a few seconds without burning your fingers :P

                  I do that too for the powder sachet but sometimes it's still in just one clump. Happens more so for beef/chicken admittedly but has still happened with Mi Goreng too.

                  And yea I know everything on top of the noodles :)

                  • @pennypincher98:

                    as much as you can dip in for a few seconds without burning your fingers :P

                    Yes but careful your fingers, even little of sauce packet can be out of boiling water, heat will transfer up and it will all loosen.

                    but sometimes it's still in just one clump.

                    Hmmm never really remember that issue. Maybe just the one close to expiry?
                    I recommend storing in cupboard (away from sun / heat). That is all I can think of.
                    I can remember it happening on beef flavour powder before though yes.

        • 3.Dip sauce into water as it is heating up. Using scissors, cut powder and onions and pour into bowl, and then cut warmed sauce packet and pour into bowl. When water has boiled, place noodles into water and stir with a fork for around 1-1.5 minutes. Strain well in a colander and then add to bowl and mix in sauce.

    • Mate.. Have to be dry.. drain all liquid out and mix the seasonings. You'll ruin the taste for soup

  • boil half cook, drain, cook it with all sauce on pan + extra "kecap manis" = perfect indomie

  • I used Paypal to pay, it charge me $23 using paypal before showing the full price $23 plus $20+ delivery fee to Melbourne
    So then I canceled my order
    My question is are they gonna refund it automatically or i need to do something to get my money back?

    • Title says [SYD].
      Description says: A bargain for Sydney Ozb. - low shipping fee for Sydney.

      Usually it shows delivery before you click final pay.

      • I didn't click the final pay because the delivery fee is to high but they still charge me the price of the 2 item on my cart

  • Need a 8 bottles of prune juice to go with this

  • Must be a lot of short dated noodles around. I found an Asian supermarket down here in Canberra with lots of boxes priced at $10 each or $16 for 2. He said I could have 2 boxes for $13 - could not pass that up even though there was only a week left on the best before.
    Not sure if they still selling them as they would be past their best before now.