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Castrol Edge Engine Oil 5L 5W-30 A3/B4 $35 (50% off) @ Repco


Castrol EDGE 5W-30 A3/B4 is an advanced full synthetic engine oil suitable for use in automotive petrol and diesel vehicles, where the manufacturer recommends an ACEA A3/B4, API SL/CF or earlier specification 5W-30 lubricant.

Check if suitable for your car here:


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  • a full synthetic oil, still on SL grade?

  • thanks. got one :)

  • 5w-30 perfect for any engine in Australia! The land where mechanics ignore the manufacturer spec, and insist to the unsuspecting that 5w30 is what we always use.

  • Before people ask of if it works for their car have a look here first

    • Checks out for my 2012 petrol Subaru Forester. Subaru Australia say to only use expensive 0-20 full synthetic. Subaru Canada say 0-20 or 5-30 can be used.
      0-20 is r rarely on sale and costs about $90 for 5L.

      • Read your Manual. My 2009 Impreza used to take 5W30 (it's in the manual). Then around 2013 Subaru started recommending 0W20(better protection at sub 0 temperatures). Last service I just asked them to use my Edge 5W30. I get less milage (slightly) but I feel it offers more protection as its thicker. I'll be changing my oil every 6 months 5,000Km's so I don't need 100% oil. I used to change it every year.

        • Protection at sub 0 isn't that important in most parts of Australia, but above 30 certainly is
          I've run 5W40 in both turbo and N/A Subarus for a long time and have found this to be the best protection and just thick enough to stop them being so clacky

  • My 2018 162TSI Tiguan takes CASTROL EDGE 5W-30 LL

    IS LL long life? Can I use this instead? LL is $94 at the dealership.

    This is ACEA A3/B4 vs c3 for LL version

    • This is not suitable for vehicles fitted with diesel particulate filters.

      • TSI is Petrol Turbo engine.

        • My bad.

          The LL is C3 and VW 504/507 approved meaning that it is a mid SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur) oil. In this application I believe VW specifies it to maintain catalytic converter efficiency for emissions control.

          Both should be safe to use for your engine however using the full SAPS A3/B4 (VW 502/505 approved) may clog up your vehicle's cats and lead to having them replaced. You lose out on the money saved on the cost of the oil in the long term so best stick with what's recommended by the manufacturer.

          • @Junk Sifter: But catalytic converter is only on the TDI (Diesel engines) and not on TSI (Petrol Engines). Why is this oil recommended for TSI?

            Edit: Sorry got confused with DPF. Makes sense. Thank You for your answer.

    • Also interested in the answer to this, as my petrol Golf 92TSI also specifies for LL spec oil too

  • The oil was too thin for my car. Burnt most of it off within a few months and had the oil light turn on. Lucky the engine did not seize.

    • Silly question, but was it the recommended oil for your engine? Seems like a pretty big issue if the oil isn't performing to spec. They could've destroyed thousands of cars with a bad batch of oil.

      • It is unlikely to be the problem of the oil itself. The manufacturer usually recommends thinner oil in the handbook because that is the most efficient way to get kms per litre of fuel. But after your car gets older and older the “gaps“ in the engine are bigger than before so you may need to use thicker oil to ensure it doesn’t get “burnt” away too quickly. Hence there is “high mileage oil” for older and higher mileage cars.

  • Anyone know what oil and filter would suit a 2010 Mazda 3? I had a look on the castrol oil selector link that the op posted and it came up with these options below, i’m trying to find out which oil and which oil filter so i know what to purchase

    Castrol edge 5w-30 a3/a4
    Castrol magnatec stop-start 5w-30
    Castrol gtx ultraclean 15w-40

  • Looks like my son's Yaris is getting some of this good stuff tomorrow lol