Has anyone used Regaine here?

Hey guys, so it's happening! The receding hairline is here and been shedding my hair profusely since months now. I am 35 years old and did some research and found about Regaine hair solution. Just wanted to ask here if anyone has used it and how were the results? Thanks in advance!


  • I was considering this when I was in my mid twenties when my hairline started receding and what turned me away from it was the fact that you have to keep it up for life… (Hey, I'm an OzBargainer… so I care about ongoing costs!). One thing to consider.

  • embrace the baldness mate - You'll be right.

  • I’ve used it for two years. If you use it right, it works. My hair was balding quick so I used regaine. It went worse for 3 months then seemed to grow back and now it’s not full as it used to be but noticeably better. If you can get it on sale it costs about $200 per year. I recommend it.

  • These posts occur every 3 months, much like the above mentioned regaine going on sale. Conspiracy?

    Bought a Xiaomi electric trimmer for my head and face. A 5 minute job 2-3 times a week now and its good to never worry about it.

  • Finasteride

  • I use it and can say that it works although it is big commitment. I use it once daily at night. It is recommended twice per day.

  • I've been doing a bit of research on this myself recently. As I understand it Minoxidil thickens the hair follicles and promotes new growth. It does not prevent hair loss though. It will only make it appear that you have more hair. Eventually the hair loss will get worse and will be noticeable again.

    To prevent hair loss you need to do something to inhibit the conversion of testosterone to dht. Finasteride is the only real option for that here in Australia. There are some research chems available elsewhere that are promising but they are expensive and not properly clinically trialled.