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Sard Wonder Super Power Stain Remover Soaker 1.8kg $8 / $7.20 (S&S) + Delivery (Free with Prime / $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Amazon price match Woolworths this week's special on Sard stain remover.


Sard Wonder's Super Power is Sard strongest stain remover. The formula uses targeted stain removal technology to quickly get to work on stains and is ideal for helping remove tough stains from your clothes. Sard Wonder Superpower is your ally against stains. It targets outdoor stains, baby stains, cuff and collar grime, perspiration, food stains etc. It safely shifts tough stains and is safe to use for colours and whites. It is also effective in warm and cold wash temperatures and short washing cycles. Follow clothes manufacturer's instructions for special & delicate fabrics and colours.

  • Sard Super Power is our strongest stain remover Soaker
  • Safely shift though stains
  • Safe for Whites and colours
  • Effective in all wash temperatures
  • Easy to use

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