nbn - HFC - Do I Need a Modem


I will be moving home soon to a new place that has HFC. I have also ordered Deco M9 which should be arriving soon.
What I am confused about is whether I need anything else to connect to NBN. I'm getting mixed messages; so not sure.

1) I think I don't need a modem; cause there should already be an NBN provided modem in bridge mode. Or do I still need a modem to connect somewhere.

2) Do I need a router? or can I plug one of the Deco M9 into the wall socket where NBN is connected to or do I need to get one of the routers that many of the broadband providers are trying to sell. I've also got a current modem/wifi router with my FTTB plan with TPG. Can that be used as a standalone wifi router?

Superloop is saying I dont need to get anything and can plug directly into the ethernet socket. I can get an Ethernet eWAN wifi router to provide wifi access to others in the house. Tangerine is saying I need to purchase their modem for $129 or bring my own modem. TPG include a modem in their 6 month contract. So, this has all confused me.

PS: I haven't been to the property yet to see where and what sort of wall socket/connection is available. What do HFC connections normally look like.


Edit: My current device is an Huawei HG630 and i can't see a WAN port for incoming connections. Just 4 ethernet ports and a phone line port - so I don't think that is usable.



      Thank you - that made things much clearer.

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    with HFC you are given a HFC DOCSIS 3.1 capable Cable Modem, most probably an Arris Touchstone. All you will require is a WiFi router.

    The Deco M9 is a mesh router. Plug it's base station via ethernet to your supplied modem and you're pretty much set.


    There should already be a modem with an RJ45 connector, but you'll need a router that will take your ISP provided connection and share it among multiple devices (unless you're just plugging one device right in). Your current FTTB modem/wifi router from FTTB should work fine for this, it also looks like the 'Deco M9 Plus' has routing functionality, so that should also work (unless there's a non-plus version without it I don't know about).

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      Yes, it is the plus version.


        I have an HFC NBN connection and a Deco M4 setup.
        You just need to plug the Deco into the Arris Modem provided by NBN, and to setup PPPoE on the deco for its WAN port. The username and the password will be given by the service provider.

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          That's how to setup for TPG and Tangerine with the PPPoE protocol.

          The IPoE protocol is used by Superloop, no ISP credentials are used and on the Deco IPoE is called dynamic IP.

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    HFC normally come with a small black NBN modem that you can hook up straight to your Deco M9 if you don't care about any router specific settings (e.g. QOS, Port forwarding, parental controls, etc..)

    If your current router has a "WAN" or "Internet" port, you can use that with HFC no problem. It will sit between the black NBN modem and your Deco M9

    I'd say don't stress about it at all, sounds like 95% you won't need to buy one. On the really odd chance you do, just grab one locally from officeworks/scorptec. Don't overspend since you already have a decent wireless solution. Just get the cheapest router with 4 Gigabit ports, that's normally a good way to tell it's not trash.

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    All you do is connect the nbn modem to the Deco M9. Nothing else is required.

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    No modem required for HFC, just a router (or wireless router) to share your internet.

    I set someone up who got HFC with a Tenda Nova MW3 2-pack. Connect one unit to the NBN box and everything setup fine. It was a piece of cake…