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DeLonghi Dedica Pump Expresso - Black $189 @ Bing Lee


As title, not the cheapest ever, but currently beat the previous deal during Black Friday of $199 OzBargain.

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  • How is this Delonghi compared with Kmart cheap one?

    • I don’t experience with either, I bought a De Longhi Magnifica bean to cup machine for $600 last week, I like the full auto features. I’d get lazy with a manual one.

      Anyways, I found these videos pretty informative. He explains the pros and cons of the portafilter baskets, steam wand, group head, ergonomics, etc. I’d say the De Longhi pulls a better espresso shot than a Kmart machine.



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      Haven't used the Dedica, but am really happy with the Kmart machine for the price. Makes really good coffee.

      The only two minor downsides are it doesn't keep a very consistent temperature during extraction (fixed by using the steam function to heat it up a bit more) and the steam wand is on the small side.

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      My experience with this machine is faultless.

  • Been waiting for this a long time for this price, last best was $199 at Myer if im not mistaken.. Thanks OP!
    Edit: can we price match this with others?

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      Not to flog a dead horse but an extra 20 off if you have latitude pay as well :)

      • Thanks but unfortunately I don’t. Best I can either price match for 5% off or get 2.8% cashrewards

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    I had an eBay voucher back when I bought it from Myer eBay and got it for 149. Very happy with it simple and consistent with the breville smart grinder pro of course ;)

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      This is the way. I have the exact same grinder/coffee machine setup and it makes pretty good coffee for the price.

      Please do yourself a favour and get yourself one of these: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Coffee-Cup-51mm-Non-Pressurized-...

      Much better than using a pressurised basket. Can pull through some decent shots :)

      • How did you go putting this in? Did you just remove the whole plastic insert and let it run through or does the plastic need to be cut down to size?

        edit: Decided to just give it a shot, works fine. Except for the bit where I obviously have no idea how to pull a shot properly, first two had zero crema, third had a little when I tamped it properly. So used to being lazy :P

        Does taste better though!

      • Hot Dang, I'm gonna order but how does one incorporate it?

        @Freefall: are you just putting the filter in the basket?

        • Unscrew the black plastic thing, you won't be able to screw it back in.. but you don't need it anyway :)