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KUULAA 10W Qi Wireless Charger US$3.98 (~A$5.42) Delivered @ kuulaa Official Store AliExpress


Extremely low price on this 10W Qi wireless charger available in Black or White. The charging LED is ontop of the pad itself and discrete enough that you should be able to cover it with your phone.

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  • Is it micro or USB C?

  • At least this has a discrete light on it unlike the recent Blitzwolf one listed on Ozb..
    It lights up like like a spaceship and never turns off when charged. Stupid design and since donated mine to the Salvos.

    I need another but this won't arrive until late Jan if lucky. …….mmmmm, can I wait or just pay more for something in Australia is the question. Need to check of anything decent locally for $15ish……suggestions welcome

    • I put a small piece of gaffer tape over the led.

      • For me it was more about the always on large LED ring using up power 24/7. I know it is only a tiny bit of power however is totally unnecessary as I only use it for perhaps 1 hour a day so wasn't for me.

        • Amount of LED power used vs paying another $15 for a new unit?

          Have to be a hell of a lot of power usage to offset the $15 expense….

          Where's your bargain badge?

          (Hey not being too serious here - Merry Xmas 😁)

          • @RockyRaccoon: It's not about $$ in my pocket, it's the power being used unnecessarily. Bottom line, if nothing is attached, power should be off. Stupid always on LED is……………..well stupid (in my opinion only). I have other devices that turn off when not used. Will stick to thoses.
            At least Salvos got it to make a few $$ so not wasted.

            • @Borg: Ah - continuing this theme. What about the impact on planet, that will occur discarding what you have already…

              Now Happy new Year….

              • @RockyRaccoon: What theme i.e. are you referring to me not wanting it to stay on all 24/7. What's the problem with that? It's annoying and a poor design as totally not necessary.

                Disgarding what I already have. Huh?

                Oh and to be clear…….I am not a Greenie in case that is what you are implying, not to say there is anything wrong with being green!

  • Delivered before 7/3? Wow - these delivery times are getting so much faster!

  • Will do fast charge on Samsung note 10plus?

  • No with that delivery time it's not a bargain. Boycott "Made in China"

    • You need to boycott OzBargain then. Ever seen any of the meetup photos year after year? You'll notice what the demographic is. Also relevant.

      Also boycott products containing yeast, any products not 100% AU made containing gluten and any products made in New Zealand. Confectionary isn't the only product made in China.

    • Boycott "Made in China"

      What phone do you use?
      If you're on your desktop, what keyboard, mouse, and monitor do you use?
      If you're on your laptop, what laptop do you use?
      What router do you use?

  • Click Get Coupons to get the US$ 1.00 off US$ 1.01 Spend Store Coupon that'll apply at checkout

    cant see anymore

  • Just received it from Singapore today. I got it for $2 USD since I had some USD in my Paypal with coupons.