Member benefits sites summary?

I've been a member of a few different schemes over the years and haven't used very many of the benefits because I haven't been aware of them or forgot etc.
With Woolworths gift card discount now going away from cash reward I want to find an alternative. I remember seeing something but cant recall where.
Is there already a resource that brings a summary of the schemes into one place that can be easily searched (e.g. for a Coles & Woolies discount) ?
If not, a Wiki page would be useful. Happy to add what I have access to, but help from others would be needed.
President Card
Entertainment book
NRMA member benefits


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    I don't know how reputable this site is but I think this might be what you are looking for!

  • Hi, says:

    After careful consideration, Squash Australia has discontinued the Member Benefits Portal with June 30th as the final date of service.

    The non-renewal of the portal keeps with our practice of rationalising low demand services and replacing them with additional benefits that are utilised by more members and centres.

    We regret any inconvenience this may cause, but Squash Australia looks forward to detailing additional member benefits to everyone soon."

  • I just added HCF member benefits column. This includes 4% off Woolworths & Coles.

  • The best deal for appears to be purchase Choice Gift Card through CashRewards (receiving a 5% rebate) and then swap for an gift card.

  • has 4.5% discount on physical Wish gift cards and charges a $1 delivery fee per card ordered.
    Their site (and the ozbargain wiki) says payment is via "Direct Debit" only, but actually they provide their bank account details and expect you to transfer the payment to their account.