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[NSW] Free V2burgers Plant Based Burgers, Today (3/12) 12pm-2pm @ Coles Carpark Ramsgate


v2food is giving away 150 free v2burgers from the Coles Carpark via drivethrough. No need to even get out of your car.

via Vegan Deals Australia Instagram

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  • Be prepared as these contain Methylcellulose which is a laxative…

  • Although tastiness is in the eye (tongue?) of the beholder, these taste great to me, definitely worth giving it a go if you haven't tried one before.

  • Aren't these the patties in the Rebel Whopper? I wasn't a massive fan of that.

    Still, free burger is a free burger. If they're any good it's pretty well priced too, a lot cheaper than beyond burgers.

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    not a bargain, not real meat.

    (flame suit on)

  • Has anyone tried these to compare to the actual branded beyond meat burger?
    The beyond one is great, but haven't tried any of the other alternatives.

  • I've been meaning to try these. Would love to hear what people thought of them