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70% off Photo Products at Australia Post


Hey all. just noticed Australia Post has a HUGE sale on their photo gifts at the moment that people might want to jump onto for xmas gifts. I've used them previously and the quality is very very good compared to other canvases I've had made up in the past.
70% OFF all products & FREE SHIPPING. no code needed

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    nice. Is that print and frame?

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      I'd like that picture too…

      • i meant is the price for the print and frame also or just the canvas print :)

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          I just wanted to surprise Mum at Xmas by sending her a family photo…

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            @jv: Will she be surprised that she has a son?

            • @Transparent:

              Will she be surprised that she has a son?

              She'll be surprised he's now Asian…

              Xmas if full of surprises though…

        • canvas with or without frame. and all other products in their photo gift range

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    70% off photo products at AusPost until xmas

    Is postage included ?

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    Just wanted to bring photobookclub to people's attention which has close to this price all-year-round. I've purchased > 10 large canvas prints from over the years. and yes its free shipping.

    But that being said this deal is even cheaper than photobookclub

    50x40cm = $34 at photobookclub, $29 at auspost.

    What i don't get is the auspost picture looks like it has a frame mmm.. all my canvas prints wrap around the frame..

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    Just reduce the price of passport photos. It's a bit too steep. :)

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      just send whoever needs the photos the canvas print 30cm x 23cm - cheaper than passport photos.

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      I always take our own passport photos on a white background, gang it up at the right dimensions and print at Officeworks or HN for around 15c. Much cheaper than paying $15-$20 per person. You will need to make sure you follow all the guidelines though.

      • Plenty of free online sites which will help you position and scale the pics to the right size, too

      • I have tried it but can't overcome the shadows and light effect.. it's hit and miss.

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      I once tried to do my own passport photo, went to a great deal to make sure it met the passport specs etc. When I turned up with the photo I was asked is this really me as if I photoshopped the photo. Aus post ended up taking another photo and didn't charge. Needless to say I looked much better in the photo I took than the one they did. Ha!

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    For comparison - this is the pricing that Groupon was offering for canvas prints via photobookshop a few months ago

    $9.95 for a 20cm x 20cm (8’’ x 8’’) print (Don’t pay $49.95)
    $12.95 for a 20cm x 30cm (8’’ x 12’’) print (Don’t pay $55.95)
    $19.95 for a 30cm x 30cm (12’’ x 12’’) print (Don’t pay $59.95)
    $24.95 for a 30cm x 50cm (12’’ x 20’’) print (Don’t pay $99.95)
    $29.95 for a 50cm x 50cm (20’’ x 20’’) print (Don’t pay $129.95)
    $29.95 for a 40cm x 60cm (16’’ x 24’’) print (Don’t pay $129.95)
    $34.95 for a 50cm x 75cm (20’’ x 30’’) print (Don’t pay $159.95)
    $39.95 for a 60cm x 90cm (24’’ x 36’’) print (Don’t pay $199.95)
    $44.95 for a 50cm x 100cm (20’’ x 40’’) print (Don’t pay $229.95)
    $49.95 for a 75cm x 100cm (30’’ x 40’’) print (Don’t pay $239.95)

  • Is the price for the PRINT and FRAME both or just the PRINT?

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      You tell us Mr Associated

    • "Upon uploading your photo, our system automatically crops your image, so it works with the proportions of the canvas size you’ve selected. We provide an accurate preview showing how your photo will appear on the canvas and which parts will be wrapped around the sides and not visible on the front of the canvas"

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    Isn't the original $62 price tag a little too much? $18 in my opinion is probably the correct price.

  • The canvases allow image wrap around, or black or white wrap around.

    For a black frame, its an additional $14.45 (not sure if that's affected by the size of canvas you choose - I chose the 35cmx35cm square one).

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    Can anyone tell me how long this promo is on for?

    • Would also like to know.

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    What's the best way to fix a poster on the wall ?

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      good ol blu-tak

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        Otherwise frame it and nail it to the wall

      • does it look nice, with just blu tac ?

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          Yes, just flatten the blu-tak. You really don't need that much for it to stick on the wall.

        • After a while, and depending on the poster, the glue tack will start to kind of stain the poster and also you will have to slightly readjust the poster when the glue tack melts.. at least that's the experience I have with sticking up huge posters. The frames from Kmart are cheap and good tho

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      Adhesive foam boards are not a bad portion

    • Poster frame.

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    What's better quality, this or Photobook club??

  • Is there any way to order prints and have them ship to various addresses (rather than coming to me and then me posting it on)?

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      Yep, make separate orders for each address.

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    I received my 12x18in photos the other day. Took over a month to ship and the quality is garbage. I'm sure they're great for gifts/albums but I wouldn't trust them for anything you want to frame.

  • It's $15 for a frame for a 40x30 picture that i've been experimenting with.

  • Thanks so much for posting this! Great time of year!

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    hope people like canvases of my face for christmas

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    Heavily saturated photos that look great on quality phone/laptop screens will make disappointingly dark prints.

    • Any tips for editing photos for canvas?

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        Same as any print, keep saturation/vibrance as stock as possible. I process my mobile camera photos with a Photoshop plugin called Athentech Perfectly Clear before printing to reduce noise and enhance brightness.

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    I don't recommend getting one, I got a big print, provided them a file that was super high res… the print out should of come out great. However I got a very colourless grainy print out. Don't waste your money on these prints.

    • Did it come with the frame like in picture in OP or just the canvas.

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        I got a very colourless grainy print out. Don't waste your money


        Did it come with the frame

        Second comment saying print is garbage, if it comes framed print quality is the same.

      • I just got the picture with hopes of framing. Probably going to just bin it now :(

  • Damn, I could use this in January when I move house

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    I have been printing canvas prints from snapfish for some time and I'm happy with the quality of the prints. I shoot raw on a full frame camera with high res images. Snapfish have an inflated RRP and they regularly have sales. At the moment they have 70% off and the best I have received is 73% off their panoramic canvas prints.

  • Is there actually a place that does really high quality prints? i found snapfish recently were crap too

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      Find a photography print studio, I use streets imaging in brisbane

    • I was pretty disappointed with my prints from snapfish. My last big print I got done was through the canvas factory and I was pleased with it. They kept me up to date with each step of the order and tracking of it in transit.

      Just remember, like Nimbin mentioned above, prints will be darker than what you see on your phone/computer screen. My very first canvas print was a forrest scene. Looked great on screen. I didn't edit it and got a shock to see the very dark image on the canvas.

      • What was the histogram on your forest screen? I'd like to know more for my own big prints later on if that's ok.

        • Sorry I wouldn't know. It was my first print I did. I am no pro but have a general understanding of photography techniques and have only used the basics of editing. I still have a lot more to learn!

    • Try, they always have around 65% off.

  • What is the point of having black/white wrapping when it treats the image as though it is being wrapped and crops it accordingly anyway? Makes no difference to how it crops the image!

    • I think with those border options you can shrink the image within the dimensions of the four corners and it won't overlap or have a fit when you try to proceed (unlike the overlap print design)

  • Any ideas for what to print on the canvas? Would have done a photo of the queen for lols but you can get that free from your MP

  • Don't go for cheap price. Quality of print colours is pathetic. I got 2 mugs and 2 posters but they all look too dull like someone bleached the photos or kept then in sun for long. Can't use them in my photo frames. Waste of money

  • They only accept 10mb files. Anyone know how to reduce a jpg without losing too much quality? My photo is 13mb.

    • You can't - unlucky. Big part of why I'm avoiding the AusPost printing.

  • WOW i never knew Auspost had a full online shopping website! Amazing!

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    Has anyone received their’s yet? I’m still waiting..

    • +1

      Haven't even gotten an email saying it has shipped. I looked at the order email, it says:

      We’ll let you know when it’s on its way – you'll get tracking information* (if available) once it ships.

      Should've known it would take forever being Aus Post, most unreliable bloody company in the cuntry.

    • Yeah same.. no email to say it has shipped yet. Ordered 5th December.

    • Sounds worrying. How long ago did everyone order? I was going to order a canvas print as a xmas present but now I'm worried it wouldn't arrive in time.

      • I'd HIGHLY doubt it will be here before then mate

      • Ordered a custom mug on 3rd of December, i've got nothing but a confirmation email when ordering

      • given this is Aus Post, if you order now you might just scrape in for Christmas… 2021

  • Still waiting.

  • Received my order today. Fairly pleased with the result.

  • Got mine today, also fairly pleased with the result.

  • Just got an email saying it was dispatched today. So annoyed.

    • what date did you order?

      • 3 December. Crazy hey. I ordered 2 x canvas prints. The site said 1-2 days for printing, then 10 days for delivery (business days). I do concede that it stated there may be a delay due to covid, but they should have updated their terms if the reality is a 1 month delay.

        • Thanks, same date for me but nothing yet.

  • Haven’t heard anything yet for my order.

    • Finally got mine today

  • I ordered on the 4th, no luck. Called to cancel the order yesterday.

    Ended up ordering yesterday arvo through kmart and picked up this morning. (Was for a mug).

    I have a feeling magically AusPost will still send my order. What a shit show.

    • Just got confirmation of cancelation from AusPost :)

  • Receive my 120x40cm panorama print in less than two weeks and the quality is very good and the price of about $70 was amazing compared to other canvas printing shops where this print size would be at least $150 even with discounts.

    Shame that this deal has now expired, does anyone know anywhere else with such low prices?

  • got my 24x16" for a painting that I like. Looks pretty good to me. at the same price ill definitely buy again

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