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[Preorder] 3 Metre Climbing Dome $279 Shipped (Metro) Save $120 @ Bunya Kids


This is an awesome piece of play equipment that kids really love and will get them outside and moving whilst having a great time.

Built to survive harsh Australian conditions with hot dipped galvanised steel and powder coating as well as stainless steel nuts / bolts / washers. Comes flat packed and requires assembly (1-2hrs, tools provided) and it's quite large once assembled (3 metre diameter, 1.5 metres high) so make sure you have the space. Suitable for ages 3-10. Maximum total weight capacity of 350KG.

These have been really popular overseas and we decided to start selling them because the alternatives in the Australian market are just too small for older kids. The only other one I am aware of this size is the Plum Phobos but I'm not a fan of its design and it's a lot more expensive.

We'll begin shipping this new product from the 14th of December. Guaranteed Christmas delivery to Adelaide and Melbourne. Free shipping to most metro suburbs of Adelaide, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Cheap postage to other areas (although we can't ship to many rural / regional areas). The box weighs 41KG so you will need two people to lift it.

Any questions let me know. There's no coupon code but you must follow the Ozbargain link to get the special price.

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  • This is a fantastic deal! I just wish I had a backyard big enough to accommodate one. Damn townhouses!

  • Do you have any for 28-year olds?

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      I wish. I mean technically you could use this one but really you'd want it double the size at least for adults :(

      • So you're saying buy two and bolt them together? Yay, rolling metal sphere of destruction! I always thought zorbing was for softies.

  • Tempting as a cat toy. My girls love to climb on the washing airers. Probably need something a tad smaller, though.

  • That's a geodesic dome. Prop it up on top of stilts, cover it with the right plastic sheet and you can make an energy efficient greenhouse out of this. I wish I has a large enough backyard. I'd be up for making a greenhouse out of it.

  • OP, do you have any smaller ones?

  • Seems like a good idea right?
    It's not, kids will be bored of it after a week.


      Are you speaking from personal experience? It does depend on the kids but from our research this is one of those pieces of outdoor playground equipment that kids really don't get bored of. It's pretty open ended and can be used in many different ways (including, for example a cubby house if you chuck a large sheet over it).

    • We had a similar (but smaller) geodesic dome for our kids when they were little. It lasted ten years and they used it all the time. Whack a tarp/sheet over the top and it's a cubby house, choose a route in and out of the gaps and make it a challenge, tie a hammock inside and chill etc.

      It'll depend on the kids and what floats their boat, but I'd say go for it. They'll probably come up with ways of playing with it that you can't imagine.

      • I have four 100kg kids. I don't think the dome will last 10 days.

        • Are the covered in fur and have long arms? I think your “kids” are going to love climbing on this.

        • You'd be surprised how strong these things are. Even the cheap one we had, that was made of very thin walled tubing and just powder coated, stood up to a lot of abuse. It supported the weight of about half a dozen fully grown and rather inebriated adults near the end of its life as we tried to break it before we threw it out (it was looking very tatty after years of use). In the end we took sledge hammers and angle grinders to it.

          It's made of triangles. You'd be hard pushed to get a stronger construction out of similar materials.

        • Maybe some treadmills? I'm 100kg but I'm an overweight adult.

  • Hey OP, any chance this is made in Australia?

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    Looks like we might be able to start shipping these a bit earlier than expected so we may be able to guarantee Sydney Christmas delivery. Will be able to confirm this early next week if it's the case.

  • Ordered one for the kiddos for Christmas, fingers crossed we get it before Christmas!

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    Customers should start receiving their orders today. We are running a bit of a promotion to get honest reviews coming in.

    The first customer to post a review on both productreview.com.au and on our website (with a picture of the assembled dome) will get a $50 wish gift card. The second will get a $25 wish gift card. And any after this will receive a $10 wish gift card until the promotion expires (we haven't set an expiry date yet).