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Microsoft Office 2016: H&S ($20.97), H&B ($34.97) or PP ($41.97) + Up to 15% Cashback (ShopBack) @ Groupon


Needed some budget office for home computer. Found this deal.

Also, available Microsoft 2019

Product details:

*All Microsoft Office 2016 packages support Dutch, English, French and Spanish, etc
*After installation, it is possible to change the language or use multiple languages
*One purchase is unlimited valid for 1 PC
*Download version, not retail package

For Windows PCs and laptops only

Microsoft Office 2016 Home and Student contains:
*Microsoft Word
*Microsoft Excel
*Microsoft OneNote
*Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Office 2016 Home & Business contains:
*Microsoft Word
*Microsoft Excel
*Microsoft OneNote
*Microsoft PowerPoint
*Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Office 2016 Professional Plus contains:
*Microsoft Word
*Microsoft Excel
*Microsoft OneNote
*Microsoft PowerPoint
*Microsoft Outlook
*Microsoft Access
*Microsoft Publisher
*Skype for Business
*OneDrive for Business

Required configuration:
*Processor requirements: 1 GHz or faster processor
*Memory required: 1 GB of RAM for 32 bits; 2 GB for 64 bits
*Disk space required: up to 3 GB of free hard disk space
*Graphics card: screen resolution 1024 x 576 or higher
*Internet access is required
*Windows 7 and above

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Referrer will receive $10 credit after referee makes first purchase of $10 or more within 72 hours.

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  • Microsoft Office 2016: H&S ($20.97), H&B ($34.97) or PP ($41.97)

    Where are you getting pricing from?

    Office 16 Home and Student
    520+ bought
    66% OFF

    Office 16 Home and Business PC
    110+ bought
    60% OFF

    Office 16 Professional Plus
    110+ bought
    60% OFF

    Edit: Nevermind, saw the code.

  • No way they're selling legitimate Pro Plus/etc licences for that price. This is likely on the same level as the $5 eBay Windows 10/Office licences - MSDN/volume keys. Proceed with caution!

    • dunno man, i've just bought 2019 student and the license works and im downloading as we speak

      • You can get what is probably the same type of key for <$5 on AliExpress (not recommending this) - and that's for Pro Plus. It'll work and download just fine, but there's no guarantee how long it'll last (may get blacklisted etc).

    • Update: after some research, the reviews are all suspiciously positive (see here). Most are 5* and talk about the person having issues and clix coming to the rescue!

      Not quite willing to believe they are secondhand licences - though, willing to be proven wrong.

    • if running a small business in Aus, can we use Office Home and Student version?

      • It is not licensed for work use: "You may not use the following versions of the software for commercial, non-profit, or revenue-generating activities.": Office 2016 H&S.

  • About us:
    CLIX Distri is an online platform specialising in pre-owned software. The company also offers installation support and computer checks.

    Oh lordy.

    If you didn't see this on Groupon you wouldn't touch it with a barge pole…….and frankly, I probably still wouldn't.

    • This gives some more info:
      Read "Is it allowed what you do?"

    • EU sourced second hand keys?
      If so, should be legal.

      • should be legal.

        On their own site:

        "although the legality of such possibility is still unclear."

        • Well, they aren't breaking the law if they are selling EU keys, and you aren't breaking the law if you install them.

          In the USA, courts have ruled differently.

          • @mskeggs: Good lord, their entire justification for the legality of their business model is based upon their own personal interpretation of a 2012 European court case.

            I think I'll pass!

            • @ash2000: There are plenty of EU based companies reselling software licences.
              It isn't questionable in Europe.

              I wouldn't buy 2000 seats for my global enterprise, but I'd suggest it would be very hard to pursue an individual in Australia who purchased a legal licence.

              • @mskeggs: I'm not concerned about being pursued, I'd be concerned that Microsoft will just cancel the licence.

                If they suddenly see a flood of re-activations taking place in Australia for software that had originated in the EU, they might just do that.

                • @ash2000: with groupon , you can claim the money back as long as groupon is still there?

                • @ash2000: the flood would need to be in the millions to even appear based on how many are sold, and if you cancelled them when used outside europe you risk cancelling ones belonging to EU members travelling …..which is more trouble than it’s worth …..USA versions vs EU versions have a different sku it’s that simple, and a multinational based in europe probably uses europe support desk for their global users, or that was the case when i worked for EU based company ……it’s not geo blocked …… or you’d force EU multinationals to set up support desk and buy US based versions for their hand full of US based users who might also travel or relocate to EU …..

    • +1 vote

      Oh lordy.

      Pick a bale of cotton.

  • there is an office 19 deal as well

    Code: December for 30% extra

    $49.95 for Office 19 Home and Student (total value up to $107.92)
    $89.95 for Office 19 Home and Business PC (total value up to $152.84)
    $109.95 for Office 19 Professional Plus (total value up to $188.79)

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  • Thanks Office 2019 pro plus for $76.97

  • Paying for pirated software? What a larf.

  • Stupid question coming up.

    Is this for a full copy, not a 365 subscription?

    The page says nothing about subscription, but this is almost too good to be true.

    This is almost HUP level prices, I know HUP was $16.50 for the Pro but thats for a HUP licence, this would be a 'full ownership' licence?

    • They are recycled product keys, at best. Apparently old oem/retail keys, but people never lie - right?? 😂

      Definitely not subs though, they require a login, and would say as such.

  • I don't know why people bother with standalone stuff and random keys any more. M365 home, with 5x1TB backup/cloud sync for $100/yr is just craz good value, let alone it coming with office for everyone too!

    • +2 votes

      Want something that I own not subscription based

    • I don't know why people bother with standalone stuff and random keys any more.

      You are the target market for the new home user business model

  • I get the deaded '…your copy cannot be activated because the product key has already been activated the maximum number of times…'
    It's also only a 12 month licence

    • Happened to me. Used the phone activation and all good.

      It is a standalone license. until you activate you are on trial.

      • If it can't be activated, I can't see a difference between this deal and a pirate copy, except of course the pirate copy costs nothing.
        Am I missing something?