Does Anyone Own a 2018 Mercedes A Class?


Im wondering if anyone on here owns a Late 2018 Mercedes A Class W177 and if whether they have mercedes me.
The early run of a class's were incomplete and missing Mercedes me capabilities, There's a missing communications module. eg, missing sos/phone buttons on overhead lights and carplay/mercedes me itself.

Love to know if anyone else has this car and it's missing features.


  • Everyone else here drives a Toyota.

  • Ask @unistudent1, I've heard he has the AMG A200 with all the "bells and whistles…"

  • I rather push my Camry than driving a Mercedes 😂

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    Googled for you, maybe better luck if you goto:

    Unless you are trying to signal to this community.

    • It’s the weirdest humble brag ever. Buy an A class and then get on forums and ask random questions and name dropping that you have an A class.

  • I leave my 2018 A Class in the driveway as a decoy car, to protect my Bugatti in the garage.

  • No one owns one, they are all leased.

  • Yeah my wife has one. It doesn't have carplay and the SOS button. Not sure what else. You can still connect to MercedesMe app. Done it once maybe. Great car but the carplay would have been nice

    • Interesting, I can connect to the app but offers no functionality. Sucks because previous models can get CarPlay but my current model cannot.
      Cheers for the reply tho mate.

    • How on earth can Mercedes not have CarPlay on a 2018 car! Korean cars have had it since 2016.

      • You’re telling me, it’s just a small early run of a classes that don’t. In which I think is an over look or a rushed decision from Mercedes to get the car built and sold in late 2018.

      • Because Korean car add features to get people to buy them. Mercedes just stick a badge on the bonnet for the same effect because everyone thinks it’s just a mini S class.

  • Mercedes Me and SOS are only 2019 or later models. It's not so much missing it was just added later. Everything else is same.

    • Right. However I’ve got the latest model, with apps on the mbux saying Mercedes me/services. However none work as it’s missing the SIM card in the car. Like it was all set to go with it, just pushed out of the assembly line without it actually working.

      • yes if you have an earlier MY to 2019 mar it will be in the mbux but won't work. just like ambient light option will also be there even if you don't have it as an option.

        • I’ve got everything else including the ambient lighting and that works. Why did they plan the car and add Mercedes me functionality but not complete it? It’s like hey, you spent $60k on a car and this is what you could have if you waited and bought next year.

          I found a forum about this a while ago, can’t seem to find it again. But Apparently it was a limited run of a class in Australia that are missing a communications module, and Mercedes are refusing that these cars exists.

  • Not sure if you need to buy the little dongle to plug in for Mercedes Me.. there was a time when MB kept advertising it to me even though my car had it built in. (note I do not have an A class)

    That all being said, up until recently it was a pretty useless thing. The new 2020 app however is surprisingly decent though and I actually find myself using it - but it may not be compatible with your car..

    • Yes, it’s the first time I’ve been able to connect my car to Mercedes me, oppose to the last app. however just comes up blank. I can view my car colour and inside material info in the app, that’s all :/

      • Basically means you're just pulling the VIN details from Mercedes server rather than any kind of actual connection with the car. You can try calling Mercedes and asking them how much it is to retrofit the adaptor but given a bunch of stuff in Mercedes Me will cost money in the future (i.e. a lot of the remote features are a 'subscription' of sorts with an end date) I don't think I'd invest in it myself.

        • When connected the Mercedes me does say it’s connect to my Mercedes me profile in the car. So it’s certainly talking, must be through my phones internet. But you’re right, I’d probs not use any of it, just the fact I can’t is bugging me lol.

          • @dylanando: Get the adapter….still complimentary and "self install" so must just plug in to the OBDII port or something. They'd be able to tell you if you actually need one or troubleshoot it for you. But as above, I think it's one of those novelty features.

          • @dylanando: You aren't missing out on much. Other than checking if the car is locked/unlocked and where it is parked, the rest of the features have limited usefulness (eg remote start). Give it a few more years and this will be a standard featureset on the mainstream cars I reckon.

            • @jace88: True, just the fact that it is missing on a semi pricey car is annoying. I’d just love to have CarPlay.

              • @dylanando: I can't remember, is the 2018 A Class the one with the two giant screens connected together or do you have the COMAND based model (with the knob rather than a touchpad)?

                Carplay is good but not without it's faults either. It can't display full screen on MBUX based Mercedes (it's got black bars on either side), and the connection is a bit iffy even though it's wired. That being said I tried it on a facelifted w205 C class and Carplay is unusable on cars without a touch screen!

                • @jace88: I’ve got the mbux with two screens and touchpad. I have heard about the non full screen CarPlay which is bit slack on Mercedes side. I do believe you can get CarPlay on the old command models which is a real kick in the face to me lol

  • I bought Mercedes-AMG GT3 and some other cars before the price rose 63% .

    It was $24 3 days ago : ) :

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    Does Anyone Own a 2018 Mercedes A Class?

    Someone in the next street to me owns one.

  • The wife has a 2018 A45 but we never bothered with trying to get it to work as it seemed pretty average/pointless on features. Sounds like it has improved a bit though so might be worth looking in to

  • A class is a poor persons merc.

  • Sounds like you purchased the "cheap" version.
    These missing items are "extras"… add-ons.

    I surmise you bought second hand, and these are the things you need to have researched prior to purchase.

  • Class A is not a real Merc. It’s a Chinese knockoff. Fake leather seats, crap engine, crap screen. My self-propelled lawnmower goes faster.