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Viewsonic Viewpad 10s 10 Inch Android Tablet $250 Delivered


I ordered this tablet for my mother in law on saturday and it comes up with discount which bring total of $250 delivered. Might be good for someone who missed $249 iconia deal.

Type10.1" LCD Capacitive multi-touch screen with LED backlightResolution1024x600Brightness200 cd/m2 (NITS)Contrast Ratio500:1
Wireless ConnectivityWi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR
Internal512MB DDR2 SDRAM, 667MHz, 512MB NAND Flash
Physical10.85" x 7" x 0.75" (255.5mm x 177.8 mm x 19.1mm)Packaging12.89" x 9.11" x 3.17" (327.5mm x 231.5mm x 80.6mm)
Net1.98 lb (0.98 kg)Gross3.86 lb (1.75 kg)
ViewPad 10s, charger, Quick Start Guide
1-year limited warranty on parts and labor
micro SD card reader up to 32GB
1.3 megapixel camera (front)
CPU Processor TypeNVIDIA Tegra 250 SMP dual Cortex – A9, 1GHz
Operating SystemAndroid 2.2
headphone, USB 2.0, HDMI, and micro SD card slot
TypeLi-Polymer, 3300mAH
1 year manufacturer warranty


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  • Damn it i was looking for something with HDMI, wonder if it has USB on the GO, for stuff like 3g modems and rj45 connectors…(looks like its a USB host - so yeah should be able to connect other devices)
    great deal for a 10" cap screen, specially being from viewsonic!

    i ended getting this one for about 220 from amazon:
    no HDMI, no USB on the GO, though the one from amazon does seem to have a better battery life and GPS…

  • 0.98kg?????

  • Big problems with ViewPad are:

    • 512MB memory
    • Android 2.2

    I wonder how easy it is to mod.

  • 1024x600 screen resolution is too low for a 10" tablet.

  • I bought a Viewsonic Gtablet qute a while ago.

    Quite a good tablet if you put the time into rooting/custom rom. It's great for emulation/games/movies. Also got a dock for my birthday and that adds another full usb port, full sized HDMI and a network cable input rj45?

    The only con is that the screen is absolute garbage.

    • Have you tried playing a video on a big screen via HDMI? For me it only appears in the top left corner and not full screen. Think its a common fault… :(

  • I own a Viewsonic gTablet and I will never recommend anyone to buy Viewsonic again. They are very shoddy with their support and update. If you buy this tablet, don't expect any software update above the version that come with their devices. (Android 2.2 Froyo is not a real tablet Operating System.)

    While the price is good, this tablet will never get Honeycomb or Ice Cream Sandwhich officially. Without official driver, kernel, source, the unofficial version it will get will be buggy. Not much fun if you are not into flashing new rom every few weeks.

    If you are a regular consumer and just want something that works, you would be definitely be better off paying another $50 and get the Acer Iconia or ASUS Transformer. Tegra 3 devices will be launch before Christmas which will heavily drive down the price of the previous generation Tegra 2 device.

    Don't give money to company that does not support their customers.

    • I bought the G Tab after researching it for a while beforehand. I knew what I was getting myself into. I'm the type of person that likes tinkering with their toys. I just put ICS Android 4.0 on my old HTC HD2. Now I'm just waiting on a decent version of ICS for my SGS2.

      It's true though, if you have no intention of flashing a newer rom onto the G Tab then there are much better alternatives out there for cheaper.

      • I also did my research, but with the hardware it came with there are certain expectation.

        I expected it to be updated to Honeycomb at some stage as it's fully capable of doing so. Failing that, I expected the manufacturer to at least release the drivers, source code and a few more updates.

        Through the entire life of the gTablet it had ONE official update. The SECOND update was pulled after 24 hrs and never seen again.

        What does it cost Viewsonic to support their product? I can't answer that question but I can say for sure that many gTablet owners are now boycotting Viewsonic and telling others all about it. That surely will cost Viewsonic much more than if they have supported their device/customers in the first place.

    • I am running Vegacomb and its rock solid. Yes, I wouldn't recommend the viewpad 10s to anyone who doesn't like to tinker, but for the money I think its a decent product.

      I don't think Viewsonic are alone with shoddy updates. I have a HTC phone and I'm still waiting on an upgrade which will fix the gaping hole HTC Sense leaves in the OS.

      • irishjoe, does the Vegacomb rom on the ViewPad 10s run everything you throw at it?

        Some of the gTablet developers over at SlateDroid are testing their homemade kernel on it. I've only seen one video but it looks great. A recent ICS was posted using the same kernel. They predict a public release before the end of the year.

        In the case of HTC, at least their devices are popular enough that you have a choice of running other roms without the security hole. And most importantly, those roms would run well. In the case of the gTablet, without the proper drivers etc… it's forever a second class device.

        • The only fault I have with the vegacomb is it struggles with 720p video.
          There is a new 3.2 custom firmware out called Viewcomb. I tried it but the screen kept freezing on me so went back to vegacomb.

          Newbe5's video is pretty good, hes one of the guys responsible for it.

          Ive got 2.3.3 on my HTC Desire, not gone down the custom firmware route cause its a work phone and cant invalidate the warranty. :(

  • already sold out

  • For anyone that missed out on the this deal, Dealsdirect (ebay) is offering the same price + postage ($9.95 in Aus) http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ViewSonic-10-ViewPad-10s-Tablet-b...

    I just got mine from shoppingexpress and it runs well once flashed with a more appropriate rom - stock rom is nothing but limited.