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[PC, Mac] Diablo III Battlechest $14.98 + Delivery/Free Pickup @ EB Games



Great price for great game includes the expansion pack, cheaper than the battlenet Black Friday offer

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  • if they brought back the auction house i'd play again

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      If they brought back the auction house, I'd play the auction house again.

    • The auction house, at least the rmah is what stuffed it up in the first place!

      Each season is actually moderately entertaining for a few days or so.

    • I pretty much stopped playing when I lost a flawless star(?) jewel to a glitch with the auction house before they removed it (the normal AH not RMAH). Blizzard couldn't get it back and I lost value over a mil (maybe worth up to 15 mil, I forget) at the time.
      The game has changed a heck of a lot since then.

    • that was the best thing about the game… the problem is they made items saleable after you used it… forever flooding the ah as more and more items are found.

      imagine if they have the ah now with GR's where you need as perfect gear as possible…

    • i meant RMAH but AH was still okay

    • Absolute worst thing about D3. Turned everything into gold farming bots.

    • Sold a sword for $150 on that thing. Good times!

    • honestly 6 months after the release all I did in the game was sitting in Auction house flipping items and I probably made 2, 3 hundred bucks lol

  • Disc or download key?

  • .#StopBlizzardGreed

  • Damn it, all I want is the necromancer pack, but this is the same price as that on sale…. but I also dont want to drive to EB…. Damn you modern conveniences

  • Speaking of which, starcraft 2 battle chest at this price too during black Friday. Not sure if it's still 15 now though

  • Fun enough game for this price

  • no Rise of the Necromancer? I will wait for it free lol

  • I've never played any of the Diablo games, Is this a good one to start with?

  • Honestly this game was shit

    Diablo 2 is better then this and it came out 12 years prior

  • Bought this for $25 a few weeks ago. Played for 10 mins and then uninstalled. Went back to Path of Exile which is free and much more entertaining IMO

    • why did you uninstall? Ive been waiting for a D3 deal for a while. Think its online only. enjoyed both D1 and D2.

      • I just found Diablo 3 was boring. Graphics were a bit outdated too.
        I had played a bit of POE before and decided it was the RPG for me. Much more interesting skill tree. Magic items and abilities has more complex combinations. Spells also has interesting dynamics. Such as combining gems to get different effects for spells and skills. And POE graphics are much nicer and more realistic.

        • How were gameplsy mechanics and skills compared to D2?

          • @kehuehue: i picked up D3 multiple times, on each console, on switch etc. multi play throughs but didn't get very far on each play. Get bored after say 5-10 hours. Doesn't have the same quality of story telling or feel as the original 2. Game just isn't as memorable for whatever reason (well, actually did because original devs etc left).

            I always enjoy D2 better in my re-run/plays but even then i do find it hard to finish the game offline single player. always reach act 4 or watever then give up. But also, #Necro4Lyfe

    • 'Is it a late April Fool's joke?'

  • it doesn't including the necromancer expansion pack, right?

  • lol battlechest, implying Reaper of Souls wasn't an ESSENTIAL update that fixed the base game instead of an extra add-on.

  • Says $15 delivery. Back to square one

    • Easy come, easy go.

      They should have just sold this for full price with free delivery. Wouldn't have felt ripped off then.

  • There's gonna be a lot of hate for this game, most likely from the D2 or POE fanboys. As someone who's played all these games a fair bit, here's my take:

    If you love skill trees, like complex stat systems, prefer a stronger story that isn't cliche, and a visceral action system is not the most important thing, stick to D2, POE or even try out Grim Dawn.

    Now, if you enjoy ARPGs but
    - find most of them a bit too complex/daunting or just want one that won't make you think too much after a hard day's work
    - want a stronger end game than the main campaign
    - need a visceral action experience with smooth combat
    - want a flexible skill system that won't make it tedious to try out different skills
    - don't mind a streamlined gearing system
    - don't give two rats about character identity… you're there to build a powerful character (cookie cutter or not) and kill stuff
    - not going to feel betrayed if the graphics aren't dark and gothic

    then Diablo 3 will probably scratch an itch for you.

    I'm someone who really enjoyed D2 back in the day (didn't have good internet so played over LAN with my bro) but hated banking up stat/skill points as I didn't know what end game build I wanted, played a bit of PoE and even put money into a guild chest but was ultimately turned off by the skill tree and clunky combat, but enjoyed D3 throughout its life due to all the points above.

    • D3 has come a long way too and blizzard does a good job maintaining it with patches. Definitely not the masterpiece D2 was but still great game

      • Agree. Even though the classics team that maintain it now aren't giving us the mega patches we use to get, we're still getting a decent amount of changes/additions to the game to make coming back each season worth it. New sets, item balancing, making under utilised skills viable again, attempts at interesting seasonal themes, and the LoD gem from over a year ago I think… it all adds to the overall game experience.

        I don't agree with every decision made for D3, but despite that, the overall package works and is a great game for those who want a streamlined ARPG experience.

  • Can anyone please explain, how to tell if you already have the Battle Chest version? I already have the free version installed, afterwards, I redeemed the code but it didn't download anything.

  • been playing the game for the past couple of days

    ingame graphics arent too bad
    character screen graphics awful

    the gameplay seems too easy with my hp barely going down 90% of the time. im playing at normal settings so dont know whats up, pretty sure D2 wasnt this casual.

    also find myself just running to the next objective sometimes ignoring monsters. i remember ending up doing this on D2 towards the end lol.

    • Game looks pretty good still despite all these years. Game gets harder later but yes D3 on normal is fairly easy and casual. It’s part of blizzard strategy since world of Warcraft to make their games more accessible and less hardcore, even overwatch etc all designed to be user friendly and accessible to casuals

      Try to up the difficulty, You can also create a seasonal character and try adventure mode much more challenging